Winners for TrashCan U!

Trash Can University Winners Are Karyn (Full Pass) & Amy(3 sessions of your choice) Congrats and I will be emailing you both with further info in a bit! Sorry for the delay but I have been trying to get going after the jury fiasco. ... more on that later though! Nichole … [Read more...]

Jury duty, I am NOT amused

*waves* I am up early today thank you stupid jury duty omg! I tried to get out because of my pending case but they were really snippy with me about that, so I was like fine I think a judge and the D.A. will see it my way. For goodness sakes, david got out of jury duty because of MY case so why shouldn't I? *sigh* I am not a morning person. I have never been to jury duty, and I have spent enough time at that blasted court house. Plus, my foot & leg can't go more than like 20 minutes without having to be elevated. Plus, I am short.. which means I can't even keep it flat. You wait till I get up after sitting that long. I will be lucky if I don't hit the floor. If I were rich or had insurance I could have probably got a dr note. It's also like 30 degrees this morning and dreary. WAHOO! SCOREZ for me. I have to get my mom to come take me to this crap too. Which sucks because she won't be able to stay with me, and I can't ever get a signal in that god forsaken place so when it's … [Read more...]

oh wow, here I am!

Well goodness I didn't realize that I hadn't updated here in several days! I think I started a few posts, but I got distracted and never managed to complete them and get them up! OY! So really last week was pretty boring in my world ..I spent a good while trying to set up google authorship and never did have any luck. Jerri Ann had to do it for me, because of course mine had to have something weird and wonky going on! I also had a plug in on here that was throwing a TON of wonky codes too...and some major picture problems. I am still having some issues with the pictures but it's hard to explain So yes, I have been having lot of online fun (sarcasm my friends) As far as offline ..pfft nothing new here! The weekend sucked because it rained and I couldn't really get out and about because of my foot! My foot ...I seriously believe I did more damage than I thought. I think I messed up part of my lower leg. Like.. where the bruising was's like perma throbbing all the … [Read more...]

A little surprise…

So here's a little surprise I have been holding in lately ... A little while back I noticed my pants that I always wear just seemse to always be falling off of me so I had my mom take them in a little bit. I just thought maybe they were always like that and I was just suddenly intuned to it or something. Turns out I have lost about 15 lbs since last summer. I was about 140ish when I had all my drama happen, and now i'm around 125. I mentioned it to my mom and she's like well, I noticed most of your muffin top is and your dad were talking about it the other day! I swear I hadn't even really noticed! I think because it is winter and I have just been wearing hoodies and sweatpants and all that type thing but when I really looked i was like well good grief how did i not notice this before now? If i could loose around 10-15 more lbs I would be so happy and have a ton of nice clothes that I have been saving back for that one day when I loose weight. I don't even know … [Read more...]

Review:CrunchMaster Crisps (Gluten and Peanut Free!)


  I have been pegged a picky eater my whole life. I guess it is true in a way...but a lot of things I don't eat are because A. when I was younger we had certain things I didn't eat because of our religion, and I really have no desire to eat them now. The other big one is B. my food allergies. I am allergic to many things and some of them are more extreme than others..and a couple I have outgrown. Then you have C. the things that I just won't eat. So let's go back to the allergy thing. One of my major allergies is a extreme extreme allergy to peanuts. I am serious when I say that 3 peanuts will kill me. I have been lucky and never gotten into anything with peanuts and I ALWAYS have benadryl(liquid) in my purse. I have often wondered if I should get an epi pen or something ? I am just always careful and I only eat food from people I trust for the most part! I just hated as a little kid people would act like I didn't know what I was allergic to, I don't know how many times … [Read more...]