Class Progress..We hope..

Be proud I managed to keep my tushie to the house last night, even though I REALLY did want to go see the band!! Tonight i'm going to class #2 of 9 and tomorrow i'm going to meeting #2 of 4. I cannot freaking wait for this stuff to be behind me. Then I have to go to something that has to do with it on tuesday, but... I still won't be anywhere near through :( I also have to do some volunteer work related to this but who even knows when i'll get started on that! It's all good...I will put this mess behind me the sooner the better! I am getting ready to try to put on some "real" clothes since I have to leave the house...Also, gonna go ahead and get dinner started so I can eat and be ready to go after David eats. Stupid class is from 6:30-8:30 and that doesn't barely get david in the door... I am making French Beef Stew tonight..I should have had David stop and get us some French bread, but like I say we hardly have enough time to get things done as it is! Not a lot of plans for … [Read more...]

Today has been the longest day ever! I woke up around 9:30 with a sore back/neck and never did manage to go to sleep. I posted some reviews on grits. day is a blur...I have managed to make it to 4:15 and I can't tell you where the day has went! I hate to say this will be the first Wed. Night since Z's (the restaurant/bar that I usually go to) has had their outdoor concert this season that I probably won't be attending. For certain reasons that really suck (and, no actually money has nothing to do with it!) The concerts are free and one of my favorite local bands is going to be up there. I just need to avoid a temptation..:( I can't wait to have certain things over and done with so I can live MY LIFE MY WAY. I don't know I might go and do what I want anyways, or I might go and avoid what I am supposed to avoid. It would be easier to stay home.. but like I say I really enjoy the band and it's cool out and it's still something to do! I had to break down a few minutes ago … [Read more...]

I busted into my money.. and other Ramblings!

Oh My!! :) I have been going to bed by like 9:30 the last few nights, and with the cool weather.. WOWZERS! I Love cuddly, snuggly burrowing-ness! I just hate when David has to get up to go to work This morning I woke up to this HORRIBLE weird noise which took me a good 10 minutes to gather that it was tuesday and they were picking up our trash! I forgot to write a few weeks ago on a friday night we were getting ready to go play pool and I was getting my purse/finding a coat and what not and David had the door open.. he's like HOLY BIRDS and i'm like HUH? so I walk outside and well got a surprise! We have a HUGE house right beside of our apartments, that has been split up and made into apartments. You can tell it was someone who had lots of money's real house back in the day type deal. Anyways these "birds" were making a strange sound and swarming like mad and darting into the chimney! Guess what... they weren't BIRDS they were BATS!!! HOW FREAKING CREEPY! I happened to see … [Read more...]

it’s all relative

*Waves* My weekend picked up a little bit, thankfully. Friday I went to a HORRIBLE meeting that had to do with my whole drama sittuation. Seriously, if you aren't GOD you don't have any place to JUDGE ME or WHAT I DID. Even Better? If you DON'T Know me then you REALLY have even less of a place to judge me! UGH, thankfully I only have 9 more classes (which are .. well.. but hey at least those folks were in the same situations as me, and they are pretty friendly!) and 3 more of these meetings. Seriously, if David wouldn't have been with me.. UGH! I won't be going back to a class till at least thursday, maybe saturday... after that i'm sucking it up to get them done as fast as I can! When I got home my mom called and told me that David's boots that my Uncle Russell had got him were at her house (I had them sent there. we live in some sort of mail black hole here. You wouldn't believe how much stuff I expect in the mail and NEVER see) They had also went and got half of a cow that … [Read more...]

The better way to get your 50 shades! Eden Fantasys!

I know that I have wrote about Eden Fantasys and the Fact that they have a 50 shades of grey section before. However, I failed to mention that they actually sell all three of the books in the series as well! I have to say, I had some difficulty finding these books myself as, I am in the Bible Belt in the south, and well.... I guess you know how that goes? As in OMG here is a naughty book that is referred to as "mommy porn" lets make it difficult to get! I already had the books on my kindle but, I also wanted to have actual copies! I know that some people have been able to find them at walmart, and such..Not the case around here...had to go to target! I wish I would have been able to buy them online because I don't know why, but I was a little bit embarrassed to buy them in person lol. Since I have purchased my books I noticed our Walmart does have them but it's almost like you are buying ACTUAL porn they are wrapped in shrink wrap. The gal in me that hates censorship wants to … [Read more...]