Come out on top , somehow..and possible giveaway on the way!

Hi there everyone! This morning when David's alarm went off I wasn't WORE OUT, i'm just regular tired..which rarely happens. Anyways, I decided to grab then netbook and stay in bed and do whatver and watch Reba on Hulu through the Roku.. Let's see how long this lasts. I don't have much in the house that HAS to be done today, which is nice. I have of course several things that I COULD get into. Goodness knows I probably won't though lol Last night I went to my class (6 of 10 WOOT!) because goodness knows with the way things go around here I might not be able to make it back for a while. I got home a little after 8:30 and I told David he should try to call his dad since we hadn't heard anything from that front since we were all there on Saturday. We didn't have the direct number to the room and every time we called we kept getting disconnected while they were trying to transfer us. I frantically sent messages to Brad and Alex on facebook and looked up online to see if I … [Read more...]

stretched thin

Right now it's 4:45 p/m and i'm barely awake. I don't know if things are starting to catch up with me or it's the weather or all of the above but I can not do a darn thing today! Plus, I really need to try to get to class because I had to miss all of last week. UGH! I sent the dude over my classes an email and told him i'd try to make it tonight but honestly the only reason i'm tryin is because I am pretty sure if I don't get there tonight it will be next thursday before I do! I also have this big pimple between my eye/nose and it will NOT pop. I feel attractive for sure! I'm drinking coffee, gonna vaccuum the rug really quick and heat up some hamburger meat that I fried the other day and froze and make sloppy joes. I don't know if the bread we have is all that great, so David might have to go out and buy some buns but whatever you know? I have had a lot on my mind today, don't know why. Just been one of those sit and obsess days.. I hate these days! It hasn't been too bad but … [Read more...]

fast & furious

This last week has just seriously about drained me & david. Running to charlotte 3 different times, and especially sitting there ALL day on tuesday then turning around on wed. and going back ..UGH! Friday david and I had a nice lunch at ruby tuesday, because I had a $10 credit from the last time we were there. We decided to sit at the bar, not because we wanted to dink, but because they were saying you got chips and salsa. I swear, I should complain again because the service was just that bad! Girl like to never took our order, we didn't get refills that much, and she didnt even bring the biscuits out until we asked. David also had to "remind" her to bring the chips and salsa after we ate our meal! We went over to david's dads to check on things like his scooter and what not. Other than that I don't remember anything that went on friday! Saturday we went to see David's dad at the hospital. Also, my brother and law and our friend brad came up there. We stayed a little while, … [Read more...]

Up early on a friday. go figure

After I made the decision to get up at the crack of dawn..well.. at least in my world lol..(I mean I don't normally get up till 9 at the very earliest and more like 10/11 most days)I am really wishing I would have just stayed in bed! It is a bit cool out, and goodness knows with the crazy week I have had I could have used some more sleep. The crazy thing is I almost know that if I go back to sleep (if it was even possible) that I would feel worse. I usually just lay there from when david leaves at 6:30 until 8 or so thinking about all the stuff I could be doing if I could get up! Like I said earlier the only reason I got up was because this has just been such an odd week, and with david having to work till around noon to make up for tuesday I figured why not! With everything going on right now, it's pretty safe to say I won't be getting to do ANYTHING tomorrow for halloween :( I already had to miss the last bike night which also had my favorite band up at the bar the other night … [Read more...]

Emergency Surgery, Oh My!

Waves! This is just a really quick post to let you all know the basics of what has been going on the last few days. I am getting ready to scoot off of here and wash a load of clothes and a few dishes. Other than making dinner and taking a shower.. I'm gonna be taking an extended nap! Monday instead of David taking his dad to the Dr appointment, he ended up having to call an ambulance and have his dad transported to charlotte for emergency surgery.We spent literally ALL Day there and it's an hour each way for travel. By the time we got back into town and stopped by walmart for a few things (lunch for me and my bro in law and some soda ) it was nearly 11 p.m! Yesterday I had my brother in law all day, and when david got home we had to go by his dad's to get my brother in laws stuff, and go back to the hospital. it was after 7 p/m when we got there! We left around 8:30.. I was wore out and having a headache from the devil so I had david drop me off at home while he ran off to … [Read more...]