really? just click the X then

*Waves* I have managed to perk myself up quite nicely the past 2 days for some reason! It must be because we had weather in the 60's last night :) I did get the most stupid comment EVER on a blog post Honestly.. I would publish it and let you all see it, but there is really not a point.. If i'm so BORING and i've never received any paid posts/ items to review why the heck are they ALL OVER MY SITE??? and better yet why waste your time to say that? Apparently you need to LEARN TO READ and I don't care that I am an "UNKNOWN BLOGGER" *rolls eyes* this site is My site and it is about my life and whatever I choose for it ...If you don't like it please please click the X and LEAVE ( I just had to get that out! Lol.I hope most of you stay loyal and true to me and don't feel like that! ) I really wish I wouldn't have had an appointment on Friday because one of my uncles got marred (AGAIN LOL) and I would have really like to have went!! I know there is a family event for my dads … [Read more...]

it’s still news

Let me put it to you this way. I still don't know anymore about my "situation" than I knew the last time I wrote on here. This crap is getting annoying for sure! Even after meeting with a lawyer for goodness sakes!! The sad thing is JASON told me more about what to expect and what I will probably have happen/should do than she did. I don't know it's because of all the evidence isn't exactly "available" yet or if she's just ditzy?? I hope it's not the later! Next date for me to possibly know SOMETHING is Oct 02. Seriously this crap just KEEPS FREAKING DRAGGING!!!! I also have to go do something related to it at noon next friday. seriously. they are going to not only get every last dime we have but my sanity as well before its all said and done! I am going to work on some of the things I can do before that court date that will possibly look really well upon me and hope that they count towards what I would have to do anyways.. I don't know its kinda like it looks good and they … [Read more...]

a pointless post..

*waves* Tomorrow is going to be one of THE DAYS that has to do with THE HORRIBLE NIGHT so if you wouldn't mind if you pray say one for me and if your a thoughts person keep me in them! I would greatly appreciate it more than you could ever know! I am so on the outs on the internet like I have mentioned before but I hope I can pick it up a notch since football season will be here. Fall is just so much better for me than summer ...Go figure!! It must have to do with fall being my fave time of year. I know that when David is watching football I can just totally get into my own realm and get things done for the most's nice!! I don't have a lot to write about really but I thought i'd better check in and let you all know i'm still alive and kickin! … [Read more...]

I want to go back!

Ever since I went to Boone for the first time in FOREVER (ok I last went sometime last year lol)  A few weeks ago I have really been yearning for the good old days! Or the crazy notion I could go back there to go to school at appalachian again.. OMG it makes me so excited lol. I know that I can't however and it really sucks! I am currently trying to talk my brother in law into going up there to school. He would be able to get financial aid and get everything covered + live on campus. I always wished I would have been able to live on campus..I felt like i missed out on so much interaction ! I really hope he keeps it in mind and that maybe i'll be able to go to some of the football games! Of course I won't be sitting in the college press box but it won't matter to me as long as i'm there. I am also considering making a site that stems on my past, my experiences there, and more coupons/deals/local/snarky. .. I don't know.. … [Read more...]