A scooter & a car do not mix

*Waves* Yesterday Evening after dinner, I was sitting here with David on the couch and we were starting and episode of passions on youtube, when someone knocked on the door. Imagine our shock when it was David's brother. He is here usually thursday evening -sunday or something like that and never on monday's. Turns out they had been trying to call david all afternoon because my father in law got in a wreck on his scooter with a car! David never takes his cell phone to work anymore, and it's usually way up in the evening before he even checks his phone at all. it stays upstairs in the dresser drawer. Anyways we quickly got ready and went over there. David had 5 voicemails from his dad's bro in the mountains and his sister that lives down here and even from someone we didn't even know. We didn't have any from davids mom which come to find out they weren't even calling the right number! I am going to tell you right off the bat, I was starting to be a little bit peed before … [Read more...]

and here’s monday!

Hey!! Well..here we are on MONDAY!! BLAH!!! Right now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I do not know why in the world I can't seem to do anything online on the weekends anymore! Go figure.. things go like that sometimes I guess! Friday we went to my last "meeting" WHEE!! That crap is over with thank you GOD. Now just got to finish my classes..then go from there! We ate at the grille.. and then we went ahead and did early voting! I knew from the get go who I was going to vote for so there wasn't going to be anything that changed my mind. I was pretty upset though that my mom and dad went on the blue ridge parkway on friday without me AGAIN. I was like you could have waited till saturday, OR I would have been able to just go to my meeting next week..but noo.. I just really hope I can get up there myself soon and take some pics and such before the leaves are all gone! Saturday we went to eat at the buffet ..OMG NOM.. however I was NOT feeling so peachy so I … [Read more...]

Buy.Sale.Trade. It’s all at the Eden Fantasys Classifieds babies!

With all the stuff that has been going on with me the past few months, I have a definite need to come up with some extra cash! Normally i'd go bananas and clean out everything in the house and have a yardsale.. but I really don't have the energy for that. So, my new best friend is Eden Fantasys! I know that I have written about their classifieds section before and I have had some success with using them in the past. I have stuck to trying to sell out some of my adult items because after 2 years of collecting and reviewing I have built up quite a collection. I like to clean things out so that I can have room for more things in the future. I have had a bit of success with selling things individually and even sold a huge box of 25 items just to clear out room. I know that I have some big items that would probably sell quite well, but to ship them would be a pain in the you know what! I have saw a few items over time on there that aren't even adult items like cameras and such. I … [Read more...]

thursday . drag day.

Hi!! Today is dragging like crazy! Last night I took a benadryl for the first time in forever so that I knew i'd sleep..the best thing about benadryl is not that I sleep through the night, but that I can actually sleep in the morning after david leaves and wake up at a reasonable time feeling semi-rested! Anyways I got up , ate watched some sunset beach on youtube..talked to my mom.. played around online.. then I decided to find my cowboy boots.. HA. I spent an hour or longer tearing up my closet and couldn't find them.. oh do not get me started on how everything in my room needs re organized and cleaned out.. anyways, either I got rid of them which I doubt or they are at my moms? UGH/  I was hoping to find them .. Right now it's 4:15 and I need to figure out what the devil else needs done in the house, need to put real clothes on (going to class 5 of 10 tonight!)  (which means I need to make me some coffee in my to go cup) start dinner (i decided HB helper again but.. I am … [Read more...]

Influenster Is ch-ch-changing!

You may or may not remember last year when I wrote a post about influenster I wrote Influenster Have you Heard of them? after I received my first box from them which was the Holiday vox box. To put it simply a vox box is a box of goodies that you qualify based on your influence, and then you complete various activities and surveys and qualify for different badges from the products that can qualify you for bonus goodies. Well, since then I have also received another vox box which was over the summer  during all of my depression and such..I didn't figure i'd get the chance to work with them again, because I really didn't get to do a lot of the extra things involved. However, I did finish the required activities and I am expecting my 3rd vox box sometime soon! Recently Influenster has really changed up their website and are overhauling their program! I have to say I really like the changes so far from what I have been able to see. The program has been totally overhauled, and … [Read more...]