that was simple.heavy hate summer.

So far it appears that the problem with my internet this whole entire time was not an external wiring problem, or an internal one..or even a modem. What was it? THE CORD. That's right. That cord that plugs from the modem to the phone jack. I am like..SERIOUSLY? I guess it's funny in a way, but I wish that it hadn't costed 99 bucks (New modem) to figure it out. Either way, ever since I changed the cord we have had no glitches *knocks on wood* I seriously apologize for so many personal /rambling/ randomness posts lately, but hey that's me! I just haven't really been in a sit down and write something serious kind of mood! It's summer, for goodness sakes! You all know I hate, detest and hate some more SUMMER. I live in the south for gosh sakes. Plus in a townhouse from the 70's with a flat roof. UGH. Thank goodness for the fan and an extra drawback upstairs I suppose...I also become even more picky than usual with food. I hate foods that are "Heavy" I could live off of … [Read more...]

internet problems..BAH!

*Waves* I am up bright and early, and not by my own choice! every time I managed to drift back to sleep after david went to work my phone would bzz! First I got a message from at&t that I have used 65% of my 200mb of my iphone data plan. Then, My mom replied to a to a message on facebook, and then...AT&T repair guy for the DSL called! Then..The repair guy for the DSL showed up and knocked on the door! I didn't expect to see him, since they were only supposed to check up on the outside lines...But while he was here he went ahead and checked out the inside lines ... We have been having major outages with our internet ..kind of like if you are on longer than about 20 minutes it kicks out and has to be restarted..It has been going on for quite a while but I hadn't really bothered to find out the problem, because we thought our modem was just crappy! After david had a fit with the modem last weekend we got another one.. but still had the same issue. They really don't know what … [Read more...]

so full of thoughts

This time 5 years ago I was at my grandma's getting ready to have my bridal shower/household shower whatever you want to call it..We had it the day before the wedding..How convenient right? The funny thing most of the time before the wedding/during the wedding is a total blur! Everything was so fast and furious! I should have probably went on up there to my grandmas this weekend because my parents ended up not being able to leave and go up today, but I kind of had already set my heart on staying home this weekend! I will go when they go back in a few weeks though! Today we are going to have some DELICIOUS HUGE steaks that my mom gave me a while back. David's going to grill them up with some Dales sauce (this might be a southern thing , it's like a marinade..don't know if it's available else where) and probably fry up some fries. I cannot wait! I am in the best of moods lately, I don't know why!I hope it keeps up! I know that with the heat outside I tend to not be a happy … [Read more...]

Musical Me.

Well...I decided to hold off and wait on going to my grandma's until my parents go again in a couple of weeks, because I know they will go, that's just how they are. Then it turns out they are going to have to leave on Saturday and come back sunday after all! That is what was throwing me off: the whole being gone 2 nights part..I could still change my mind and go, but I think I will still just hold off... Today is a pretty slack day in my world...I know most of them usually are but today I really just laid around, got my rug vacuumed,and..umm.. that may or may not have been it lol. I think I did get some dishes washed. and I made dinner. I guess that is all that really matters. Our local bar has this thing on wed. night where they have live local bands outside (wonder if they have checked out EAW Speakers guitar center)and they have beer for like 1.50 a can! David's dad goes up there and so do we. His dad buys me beer too, and it's really fun. I just wish it was on some night … [Read more...]

I feel the need to make lists!

Last night was one of those boring blah nights.I think I went to bed right around 9! I drifted to sleep a couple of times but was really laying there awake from mostly 9:30-11.I got up and took a benadryl, even though I try to save them for when it's been DAYS since I got any decent sleep! I had a hard time falling back to sleep this morning and then the next thing I knew mom was blowing my phone UP! I finally was like what? and she was on her way over! I managed to forget to lay out my chicken for making something for dinner with, but she got me some of the fried chicken that harris teeter has already made in a bucket, so that will be good! I am trying to make a list of everything I need to get done ASAP because of course I always do better with a list! Mom and I went to CVS, Goodwill, Bilo and Harris Teeter. I Thought we were going to eat lunch and go to freds/dollar tree but we didn't so that kinda sucked a little bit! One thing I know I need to do is get my other … [Read more...]

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