tornado watch in nov?

Today is my last free day to myself until the Monday after thanksgiving! David is having to take his "short week" so that he can reset his with him already off friday's, getting paid for thanksgiving day,etc..well that is how it worked out!  As long as he doesn't go to get his brother, it shouldn't be too bad..I just hope he DOESN'T go get him! Last night we went for wings & beer at the bar..but only after going through a torando watch/warning for most of the afternoon! I was sitting here like it is november right? lol. Then we went to bed really early when we got back..blah!I Today I am just seriously trying to enjoy my last day to myself..I slept in.. don't plan to do a daggone thing unless it's commenting people.. and yeah..thats it!.. I just wanted to write a few lines while I had the chance.. more later ng   … [Read more...]

travel jitters already

Today is one of those day's that I hate worse than days that I don't get anything's one of those days where I bounce around and try to do too many projects at one time, and end up not really accomplishing a thing! I went ahead and got up shortly after david left to go to work..sometime around 7. I wrote a review for grits-reviews, messed around online a little, and then worked on cleaning my 2 pantries!  I got the mini-pantry pretty well finished and got a lot done in my big pantry..still a lot that could be done though! I had to quit because I got bored lol. I am going to my Grandma in virginia's for Thanksgiving next week and well, i've already gone into panic mode :( I am *hopeful* that we might leave wed evening and come back thursday after dinner.I prefer that to the option of leaving at the crack of dawns ass on wed. morning by all means. I am too sick that time of the morning, and ...yeah.. it's just a pain. David is having to take a vacation day, which i'm … [Read more...]

working, and doing pretty well…

Hello Again everyone! I ended up getting up shortly after david left this morning, and by goodness I am making haste with reviews! I wrote 2 eden ambasador posts (here, grits-reviews) before 7 a/m even rolled around, finished my heelys review, wrote my lelo lyla review (girts-reviews) and got up my vapor 4 life review! I even managed to throw in a guest post! Whew! Now it's 9:30 and I thought i'd take a bit of break before writing at least 1 more for the day (grits-reviews)and starting to work in the house some. I also want to get by and comment too! We'll see how it goes. Just always know because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't read! I guess you all are probably the same way and understand! I am trying to plan my method of attack on cleaning the house. The 2 easiest rooms would probably be sam's room and  the bathroom..I would like to get into my closet & do some work though so we'll see how it goes. I try to make the most of these rare days when things just seem to … [Read more...]

Extra Channels

Thanks for the post, Bernard Vasquez I got CannonSatellite not too long ago and I’m really glad I’ve got all these extra channels to watch the royals on. I know that sounds totally silly but I love them so much – especially the newest, Kate Middleton. I don’t know what it is about that girl but she’s just so pretty and so classy at that…she seems to be cut right out of the royal mold and she certainly seems confident about what she’s doing when you see her do charity events and things like that. I was one of the people who got up early in the morning to watch them get married earlier in the year and I think it’s just so fun that we have a real live prince and princess to cheer for. I love Prince William, too, which is better than with Diana because most people I don’t think loved Price Charles. Anyway, all the royals are fascinating and I just can’t get enough. My husband’s going to kill me if I keep watching every newscast about them!   … [Read more...]

Vapor4Life E-cigarette

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I am not a smoker, not even a little bit! I haven’t ever smoked any type of drug or cigarette at all. However, when I saw the opp. To review  Vapor4Life’s e-cigarette I was kind of intrigued because they make them in varying levels of nicotine, including NO nicotine at all!  David smokes cigars a little bit, and occasionally a cigarette so I thought hey, this would be awesome for us to try! I have to sound a little cliché’ and admit when people smoke I sometimes feel left out! Not anymore! Oh, and for some reason in my dreams I always smoke? Weird stuff, I’m telling you! I would rather smoke something that is really harmless though, than something that might cause me lots of issues in the future! Vapor4life sent me a whole envelope full of goodies! I was so excited because I was really anxious to get to try them, and they came so fast. They sent me 2 ultimate starter kits, which include everything you could possibly need to get started! It included 2 batteries (mine are pink, davids … [Read more...]

Heelys Review: Aka fracturing my ankle didn’t stop me lol


Remember back in the summer when I fractured the devil out of my right ankle? Remember it took me 3 months for it to even BEGIN to heal? Apparently during that time I got the thought in my head that I would one day be brave and want to live dangerously again, because I applied to review heelys during this time frame!  Now, what processed me to do this I do not know, but I did and I got approved!  Oh, and don’t forget I have like no coordination what so ever ! A little background about me, your dear nichole here. I do not know how to skate. Period. When I was a little kid I had some of those old timey roller skates with the key that I would roll around in the house and hold on to furniture as I did it. Same went for rollerblades..though I did a little bit better with those for some reason? I still stuck to inside the house or on the porch! When David was younger he taught little kids how to skate at the skating rink, and I actually think that his parents even MET at a skating … [Read more...]