7 months.i’m still vague about it

I am sitting here in SHOCK that today marks the 7 month mark since all of my "drama" started! and to know that I am far from through it kills me even more. I swear if I let it I will still be dealing with this BS when I turn 30 next year! Imagine dealing with something when you are 30 that happened when you were 28.. No thank you! If I could have made it possible I swear I would have cleared up before it even hit this year, but I wanted to have most of my money and stuff done before I decided to throw my hat in the ring so to speak... It still haunts me, and even though I know it was wrong and stuff.. I would have done it all over ...or at least I think I would have! Anyways, enough vagueness no? :) Today I did manage to get a few reviews up at grits-reviews for the first time in AGES! I didn't get many up but at least I got a start.... I wanted to sort up some more of my clothes and put them up as well as possible with the mess that is my room, but I managed to not do it. I … [Read more...]

Cold in the carolinas

*waves* well it is a very cold day here in north carolina! It is a whopping 34 degrees here at 11:30 a/m! I feel sorry for my dad and david because they work outside, and in David's case he drives the water truck so cold and water ICK! I am honestly shocked that they haven't got sent home or something! I don't have a lot planned for today. I *might* possibly work on grits-reviews just to mix up my world a little bit. OR work on something in my room. I totally impressed myself with the putting up my clothes thing yesterday lol. I know when you stay at home all day it doesn't take much to excite a person does it? My little sam sam (my cat, if you didn't know) hasn't been acting "right" even for him the last 2 days. He has slept on the couch one night, and under the bed another ...and he totally doesn't want to chill with me in the day...he just lays in the bed :( maybe he doesn't feel well? I am going to try my best to perk him up here in a bit! well more from me after … [Read more...]

I really need a bedtime routine that is relaxing

I swear for some reason anymore it takes us seemingly FOREVER to get ready to go to bed. We have to pretty much make the bed (yes, I have gotten to where I pretty much don't make it in the day anymore lol) Which is totally weird because used to be that was one of my "things" it was the first thing I did in the morning: Make the bed. Then, we have to tend to sam and see if he needs food/water/box cleaned/floor swept. Then, we have to get us some water, which recently we haven't had any bottled water and we don't ever bring the bottle downstairs until it's time to refill it...UGH!! It just goes on and on!! (and involves a million trips up and down the stairs!) I really like to have some sort of relaxing routine before bed, so i'm going to have to get on the ball about making sure the majority of things are straightened out BEFORE it is time for me to want to lay down! I like to be able to relax with a cup of sleepytime tea and such. not have to WORK to go to bed! Right now there … [Read more...]

Some P365 Pics


Yes, I Let David get another playstation. This one was on sale and it had the Move. I did want a dance came but this one SUCKS I don't know any of the songs. Oh well, I am having fun with the pool hustle kings game, and I Hope to buy puss n boots too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my crockpot! it makes cooking things so simple :) and it even has where you can take out the actual pot and not have to worry about getting all the electrical parts wet. I know that sounds dumb, but I remember where my mom always had the old ones that didn't have that feature! … [Read more...]

bloggers writters block..

I am totally having writers block today! I swear it is so funny, because in the middle of the night and such when I can't sleep I think of a million and one things to write about!  I guess I need to keep a notepad by the bed or something?? I was supposed to clean up my closet up over the weekend and of course I never managed to get it done!  I really need some help in doing it, and it is going to be a huge project. I probably could manage to get it done myself if I got up after david left for work one morning. What really sucks is i'd have to clean up all my drawers in my dresser and chest BEFORE .. Yeah.. I always get myself into these situations lol. I am going to try to get my project 365 pics from saturday-today up, so maybe I'll make a post of a few of them after while ... You never know with me! Catch ya'll later gators! <3 Nichole   If you have kids that argue of what belongs to who often, you are probably always looking for some way to calm the madness. … [Read more...]

Just Monday…

Well Here we are on monday again... The weekend was fast, furious and of course not long enough! Today I have been piddling and diddling around not really with anything in particular to do. .... I did wash a ton of dishes (which I am SWEARING that I thought I had done before bed last night!) I am also trying to fight off a benadryl hangover lol. To recap the weekend, Friday is a blur to me.. I think we went over to David's dads for a little while and ??? lol. Then Saturday david and I found a new place to eat that is semi close by. It's like cafeteria style food. NOM !! :) I also broke a rule that I swore I would never break. I let David get a playstation 3 AGAIN.... He lured me with promising to let me get a 24 inch PINK flat screen upstairs. So we will see if he holds up on that or not! Yesterday, well of course it was sunday and B O R I N G!! I don't know why but lately my eyes have been bothering me and i'm extra special tired. I hope wearing my glasses a little more … [Read more...]