taking time to say hi durring my net break..

Hi All! I just wanted to stop by and write a few lines while I had the chance! I have been laying low online the last few days...sometimes you just have to step back and do other things. I sometimes really feel like I spend WAY too much time online. (Oh, and here's a new one I hadn't heard of before an affiliate network bundle?) I have been enjoying working on grits-reviews for the first time in forever. It kind of takes my mind off of things and lets me escape to another place. I never thought i'd say that about grits, but lately it's my new way to relax I have been trying to get a few things in the house done, but haven't really suceeded that much :( Oh well, still got tomorrow right? I am also trying to read more like I used to. that was what I did BO..before online! I had a really good birthday, and i'll try to write about it after while. Right now I am going to vacuum and try to post the two submitted reviews to grits...make dinner(No IDEAS) and go tanning. Later on … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Nichole!!!

Someone I know has a birthday tomorrow. someone. A gal who loves pink, and perhaps owns this blog... She might be turning 28 at 7:23 a/m ... lol I used to get really excited for my birthday, but in later years..not so much! I haven't ever even really had a birthday party or anything extra special awesome like that. Mom already got me tanning for my birthday and ... well I am not expecting anything else. My grandma sent me a $25 walmart gift card, 2 little ornament thingys and a ameythest crystal bear that I left at moms..sam would have that stuff smashed in a split sec. lol. I was just talking to my mom about what she was doing this time 28 years ago, and she said eating a big mac, fries and apple pie with a coke! I was actually born on a saturday that year, (just like this year) and she had been in the hospital since thursday and hadn't been able to eat. My great grandma went and got her all this stuff at mcdonalds and they hid it when the nurse came around. It's funny … [Read more...]

busy busy bee

  Today is one of those 73 degree February days.. oh wait.. even though I do live in the south, that doesn't sound right does it? lol I am fighting off some wicked cold, then again.. what else is new right? I went to bed about 9 p.m last night and david & I decided to watch COAL on netflix (we restarted it) so I think it really helped me with starting to feel better. I didn't get to go tanning yesterday because I was a bit red from the day before, and I didn't want to risk burning...I don't want any flashbacks from 2 years ago thank you very much (that's when the bed i was going to changed bulbs didn't tell me and oh yeah, I blistered!) I started wii fit again today. I also hope to cut the soda back out and go to water, teas, and juices... I am really happy that I decided to bring back grits-reviews in a way..or not bring it back I guess but to use it more for it's intended purpose, which is to let others submit their reviews. I never intended it to be an adult … [Read more...]

Roku Rocks(Netflix & Hulu too!)

this is NOT a sponsored post, I just want to spread my love of streaming devices , netflix and hulu. I have in NO way been compensated for this post   When David & I first got married we didn't have the internet for about 3 or 4 months, we just went to the library and relied on their 1 hour a day limit. We also lived for 2 years with only local t.v.  I personally could go a whole lot longer without t.v than internet! When we lived with mom , she had directv, and when we moved out on our own again David wanted us to get it. I was reluctant, but agreed anyways. We got it in mid January 2009. My bill was never the same or even close to the same any month. and 50+ bucks? ridiculous! Last January they took out my payment 3x in a row which equaled 190 bucks! They didn't want to give me my money back, just credit my account! I was like yeah, um not working for me, because lets face it..who has 190 to just let them have at one time? I had other bills.. I asked how much … [Read more...]

Read what I wrote, not what you want me to write!

There are more examples of this than what I can remember to write, but lately it just seems like people are getting more and more to where they do NOT read fully what you write! For example, on my other site I have an advertising page that clearly says in BOLD at the top of the page that these rates do NOT apply to retailers & companies! Guess how many companies I have had emailing me going OMG YES I WANT YOUR RATE FROM YOUR SITE *sigh* Then there are the people that cannot spell NICHOLE with an H to save their life! Hello? It's right there in my signature and my email address...after we have emailed oh 5x maybe you could pick up on it? Another thing? I have been trying to sell a few things online and I clearly say PAYPAL ONLY do you know how many people I have had wanting to give me gift cards? Which almost gets me started on my rant about craigslist..(You do NOT want me to go there) I had some "Military guy" call me B word on there the other day!!! I was about to … [Read more...]