my world is boring!

*waves* Hello There! Right now i'm trying to figure out why my double duty divas badge won't show up over there on the left sidebar! (I didn't code it, so it should work ? lol) That is one thing I need to get better at though: coding banners when the code isn't supplied..I swear this is the truth i used to know how to do some html. Since WP came along, not so much! I miss the old days sometimes, but I probably wouldn't be blogging if it hadn't gotten easier lol yes..i'm a slacker we know that much right? David's mom finally got around to calling about him being "sick" I was like honestly? sick? I think chest pain and other symptoms would classify more of a concern and it wasn't "sick" ugh..those people! And she didn't seem to concerned either. Then again, if I thought they would have gave a rats butt I would have called when I rushed him to the ER I suppose! I am expecting email responses to a ton of things I have sent out lately, but of course none of them are coming in! I … [Read more...]

so, how have you been?

So what have I been up to since i last wrote? Well Wednesday evening david and I went to eat at the bar (yeah, Eat at the they have the best home cooked stuff in the area!) and I ran into my second grade teacher which was AWESOME. After we left david kept saying he felt weird... which itsself was weird. He kept having shortness of breath, numbness in his left arm and his jaws were "locking" I got pretty concerned because I know that all of those alone,let alone all together, are signs of a heart attack. We quickly rushed off to the ER shortly after coming back from eating. I know I called My mom as we were getting in the car and she was freaking out. Honestly, David's family never gives a rats you know what about a darn thing, so I didn't call them.. They quickly took him back, and then gave him his own little room. We did an ekg, chest xrays and a lot of blood pressure monitoring/heart rate monioring as well. The first bp reading that they recorded was … [Read more...]


Headache-3 Nichole-0 if anyone was wondering :( seriously... I haven't done much today..honestly I did so good with cleaning out closets (well, cleaning up the closets) Last I'm pretty caught up online (except commenting, i know i know..) My mom had thought she was going ot have to have gallbladder surgery.. CVS minute clinc told her yesterday to go to ER and be admitted. With the way her insurance is, she couldn't just go on her own, she has to go to reg. family dr. well, they were also telling her her gallbladder had went acute.. When she went for an ultrasound and more bloodwork this morning they are now thinking her thyroid is majorly out of whack...they have her on some meds and such so hopefully the will take effect soon for her! She's queezy and can't eat and on and on :( I swear with everything in me I think i'm pregnant, but I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and apparently they don't agree :( I don't ever remember being this moody and stuff in my life.. I … [Read more...]

Headache 2, Nichole 0

So it is day #2 of the headache that doesn't want to go away :( It really really sucks because I can see spots, my ear kinda hurts, and i'm queezy too! seriously? I have about had it! Not much for me to get done online or off but still.. if I want to spend a day in bed, i'd like it to be because I WANT to, not that I feel like I HAVE to you know? I am thinking about taking a really nice bubble bath and seeing how that works out...If anyone has any advice on ways to get rid of a headache please pass it along to me! I would appreciate it. For some reason advil is NOT working... I am thinking about going back to not drinking soda again. It is such an annoying habit to break, and I was doing so good! I am pretty much only drinking sprite, but still.. meh! Well i'm out for now.. gonna vacuum the rug (oh boy, NOISE!!) and see what else I can get into (or not) later ng … [Read more...]

Eden cafe: get gc’s for writing about almost anything

You might not be able to tell, but I absolutely adore writing. I might get an occassional writers block, but in general it is something I like to do. A good place to write and get "paid" for what you write is a part of EdenFantasys network of awesome sites, called Eden Cafe. I have wrote a few pieces for them including an article on body image, a couple of posts abut me back in the day, and one about being thankful. I haven't wrote in a while, but I plan to maybe get started with it again in the near future. I know that since I have been "away" so to speak they even have a option to make short videos! If you can tell where i'm going with this, it is that you can basically write about anything you want, and get a giftcard for it! You don't have to write about sex by any means! It is also a really good place to go read things when you might not have anything else to do ! They however do not accept actual reviews of sex toys, because of course there is the review program/ … [Read more...]

headache wants to hang out :(

Well my headache has decided to keep on sticking with me! MEH!!! Right now i'm waiting for david to get home. We are going to have my famous "The Soup" and well it is a perfect day for it, with this cold nasty wet weather we are having! I can't say I wouldn't mind eating some arby's or something like that but.. yeah..every now and then I guess I should make stuff at home lol. I need to get mom to come up and take me to the store ASAP. I do not even KNOW the last time we went to the store..I know it was during a super double or triple at harris teeter and it was a long time ago....I am low on about everything you can imagine! Meats, Snacks..Canned goods.. It would probably be easier to tell you what i have, instead of what I need! Sam scratched david in the face this morning, and I hope it has gotten better since then. I didn't see it, I just knew it happened. I guess thats what happens when you roughhouse with a scrappy cat! I don't have ANY plans for this … [Read more...]