The awesome shower hat I got at edenfantasys!

I decided to spoil myself rotten a few weeks ago with some of my edenfantasys gift cards I had saved up! I went bananas in the Princepessa beauty section of the site! I pretty bought 1 of most everything that was in stock lol. I couldn't seem to explain to David why I was so drawn to their products except the fact that they are pink! I actually did get ONE item that could be considered an item that I needed and that was the princepessa shower hat! I hate using those cheap plastic ones, and my really awesome vinyl like one got stretched out and won't fit me anymore. Then I had bought one that turned out too small ! I love this shower hat! it's pretty & pink and it looks really fancy. It is made pretty well too, with the satin on the outside and some very sturdy plastic on the inside! I have to wear a shower hat because when I straighten my hair, my hair would go bananas as soon as I hit the shower thanks to the humidity! So, now I can protect my straightness and all is right as … [Read more...]

I must really want to move lol

*waves* Today is seeming to go by fast as can be for some reason! I semi slept decently last night thanks to sleepy time+valerian root tea! It was just after david left I couldn't seem to get back asleep! Also, I didn't go to bed as early as I should have last night! I will get back on track tonight hopefully! I just got off the phone with best buy having the debt cancellation that we are paying a TON for removed. I should have called before now was putting our minimum payment through the roof + increasing our balance every month. That is one credit card I will take in hand and get it under control if it is the last thing I ever do! I have a bank of america card with a higher balance and don't pay NEARLY as much ...GRR. I would have stayed on there and tried to further find ways to cut the minimum payment if I could have found someone that spoke english! I always said if i had a choice between the 2 i'd pay of bank of america first because that was supposed to be my … [Read more...]

we are thinking about moving! EEK!

I hate to even say it but David & I are considering moving. Not only are we considering moving we are considering moving to the place where david's dad just got a place. *sigh* Lol . We are considering looking at their townhouses this week..They look similar, at least according to t he floor in similar  to what we have here. I know that I am not going to be able to go have a walk in pantry and such like here but I am hopeful with the promises of a dishwasher and extra bathroom! Whee! The only reason i'm ready to leave here are our neighbors have really gotten out of control and I can tell it is going to get to the point I am not going to feel safe when alone :( We even have been looking at a new couch for when we move! I might even think about checking out some Ethan Allen items! :) this is a sponsored post, but all thoughts opinions ideas are honest and my own … [Read more...]

Ultimate Blog Party 2012: Hi!! About Nichole & Autumn Rain

Hi There! :) I was stumbling around the internet this friday the 13th and found "The Ultimate Blog Party 2012! and I thought "Hey, that would be an awesome way to meet some new folks!" So if you have found me from the Linky for the ultimate blog party 2012 I would like to say HI and tell you a little bit about me & my site!( sorry I get rambly lol I tend to do that!) I am Nichole, and I am 28 years old. I am married for almost 5 years to David & I have an orange cat named Sam, who we call Evil in a fur coat but... actually he can be really sweet and even give hugs! I am an HPV /Cervical cancer survivor and I have been free of all of it for almost 4 1/2 years. I currently don't have a baby, but by all means I am a mommy wanna-be. I am a southern gal and I enjoy lots of things including blogging, taking pictures, and being online on twitter/fb a lot. I also have bouts of horrible insomnia so when I get the urge to sleep, I will generally hit the bed no matter what time … [Read more...]

Julies Freebies: A really Awesome Freebie Site :)

Freebies were one of my first experiences of getting nifty goodies in the mail. I love free stuff, and I Iove mail, so it was the perfect match. I can remember as a child my mom would write away for things/sometimes pay a little bit for shipping and handling and such! This was before the internet of course! The internet has radically changed the freebies /free samples experience! You can find the most recent freebies and pretty much if something is out of stock/etc,y ou will know before /after you submit a form! I can remember sending off for things back in the day and you never knew if you would really end up with it in the end or not. Recently I found a site called Julie's Freebies ! It is a nifty site with not only freebies/samples but also giveaways , contests & more! The site is updated quite frequently (several times daily in fact) to bring you the latest and greatest in these types of things! Julies freebies is simply designed and easy to navigate, which is an … [Read more...]

accomplished.and it’s early.and they aren’t

*waves* It's 7:30 a/m and yes, here I am. I couldn't go back to sleep after david left..I kinda already knew that was going to be the story, and then Sam threw up in his I had to get up and clean that mess up! Plus, My mom is coming over I will just nap the afternoon away after she goes home! I know she will be a little later than usual coming over because it was so cold last night she had to cover her plants /garden and she will have to wait until it warms up some to uncover them. I have actually been awake since 3:30ish a/m after I went to the bathroom I couldn't go back to sleep :( I think I have discovered the reason for at least a little of my sleep issues..Alcohol.  I know that isn't fully the reason because there are many many nights that I don't drink (that's for all those people out there on the Nichole is an alcoholic bandwagon!) but I started drinking herbal sleepytime tea, and thats the first night since I started drinking it that I have had a … [Read more...]