prob my last post this year!

*waves I have been sick as a dog since last night! I don't know why, but I have been throwing up and stuff...Yuck! and my head has been hurting. Right now I am attempting to perk up a little bit, but I am not having a lot of luck what so ever! I thought about going up to the bar and hanging out a bit this evening.. not really drinking so much, just chilling and being out of the house ...but probably not. I really hate being out when you know theres gonna be a lot of drunk people on the roads.. I seriously wanted to clean up the house some today and all kinds of other stuff but..well.. that didn't happen. isn't that the way it always is? when your in a mental mood to get things done you are sick or something and can't? meh! We will probably sit right here, watch house on dvd and I MIGHT drink 1 or 2 glasses of wine. that's it.(usually i'm 4 or 5 if you are curious) 3 at most. I wanted to do a better update , but just isn't coming to me. So i'll catch ya in the new … [Read more...]

oh hai there period, so we meet again.. *cries*

Holy freaking period pain! Ugh! yup, it has became that time again for me *moans didn't I just get over this? plus, it has been trying to come for ..almost 3 weeks! So needless to say after waking up at 6 a/m with horrible pain, I finally took some advil and used a heating pad and fell back to sleep till about 10:30, but yeah..I am pretty wiped and I wanted to get so much done today! Isn't that the way it always is? Right now i'm getting ready to watch days of our lives and after that it will probably be me back in the bed. I just wanted to update so you know , that even in pain i'm thinking of you all! more later ng … [Read more...]

i have returned (your excited, I know)

*waves* So what's up everyone? I disappeared on you there didn't i? I ended up going to my grandma's for christmas! I seriously woke up saturday morning (christmas eve) told david I wanted to go (this was about 10 a/m) we ran around the house like lunatics cleaning and packing and after stopping at dunkin donuts and the gas station we headed out about 11:45 a/m We stopped.. lets see..i think 4 times? david had to go to the bathroom, then we stopped for gas/mcdonalds and then at walmart to look for me some sauce for my chicken (didn't find what I was looking for) We got there right as they were starting to open presents (noone other than mom knew I was coming , i wanted it to be a surprise!) I ended up with some goodies ..i'm tryin to think on top of my head, and not count the things that I had got from mom on thursday evening! I got a new heater for upstairs, 3 boxes of food (rice-a-roni, snacks, etc) um..yeah it isn't coming to me right now lol. I need to take pics and make … [Read more...]

oh and so it begins..

Travel time is about to be upon me...of course i'm flinging flanging aggravated! my mother starts her "well you dont have to go" song and dance about 3 days before we get ready to go and then she keeps saying it 500 times until it totally pisses me off and I decide to NOT go. I think she honestly does it on purpose! Because usually if she can piss me off early enough they can leave a day or so earlier than they would if we went! She even told me that David could come by and pick up the presents we have at her house! The thing is I WANT to go. I haven't been since June. It isn't that I don't, I just have travel anxiety from heck! The worst part is if we leave before like 8 a/m I stay sick as heck to my stomach all day long and well..what kind of fun is that to be sick the entire day? If I wasn't a tight ass I would just suck it up and pay the gas money to travel on my own. I really hate to travel that far in our car though..of course everytime we get out far from home something … [Read more...]

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headache still :(

*waves* I felt the need to check in and say hi! I still have that nasty headache that I mentioned yesterday, and it's followed with some nausea..UGH it must be a migraine! Last night wasn't good, and today really hasn't been my day either! I won't go into details. I just hope that things get better. I did get word that I got a review/giveaway that I was really really wanting, so that was a plus. I realize this is a pretty short pointless post, but I wanted to say hi, like I said. catch ya later ng … [Read more...]