I think I might actually like summer (shhh!)

I hate to admit that I actually think I have started to LIKE summer. Now, don't get me wrong. I live in the south...there is nothing pleasant about 100 degrees in the shade days. And ...with having the last few days in the 80's and it only march..well.. I don't think it will be a cool summer by any means temperature wise! I think I have started to like that there is seemingly more that goes on in the summer. -mountain trips that include driving on the parkway, rock hunting, picnicking -fires in my fire pit & sitting outside -sleeping with the windows upstairs open (when the pollen isn't too bad, and it's not too hot) -windows open in general -david's birthday -speed street ( i go for free goodies) -reviewers retreat -family reunion/5 year anniversary -forth of july I am sure I left something out? but I think no matter what I will always be a fall person! - … [Read more...]

this interesting life (Sarcasm, my friends!)

*waves* hi there friends on the interwebz! Not much going on with me this weekend, pretty much just lounging around the house is all! I try to keep myself offline as much as possible (or off the computer at least) on the weekends that way I can spend more time with david and all that good stuff....plus it keeps me to where I can actually still find things to do online through the week..I admit I sometimes get bored! For the life of me, I cannot think of what I did on friday other than eating at wendys! Go figure.. Yesterday We went to my mom and dads and ended up having to send david to the junk yard to buy a starter for the car .. meh :/ I know it's cheaper than new but their prices had really went through the roof since we last went there for sure! After we came home last night we ended up going up to the bar where I got beads and green beer for st.patricks day. I don't know if you know or not but I was actually supposed to come on march 17 1984 but I cam early on the … [Read more...]

The early day got to me…

Hi!! Phew, Yesterday was TOO LONG ... I think that my insurance problem has been taken care of, hopefully! They are supposed to put in that I didn't cancel till saturday or something.. I am like whatever just fix the mistake! I got so much done yesterday, my head spins. I was done with the majority of things by around 9 a/m. I washed dishes, clothes, vacuumed, cleaned sam's box, the bathroom and ..Made the bed ..posted 3 reviews on grits, and blogged here! that's more than I get done most days for sure! I watched pretty little liars and tried to just chill for the most part. I had a bad tummy ache most of the day. Jason came around 1 and took me tanning & we watched 2 episodes of the oc..it was nice! When david came home we went to eat ..I was SMACK DAB WORE OUT, I mean I started shaking and physically being sick before I could get home..I was almost crying! It was horrible! The lesson is do not drink alcohol, go to bed late, wake up at 4 a/m and check email that might … [Read more...]

yes,I am up EARLY. don’t be too shocked!

Oh MY it has already been a day for me and it is just now 7:02 a/m! I woke up around 4 and silly silly me decided to check my email. I swear I need to break this annoying habit. I always get twit and/or stupid emails overnight seemingly. The one I got was from Nationwide about me cancelling my coverage on friday of last week. Whatever, not like I didn't do it or know about it right? WRONG Apparently the dumbass bitch (sorry, even my mom calls her that lol because there is not any nice way to put it) put in that I had requested my coverage to be cancelled on March 09 2012 which is right...but she put 12:01 a/m. My coverage with Allstate didn't come into play until 11:12 a/m...so guess what that looks like? A LAPSE. Yeah, I am NOT amused. And of course I cannot call and get anything done till around 9 a/m. Plus, it's already been sent to the state..so.. GRR. I didn't cancel my coverage with nationwide technically till 12 NOON. Apparently someone either wanted me to lapse … [Read more...]

this wii fit is doing nothing for me

Seriously.  I am about fed up with doing it from 3o min - 1 hour every day with not one single result. I actually keep GAINING weight. I don't get it. I gave up soda. I have given up alcohol. I don't eat hardly anything to start with and BAM ..UGH! All it really is doing is making someone who is already tired more tired. Today I just gave up and said to heck with it! I know david has been wanting to join the YMCA but the one not even 5 min from the house SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. I swear it probably hasn't been updated in 20 years or however long it has been there.. However, I guess it does have an inside track, and a tiny fitness room... I hate that david has started working till 5. It isn't that I Mind him getting the hours ..and It isn't that I mind that he is off on fridays. The thing I hate is by the time he gets home, eats, I go tanning, he takes a shower and we sit down for a sec to watch t.v it is time to go to bed! I don't see where in the world we can throw in going to the … [Read more...]