a bigger tv? why not? :)

*waves* Yesterday was one of the most productive days that I have had in... FOREVER. I stayed up after david left for work. I posted reviews at grits...(oh.. I still haven't managed to finish that review i was working on lol) I went back to sleep from about 8-10:30 and got up and mossied around as usual watching tv & eating lunch. Then I took a little trip upstairs to my closet and started a clean up and put away job of some clothes. I got it far from finished but at least I tried and made it look a little bit better! I Had plans to start working on some classes I have to take last night but David called me and said he was wondering if it was ok if he sold our 32 inch tv to a guy at work and go get one we had seen at target on clearance that was 42inches..well he got a REALLY good price for the TV and we didn't have to really put any with it so I was fine with it. So I postponed my class AGAIN. I Still don't know what the weekend holds. With all the family drama and such.. … [Read more...]

chill and relax and I have GOT to stop injuring myself!

Howdy!! I had a very nice relaxing and chill weekend which was nice because usually I don't feel like my weekends are like that! Right now I am trying to write a review to put on grits, but after like 2 paragraphs i'm at a total loss lol. I guess thats what happens when you haven't wrote something "real" in so long! I'm going to get it done though if it takes all day! I have got to seriously quit hurting myself on the weekends..I never did write about it but last weekend I slid on the rug beside my bed and busted my lower back/tush and thats still sore. To top it all off apparently saturday evening before I went to bed I scratched a cut on my leg. David said there was blood all over the rugs in the hall and in the bathroom and he just thought I had gotten up in the night and had period issues or something ..I was like um no, I was never up in the night! I so happen to look at my hand and I had blood all under my nails and when i look down at my leg there was blood all … [Read more...]

oh yes..one of THOSE weeks!

*sigh* It is turning into one of those weeks ya'll lol First of all , not like we aren't spending enough time dealing with the legal system at this point in time (as well as before.. hAh) This week David has been cursed with Jury duty. Now you can get into the whole it's your civil duty blah blah blah spill on me but you aren't going to convince me lol. He has to go back tomorrow, because he had a conflict of interests with the case they were working with today or something like that...OY. Then we are having a conflict with knowing exactly the way that his job handles the payment and hours associated.. believe me it's confusing and I know what happened the last time he had jury duty and I know there shouldn't be a difference I got a hair cut/ color on sunday. i'm poofy lol. ..and I wish that I was darker headed ..either way it looks better than it did. I am getting some review offers/ advertising offers I just really hope they pan out things have been really dead on that … [Read more...]

babble babble

This morning when David left I was wide awake and probably should have stayed up, but sammy was still in bed being all cute and I had shaved legs and clean sheets so I was in burrow mode so I difted in and out of sleep most of the morning! Things in my little ghetto are changing...My next door neighbors who we never had any problems out of (they lived here since right before or right after we moved last time I can't remember which) so that sucks because we never really had any problems with them. Also Mr Bojangles & Anna Nicole & the Twits got kicked out!! (they lived in our old apartment which is diagonal to this one) All of this happened over the weekend. My rent lady also says that the lady who lives diagonaly behind us is moving as well and they have lived here since WAY before we did... I thought David would die laughing when the rent lady told him that the only people over here that had pets were us (we have the only cat) and Hoagie.. David was like Um, everyone over … [Read more...]

I got a little bit perked up!

Howdy All!! Greetings From Boredom Ville USA :) I am the founder & president, apparently!! I actually managed to get perked up a little bit and get the sheets changed on my bed, semi-straighten my hair (It's SO THICK, TOO LONG and Also needs Colored!) then shave really really well. Kinda got into it there..and now it's all clouding up out :( I was figuring we'd go to Z's since they have the live music outside on Wed. nights.. but if it rains BOOOOO :( Apparently our mail (snail) is being wonky again. I Haven't gotten any of Davids hospital bills since the insurance settled.also my get glue stickers and who knows what else! And now.. It looks like we are missing a package (david ordered something, but I don't know what?) To top it off they still don't get the point after 2 years that unless it's in G or S (my maiden name) don't freaking leave it here! BLAH!! I was hoping to get a little bit more done than what I did today, but it's ok..this is a start! I need to pick me up … [Read more...]

Beauty Goodies 20% Off at EdenFantasys!

Remember a few months back when I told everyone I bought a ton of bath goodies and such from Eden Fantasys? Including that shower hat that I am obsessed with? (I seriously wore it over my straightened hair at Great Wolf Lodge during Reviewers Retreat!) That thing is probably my favorite purchase ever and i'm going to have to order a few more for the future. They are so much more better than wearing one of those cheap shower caps that are like a plastic bag over your head...especially like when i'm at my moms and she gives me one of those plastic bowl covers to use. I think I might even end up getting one to take over there!(Yes, I still gush and could go on more about it if I wanted to lol) I was browsing over at Eden Fantasys a few minutes ago and discovered that they (of course!) Have several more nifty body items that aren't sex toys , and that right now they are 20% off right now. I saw a few things I hadn't saw before including a roll on perfume which seemed pretty nifty to … [Read more...]