oh i stayed up. be alarmed..

Be proud of me. I went to bed before 9 last night, and i've managed to stay up this morning and get a few things done, even though for some reason I would have hoped that by the time 10 a/m rolled around i'd have been a little bit further along. I guess I get easily distracted trying to eat and watch tv and all that sometimes! I have managed to write 3 sponsored posts,2 paid posts, and .. umm yeah that's it so far lol. I plan to keep going as long as i'm in the mood to keep going! I would also like to finish commenting(in my defense I was working backwards up the list and i'm in the K's as we speak!) I also hope to get a few of my reviews up on grits-reviews if possible. I also want to revamp grits a little bit, it needs a nice new theme as well. Speaking of themes I like this one that I found for here! I have several emails that need sent out, and ...things in the house of course.I hope to get some pictures up today ..so hopefully you'll see more of me before the day is … [Read more...]

I love holiday cards!


One of my absolute favorite things about the holiday season are the CARDS!! I absolutely ADORE them! I think my favorite thing is the anticipation of who's card will come on which day, and what kind of card did they send and all that kind of thing. It is just so fun for me for some reason, then again I'm odd lol. I was recently starting to look for what kind of card I want to send out, and in my journey I ended up at tinyprints. I had saw a few of my blogger friends write about them, and I decided to check them out for myself.  They have so many cards to choose from. Now, I'm not exactly sure if i'm going to do a photo holiday card this year or if i'm going to do some regular ones, and some photo ones. Either way, I found several options that I liked! As far as a photo card, I like the one on the left ALOT. It is an ornament card and its official name is Merry Love! I like the idea that it would be easy to display right on the tree ! Of course, last year I year I didn't put a … [Read more...]

Eden’s New Updates to their lingerie!

Every now and then I like to stop by EdenFantasys and do a little virtual window shopping, so to speak. Which reminds me that I need to do some updating to my wishlist (been a while since I did that!). Virtual window shopping at EdenFantasys can be dangerous though! It's as they say, looking leads to buying! I was checking out their recent additions section (which was updated on october 17th!) and noticed that they have a TON of new sexy lingerie items that have been added recently I know you all have seen me write about how I am currently on a mission to get new lingerie, and with EdenFantasys I certainly have the variety to choose from! I had been waiting on them to get in some new things to choose from for a while, because I pretty much had bought everything they had that I liked already! It doesn't look like I will have that problem anymore lol. They have tons of nightgowns, panties, leggings and even pantyhose to choose from. I recently bought white knee highs from them … [Read more...]

weekend of fun :)

This weekend didn't go the way that I really planned but..it actually turned out pretty well! Friday I spent the majority of the day with my mom, and then when david came home we ate out at the chinese place. You do not know how happy I am to have a chinese place right in town that does not suck. I swear I am so picky when it comes to chinese I am VERY picky..this stuff rocks! they even have really cheap prices with extra huge portions. With a drink david and I both can eat & bring food home later for 10 bucks! :) Yesterday we ended up going to the mountains and going rock hunting again! We left pretty late in the day but we still managed to have fun. I really wanted to go on the parkway(blueridge) and get some pictures but It didn't work out. I hope we can go soon though! I want some pics!!! Of course my camera is such a hateful little b-word! That is like the # one thing I want for christmas. NIKON NIKON NIKON!!! we found 2 rather huge emeralds that I am really interested … [Read more...]

Migraine? really? MeH!

My main goal today was to find a theme I liked. After spending about a gazillion hours hunting I finally found one similar to something I like! and with the exception of my bzzagent banner it seems to be working out well for me! I have wrote several posts today as well, and am working on some for grits-reviews..well kinda! I got a sudden migraine about 1:45 and it is NOT giving up easily! I might have to take a nap even though I had planned to try to not take one today! :( I slept a little better last night but when I tell you what I did you'll think it is odd..I drank 4 captain & dr.peppers and went to bed late (well ok 11 is normal for me, but i've been going at like 9) apparently it worked? i would have figured I drink too much for alcohol to even help me sleep anymore, but apparently not! I stayed up a little bit after david went to work and then slept for about an hour and...here I am.. weird huh? I need to do clothes, vacuum my rug, and wash dishes (crockpot) (as … [Read more...]

10 Holiday Planning tips!


Oh wow...can you believe that the holiday season will be upon us before you know it? There are so many things that you need to get done! I decided to share some of the things I think that are helpful! 1. Go ahead and get those christmas cards ordered! Storkie.com has some awesome festive cards for you to choose from! It's never too early to go ahead and have them ready to send out! The quicker you get them, the quicker you can send them and recieve your own cards (totally my fave part of the season! maybe more than gifts lol) 2. Do some basic house cleaning, especially if you are going to be entertaining family for the holidays. I know that sometimes we have family stay with us, and it's easy to go ahead and get some of those general tasks out of the way like cleaning up your guest bedrooms and whatnot 3.Start making a menu! Go ahead and figure out exactly what it is you are going to serve at your holiday meals. this can help with deciding who wants to bring what, how much you … [Read more...]