another day, another very lazy day.

Well, I have successfully managed to waste another day lol. I also managed somehow another not to nap. The only thing that I really feel bad about is I don't have ONE CLUE as to what to make for dinner. If I had sent david with my paypal card I would call in something for him to pick up on the way home. I could wait till after he gets home but then I prob won't be able to make it to class on time *grumbles* I have missed class for over 2 weeks now so I guess I better make an appearance. I keep telling myself there is only 2 classes left, get them over with ...but I can't seem to get it done! I could always email the guy over the classes and tell him I can't make it if I can't. I know it's ok but I start to feel like a lazy gal! Basically, if you were wondering "class" is basically for code of a group of us who get together and yammer about this that and a bag of chips. It's not half bad. It's just cold , dark, i'm tired (and out of flavored coffee) and I don't wanna! I was … [Read more...]

The boring world of Nichole..Day gazillion..

So , what's going on in the boring world of Nichole? NOT MUCH! I have a feeling like i'm getting a cold , and my ears (both of them) are hurting a little bit.. I think i have done really well to be mid december and not to have had a cold yet. Hopefully I will fight it off though. I hate colds. They always end up lasting me for weeks and weeks! (Just in time for holidays & travel? ugh, no thanks!) I am PLANNING to go to class 9 of 10 tonight. I seriously shouldn't have been so lazy and had this stuff finished by now, but.. It's all good. I have plenty of time I suppose. I am planning to maybe start doing some walking in the evenings. I think it would help me with a lot of things.. Keeping my mind off things, making me more tired so I can sleep, and maybe even loose some of my muffin top? I get SO BORED in the evenings anymore for some reason! I think it's because of this time of year.. I don't know! I need a hair cut like mad too! Hopefully this weekend. I don't think I … [Read more...]

semi good news

*waves* Well, Yesterday I went to court. I do believe my Lawyer has gotten sick of my whining because she actually showed up as one of the first lawyers there, and I actually saw her talking to the DA. I had been whining about how if all the evidence in my case isn't going to be back for probably OVER 6 months to a year from now , and if we are only asking for continuances why the devil do I have to be there every time? Well, she got me a court date of 5/28/13 so..i'm pretty happy about that. Even then it will be a I'm hoping she can space these dates out for a while. David has almost ran through all of his vacation days trying to deal with this, his dads wreck,jury duty that lasted forever, plus we had taken 2 days for reviewers retreat....and wait for it ... he will be off from Dec 20- Jan 02! so...yes, he is running out of vacation in a hurry. See his vacation goes by his hire date which is right at the beginning of june sooo.. Anyways, I still won't reveal … [Read more...]

back on top, swinging..

Happy Monday! Ha Ha, Right. Today I am frantically trying to get back into the swing of things as always! This weekend I was extra slack than usual! Friday we had David's works christmas party.. I had a very excellent salad, new york strip steak and a baked potato. He got a decent bonus check, and a gift card to one of our local grocery stores! Saturday I got my Online pals' christmas cards mailed out (finally!) David's dad finally made it back home after 2 months so we spent the majority o of the day over there trying to get him settled in and all of that good stuff. Yesterday is pretty much a blur... football, napping, etc. That's always my Sunday! Right now, I just wanted to write a few lines and say hey. I am watching an ep of sunset beach on youtube, trying to eat some fries, and figure out why gmail is having errors! What an exciting day right ? :) More later ! … [Read more...]

Oh, Holidays!

Ahh, The Holiday season is upon us! I haven't done much to get in the spirit just yet. I don't know why, but the older I get the less I really tend to get into the mood I guess!  I have sent out all of my cards, and I have had a few start to trickle in. I also decorated outside a little bit. As far as in this house.. NOTHING! I am almost sure if I were to put up a tree sam would put in the floor lol. I might decorate the kitchen table with a snowman cloth and some table mats though. As far as shopping,well I really don't have much to get done. I have been looking on Eden Fantasys though, of course! They have put together a nify Holiday Central Gift Guide section with lot's of categories to choose from such as For  him, for her, for couples, for a friend, gifts under $50,beauty and body, gift cards and even holiday themed and make your own  gift set! Eden Fantasys has plenty of options to choose from, that don't necessary scream an "Adult" item. I know that at thanksgiving I … [Read more...]

Christmas Party Tonight..

Well Happy Friday Bebes! I woke up about 7:30 and stayed in bed till 9 this morning. Then, I got up and started doing various online things like writing paid post, finishing a review, etc ! I really need to go do my hair here in a few minutes but...I decided to check in a few minutes before I do! Of course we have David's christmas party for his work tonight, so unless I want to go looking like a troll I HAVE NO CHOICE about doing my hair. Which sucks because it is cloudy out and my hair is almost to long for me to bother with trying to straighten.. but.. i'd rather look like a normal person so.. I will do it. I know David will help me too. There is this one piece of hair in the very back that totally hates me and I can't ever seem to get it right. Go figure. I need to get my Christmas cards in the mail today or tomorrow as well (Yes, I am really behind on that for me this year. I usually get them out the Friday after thanksgiving..)It really sucks when I can only make it to … [Read more...]