Early to bed and A Raise…

Hey Everyone! My foot is just too angry lol. I don't know why, but it is more sore now than when I first decided to go "skiing" or "make snow angels" lol. The bruising is subsiding, and soaking it in warm water/epsom salts seems to really really help so hopefully it will be better sooner than later! Last night David I went to bed SUPER EARLY. I had planned to watch some t.v upstairs on the roku, but by the time I drank some sleepytime tea I was like never mind!  This morning after David left I was never asleep again though so that sucked! I got up around 8 or so and focused on working on grits-reviews for most of the day. I also took a early nap from 1-3. I swear I think I could have just kept sleeping and I really kind of hope we go to bed semi-early tonight as well. For some reason ever since I fell I have been EXTRA tired.I think my subconcious tries to protect my foot all night long or something! David called me and told me he got a $1.50 raise per hour today, so I was … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Meeee!

Well Today is my birthday but it really isn't all that and a bag of chips for me. Yesterday we  went to my mom and dads and had cupcakes and lunch..which was nice but today has turned out to a big disappointment for me. Since I went off hobbling on my foot yesterday I made it angry and now I can't get out and about again because of it. My mom was supposed to come over and everything but it didn't pan out :( Monday just isn't a good day to have a birthday really, and then with this foot and the weather well.. BLAH!! Maybe I can celebrate another day though! Probably won't be nothing going on around here this evening either. Birthdays just never really pan out for me Let alone, it's Monday, I'm hurt and ..it's cold and rainy out you know? I've basically just piddled n diddled around all day worked on a few things here and there but really didn't get anything done..I didn't even manage to take a nap which is probably a mistake! Guess I will take some vitamin B and drink up some … [Read more...]

Birthday is on the way, and this darn foot…

So today.. day..5 (ish) with the evil looking foot lol. Meh, not much has changed other than the bruises absolutely itch to high heavens, and now it sore up at the base of my leg!  It will eventually be alright I suppose.. I just keep my feet up and it wrapped up ... the bruises are the most scary of all! My Birthday is on Monday..Not really excited. I'll be lucky if I can even be able to get a shoe on and leave the house this weekend let alone then! I Hope so though. I know david and I had planned to try to go to a concert next weekend. The band even told me on their facebook page they'd help me out of I came. aww. lol. Today marks 3 years of having my evil orange baby in a fur coat with the gorgeous green eyes! Which means Shadow has been gone 3 years and 3 weeks :( he left in a snow storm... you notice how snow is starting to not be a fetching thing for me? like bad luck.. hmm.. I see the trend! I really didn't get anything done today except a few emails sent out and what … [Read more...]

L’oreal Paris BB Cream Review


(Picture coming soon..For some reason Wordpress doesn't seem to want to let me upload a pic)   A few weeks back, as part of SheSpeaks, I got the opportunity to get some  L'Oreal Paris BB Cream for review. I had heard of BB cream but I wasn't really sure of a lot of details about it. I was like "is that the kind that magically blends with your skin?" Turns out it is!! :) I wasn't sure what color to get to try, and I ended up getting the light shade, I knew I wasn't totally on the lightest end of the spectrum and I am def. not on the dark either so that left the 2 in the middle light and medium to choose from. I was also considering that I will begin tanning soon and  that was a bit of a concern for me to. However..I ended up with light, and it's just the tiniest bit too dark for me so by the time I start tanning I think it will be absolutely fine! So, I'm not really a makeup person, I will tell you that straight up. The only thing I really wear is a concealer like this … [Read more...]

Foot status: 72 hours later

Today I have actually tried to BABY my foot, and I think that it has responded well to it! The swelling on my ankle side, and the opposite side has went down drastically.. However I now have a bunch of swelling on top of my foot! My toes are more bruised, and my heal and sides of my feet are black blue and purple. The toes are a greeny color if you just had to know lol. I think i'm on the way to recovery. At least I hope So! I sure want to start tanning like..SOON..Also at this point do you know how nice a bath /shower would be! I am still a little wobbly, which is understandable I suppose. I just hope hope hope it heals better and faster than the last time! I got up early this morning because I couldn't sleep.. basically have sat right here in this spot watching pretty little liars on netflix all day and doing all this random stuff that I never get done like posting reviews on grits and such.  I honestly think trying to rest is more stressful than getting up and getting stuff … [Read more...]

Save money, ANYWHERE an EVERYWHERE that you can!

So Many of you know, well at least if you have read my blog for any length of time, that David and I are some old 20 something married people who are poor! I say that jokingly, because honestly we have everything we want, we pay our bills, and then when we have a little bit of money left over...well we spend it on whatever our hearts desire! David and I are more internet freaks and phone technology type people than anything else. At one point we did have dial up and even the home phone that went along with it. We didn't have TV for the first 3 years we were married and at one point we were tethering the android phone we had to the computer for internet (5GB For the win! lol.. it worked even though we couldn't stream) We did get satellite when we lived down the road but when we moved back over here, it just got to where it was seriously better for us not to have it. Not to worry! As long as I have the interwebz, It's all good in the neighborhood! I know that we haven't been the … [Read more...]