Raise Your Sleeping Standards With Platform Beds (Guest Post)

metal platform beds

Thanks to Fabian Marquez for this guest post! Have you ever spent your nights tossing and turning in your bed, unable to sleep before almost tumbling out of it to get up and go to the bathroom or kitchen because it's too close to the ground? Maybe you've found yourself frustrated with the clutter underneath or, on the other hand, the lack of storage because of your low bed frame. Traditional styled beds are heavy, bulky, and quickly becoming useless and outdated in the face of a superior option. Platform beds are quickly replacing standard beds around the world due to their unique and superior design that literally puts them above their competition. Rather than dealing or hassling with a heavy, multi-piece frame, platform beds boil down to the raised platform and the mattress itself. No worries about your box spring sagging with age and damage or having to assemble a metal and wood monstrosity in your bedroom, just slide in the platform (with or without a headboard depending … [Read more...]

PromotionCode.Org: A well organized and updated Promo Code site!

Something I seem to look for every now and again are promo codes! You know, those snazzy little codes you can look up and get a discount with on your purchase ? I probably should look for them more often, especially when shopping online, but.. I tend to always forget!  I don’t know why, because we all know how my mom is so obsessed with coupons in the real world (and, believe me if I was a patient person I would be a coupon obsessed crazy hoarder lady just like her!) I recently found a very well organized and updated frequently site called PromotionCode.Org! In my  past experiences of looking for promotion codes online,  I have found it hard to find what the heck I am actually looking for! I also find that many of those sites to be really poorly organized and with lots of pointless expired forever ago codes! Kind of takes the joy out of searching, you know? Because, it sucks to seek and not to be able to find what you are looking for /or finding out that it is an old code that you … [Read more...]

It’s Me! Peter Pan Giveaway: Win a $200 Amazon Gift card


  Relive a classic fairy tale starring your child! Use your child’s face as Peter Pan and embark on an adventure with the lovable Tinker Bell, Wendy, John and Michael where they meet Peter Pan’s arch nemesis, Captain Hook. Can your child become the Hero of Neverland? Download It’s Me! Peter Pan for FREE from the iTunes store here: It's Me! Peter Pan To celebrate, It’s Me! Peter Pan will be giving away a $200 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky reader! Giveaway is open worldwide and ends May 31st at 11:59 PM EST. a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

Why Yes, I am neglecting the site lol

This week just has not been a productive week for me online or off. I Have been plagued with evil headaches and nausea! If you are waiting for your code from my giveaway, I promise you should have it sometime very soon! I sent out a few yesterday but didn't manage to get everyones out! This is my last day to myself until monday of course so i'm trying to get everything I can get done, done. I don't know why I don't seem to manage to be online on the weekends very much anymore.. I have several things that I need to get up...then again there is a ton of stuff to get done in the house as well! I guess though every now and again it's OK to just be lazy..or lazy lazy :) Well I promise a decent update later!! nichole … [Read more...]

Yesterday was one of “THOSE” days

Yesterday I woke up super early ..nothing really new there I suppose. By 10:30 David & I were heading out the door to go pick up his birthday cards & birthday money. We ended up having to go up to his grandma's for a little while, but whatever..(I just don't really "Know" his family that well, and i'm always uncomfortable around them) We went and ate at firehouse subs, which was exactly what I wanted but I had started not to feel so well. I ended up bringing half of mine home with me. We went back home by my mom's house and I was feeling like I was going to be sick, so I ended up going in the bathroom at cookout and throwing my brains up. It was HORRIBLE! We came home and I napped the majority of the afternoon. When I finally did get up, I went to get on my netbook to get my giveaway post up and whatnot...Guess what? IT WOULDN'T LOAD WINDOWS! I was having a FIT! I even threw some stuff lol , which is totally out of character for me. I hadn't had any real computer issues since … [Read more...]

Pearl Mountain Software Giveaway! (SUPER easy Entry)

It's HERE! I finally got my giveaway codes for the pearl mountain image software! You can see my review on the post below this one, or just because i'm a nice gal you can click here (in case you are reading the individual post instead of directly viewing the site!) So, I am all about simple simple giveaways that don't require any bells and whistles! Here's the deal: I have 20 codes to give away. The first 20 people who comment I will send you a code via email (so be sure that you fill that in!) It's that simple. And don't worry, if you haven't commented before your comment won't show up i'll have to moderate it.. I will email all the codes out over the weekend/monday (tomorrow is mothers day and I won't probably be on very much)...and when the codes are gone I will close the comments on this post! i was provided with a copy of this software for review and 20 codes to giveaway from pearl mountain software! … [Read more...]