Palmolive Fresh Infusions Influenster Box


A few weeks back, I got another goodie from influenster in my mailbox. Well O.K. in reality, they set it in the chair out beside my front door, because it wouldn't go in my mailbox, but you know what I mean! :) This go around I got 3 bottles of Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soap, and I am talking about 3 regular sized bottles(16 FL OZ)! Not little tiny samples and what not! I was like "wow, awesome!" The first thing I did was decide to smell of each individual scent They are naturally inspired scents, and they are: Ginger White Tea Lemon Thyme Lime Basil Ginger White Tea: I liked it, it wasn't my favorite, and David didn't like it at all. My mom ended up liking it the best, so In the spirit that we were supposed to give a bottle to a "friend" I gave it to my mom. With all the couponing she does, she'll probably get a ton of dish soap and give it back to me, but it's the thought that counts right? Lemon Thyme was more of a scent you'd expect of a typical dish soap or … [Read more...]

oh, and then I managed to…..

Well ya'll I managed to get hurt AGAIN... like what the 2nd time this week? this time I was trying to take pics of the snow, totally forgot that our side yard has this little dippy part and..bam slid and landed on my left ankle. I mean really what is it with me and A. getting hurt and B. ankles? At least this time I Think it's a sprain and not a fracture. OMG was so embarrassed too because there were little kids out when I did it! I just started screaming I broke it and David kept saying I didn't and i'm like well how do you know? I heard it pop. UGH. Managed to hobble in the house and up the steps so I could take my clothes off because I was drowned! Then I had to lay in bed with ice on it while he went to take alex back home! i'm trying to keep it flat on the floor and move it as much as I can.It scares me because it feels like it wants to pop least it's not bruised and stuff? I guess? Meh! Hopefully it will heal up soonest..and at least I have my pink cane right? :) I did … [Read more...]

Got guilt? :)

Today I really do feel like the most horrible person on Earth! My Grandma called and instead of answering and talking I just let it go to voicemail... It's not that I don't love her, it's more to do with the fact i'm in a funky mood and i'm not really in the mood to be talkative today. Plus, a phone call with my grandma usually turns into a 2+ hour phone call! ACK! I really do feel bad about not answering and i'll probably call her back at some point today!  I know I should talk to her on the phone more and goodness knows I need to get my butt up there to virginia to see her asap! *sigh* I have too much of a guilty conscious sometimes! Today is another Forks-Esque type day around here. I swear I'm going to start hunting for Edward lol. I have NEVER been one who like the spring time change where you spring forward but this year, I sure am looking forward to it. It must have something to do with getting old(er) Anyways I can't wait for the sun to actually still be shining when … [Read more...]

well i’m hurt again..

Well, I ended up going to my mom's on Thursday, because the brakes on my car were squeaking or something...and David and my Dad were going to work on them after they got off work, and I didn't want to be home by myself for that long and into the evening and such. Mom and I did a quick walmart coupon trip and.. yeah that's about it! We ended up having to go back to mom's on Friday since it literally rained handles hammers and pitchforks thursday evening..Went to david's dads and his mom was there, so we quickly left lol. Saturday we grabbed alex so he could escape for a few hours and my mom and dad ended up coming over for a little while too Then yesterday morning I managed to pull my back out! it's kind of in my shoulder /mid back area-ish! I couldn't get out of bed and finally managed to get up and take a aleeve and start using heat on it/took a hot shower. My mom and Dad happened to be going somewhere in the mountains so on the way back they stopped by to see if  my mom … [Read more...]

Get Rain in your email..Autumn Rain That is!

Last night I asked the question on facebook who would want to get a newsletter 1-2x a week with little tidbits about what is going on around the site/ with me/ what is upcoming..some of my latest and greatest posts... that type of thing. Since as many of you may know facebook totally doesn't show even a small percentage of your fans your posts,which is ridiculous. I actually had interest. The funny thing is I hadn't ever really thought about doing a newsletter before, until I heard that mad mimi is free to use as long as you have under 500 subscribers! I started poking around and I was like hmm this might be cool if I get some interest. So..I am currently piddling around working on a newsletter to send out when I get some people to send it to! If you are interested you can sign up for Nichole's Autumn Rain newsletter ! I promise to keep in to 1-2x a week unless something totally exciting happens around here then I would consider an extra one. There will also be a link to it on the … [Read more...]

February Again..

I  cannot believe that it is FEBRUARY again!  For last year to suck as bad as it ended up sucking, February was one of the best months I ever had. I mean valentines day, I don't really remember too awful much about, but My birthday is also in February! I haven't really had what I would consider an awesome birthday since I was like 7, but I thought last years was pretty awesome!  I guess no matter what February has always been my fave month of the year (followed by september of course) I also got engaged in Feb of 2007. So, I guess February is a month of Celebration in my world! I am determined to have an awesome one again this year, and maybe a valentines day that I can actually remember and a awesome birthday, thanks to Eden Fantasys! I seriously just adore going there to browse and buy awesome goodies to make myself feel good! You all know my favorite favorite things to get over there are massage candles and such! I don't think you can have too many, however you might have a … [Read more...]