out of whack…

Hi! I am currently scouring the web for a new layout! Always fun..I seriously wish I had the patience or someone had the patience to help me make something! I just want something Girly, pretty, and 3 column..and free.. doesn't seem like it should be that hard but it is! Autumn Rain is up for renewal this week, so I gotta get that done! I believe I have till wed/thurs to get it done. 2 years..where has the time gone? Today I am up early but I am thinking about heading back to bed for a bit! I was actually sleeping decently and feel semi like a human for once though, so I am as always afraid to go back to bed..Most of the time when I do I end up waking up with the extra special icky feeling! It is starting to be summer. Looks like every day this week here in the south will be in the 90's! :( gotta get me a fan for upstairs or i'll never make it for sure. Darn flat roof! I know things have been kinda ho hum here at the site, but I really am hoping I can pick it up a notch. … [Read more...]

weekends.always boring for me.

*Waves* Not a lot been going on in my world (as usual!) Pretty boring weekend for the most part..I didn't get the chance to go to my parents which sucks..I also had an ineradicable sensuous/ headache /earache /lack of energy thing which I haven't had one of in years..they really suck and I start getting hot ...I don't know it isn't easy to explain..and of course I was far away from home when it started..so by the time we got home I was in a horrible spot and had to go to bed and sleep for 3 hours.. ... don't know why I keep using dots lol. Apparently I haven't fully woken up enough to form a real blog post! Go figure! I hope that my allergies shape up and I have a better week than I have had the last little bit or I might go bananas! I have things I would like to get done here on this site, my other site and in the house as well! well this was a short rambly little post but I wanted to post anyways! catch ya later … [Read more...]

(sorta wordless wed)The things people give away!(picture included)


I got this saturday at mom's. someone in her subdivision had sat out a few things with a free sign! I also got a pair of guess flipflops with charms. wish I'd have gotten up there sooner someone got a dish chair! I always have wanted one of those! Sam is loving this since I used to have our old coffee table in there to lay on..But I gave it to david's dad to use for a while..so..he's got a new place to lay.. a pretty place at that! … [Read more...]

A very stressful sittuation

I had a long and stressful day yesterday & today! I really don't want to go into any details at this point except to say I made a mistake I suppose you could call it, and this mistake has costed me $225 of MY OWN MONEY and I am having to get my mom involved to get it back. If I get to where I can write more details without being upset I will write them here later. David's dad moved down yesterday. It didn't really take all that long.. we went to biglots and got 2 nice loveseats and a bed..and a ton of random things like pillows and such. Then we went and got it all moved in, went to eat. Then david and I came home for a  while davids dad and uncle went to walmart and to buy a scooter. We went back over there later own and helped him set up a bit...came home and went to bed. This morning I had a bit more stress, went to my parents for a while because the breaks on my car were acting wonky and my dad helped david fix those.Mom fixed my hair, and thats about it. I have missed … [Read more...]

memories from childhood: I do remember a few things!

Something I always enjoyed as a kid was going to the playground/park, but we always lived outside of town , so I rarely got to go unless it was on a field trip and we happened to stop off at one! I can remember back in the early 90's I got to go home for the afternoon with my 2nd grade teacher, who was my favorite teacher of all time. (I actually ran into her a couple weeks ago and it was awesome!) I thought it was the neatest thing ever to get to go home with her for reading so many books, and my best friend at the time got to go the same day I did! We went to mcdonalds, and then to the park right up from where I live now! I can remember them having an awesome playground slide but they don't have it anymore! It was one of those spirely ones too ! Funny the things you can remember sometimes! … [Read more...]

My recent walgreens deal!


Mom & I got quite an awesome deal couponing the other day and I wanted to take a minute to share it! We went to walgreens and got this Nasal Ease Allergy Releiver This spray is $9 ...we had a coupon for $5 ...and got $9 back in register rewards! What did I get with My register rewards? They had deer park 24 pk of water on sale for 3.99 each so I got 2 of those. That only totalled $8 and I knew I had to make it $9 ... I picked up 2 packs of Skinny cow candy..I probably only needed 1 to make it the correct amount.. The total for the 2 pks of water and 2 pks of candy when I used the register reward from the nasal spray? 97 cents! so for 4.97 I got Nasal Spray, 2 pks of water and 2 pks of candy. Mom beat me..she got her 2nd transaction for 74 cent! (I can't remember exactly what she did though lol) Pretty good huh? I have been on several couponing trips with mom lately.. I keep meaning to post some of them but I get lazy and don't..i'm going to try to do … [Read more...]