I finally got to see snow again!

HI!! I am so excited because I got to see a little snow last night :) I just think snow is so peaceful! I wish, in a way that it would have lasted a bit longer and maybe David could have had today off, but... it didn't :( I really feel like I have been neglecting the site the last few days, as I mentioned last night. I think it's because I have been working so much on my other site, that is why I feel extra special guilty. I should be getting back into the swing of things this week though! Right now i'm about to get off of here and clean a smidge in the house and have a little bit of lunch. I am thinking about tackling cleaning out all of my clothes that don't fit..which won't leave much but..lol hey why keep them if they aren't fitting? they are just taking up space for no reason! Eventually I hope to get by and visit some of you that I haven't got to in FOREVER... Catch ya later ng … [Read more...]

winter weather on way?

Hey Everyone! Seems like the site is a bit "dead" the last day or 2 so I thought i'd stop in and say Hello! I have been working on grits-reviews a little bit more than usual trying to get it going, as I had mentioned, but I don't mean to neglect this site either! It's just tht on the the weekend it is seemingly harder for me to really get anything done in the house OR online! It will be proving a bit more difficult now that it will not be football season, but I can do it! I Just know during football season 9times out of 10 we are home on Sunday's ...Now...well who knows? lol I finally got my money together for Reviewers Retreat so I could book my room. Laugh at me because if I had known I only needed one nights fee as a deposit, and would be paying the other half upon arrival, well I had that much all along lol. Goes to show you how much I know about booking a hotel! We usually just show up the day of our stay and pay you know? Today I have been cleaning up the house … [Read more...]

so, how have ya been?

*waves* sorry I have been a bit quiet this week, been working on grits a little bit! still need to work some more on it actually! but I felt all neglectful and wanted to say Hi! Yesterday Mom & I  went out and about together & it was nice! She bought me tanning minutes (400!) and then we went to Walmart, Goodwill and Harris Teeter (Grocery Store) We got $90 of stuff for about $30! I think we had 46 bucks in coupons and 20 in loyalty card savings! Today I went tanning for the first time in forever, and I even went walking this evening. Other than that...that is pretty much it! Wed. Night I had the evil sleeping issues for the first time in a while I woke up at 330 yesterday morning and never was back to sleep till like 11:30 last night! I did try to nap but sam was in wild n crazy mode.. Tomorrow i'm going to moms, and finally going to buy my reviewers retreat hotel room! I have to get my money out of paypal and put in the bank so that way when we get there, … [Read more...]

Pinterest Linky help & Invites

I am currently trying to do a linky on friday-sunday called the peak your pinterest link up! I need to make a button for it, and find someone who would like to run it with me/ help me promote it. I have noticed most pinterest hops are specific to pinning certain items, however this one is to help increase your people you are following & help you get more followers (I think I wrote that right!) if you are interested just let me know! Also, if you don't have a pinterest and would like to receive and invite I would be glad to send you one! … [Read more...]

Sam hugs=precious

Sam has been so extra precious lately for some reason. This is us yesterday when I was making dinner! He was giving me a hug! Proof that he isn't total evil in a fur coat.. ignore the bedhead. and the fact I don't do good taking pics of myself lol. just wanted to share while it was fresh on my mind   … [Read more...]