a boring monday.

Today is a very icky blah monday I was thinking about taking an early nap, and now i'm beginning to wish I would have stuck with that thought because our netflix is being a pain and won't let me watch anything right now. I thought it was because the time setting was wrong on the ps3 so I fixed that and it still won't let me watch! Now I am going to have Chuck bass withdrawals lol. Like i say it's monday and icky and boring. That and the fact I am so beyond relaxed from my bath /massage last night it isn't any wonder I am totally ready to get back in bed! My foot is really angry today...I forgot to have david wrap it before he left this morning, and I really suck at doing it myself..so I'm trying to not really get into too many things today! For dinner? my new specialty Steak strips w/peppers and rice. I know that probably sounds weird that that would be my newest specilty but I had never made that before last week!! I don't generally do really good with frying meats … [Read more...]

The weekend is almost over *sniffles*

Is is seriously already sunday evening? :( *dislike* It sure seems like it has been a fast one! Friday is a blur. For some reason I never remember fridays lol. I know I went tanning, and I got a little bit red so I have laid out the past 2 days. I also know that David's brother came over but other than that ...it's a blur!! Oh ,and I have got 2 pretty awesome review opps come in the past couple days as well, pretty excited with that as well! Yesterday we went to my mom and dads. The first time I had went over there since my birthday pretty much! my mom made hamburger meat with gravy, biscuits and fried potatoes. YUM!! She was going to make wings and I was like OMG no I had wings 2 days in a row lol. I forgot to check the mail when I was over there but our state return check (taxes) had came...Meh! We will just have to pick it up one day this week. Last night we went over to David's dads to hang out since brad came up...I was REALLY REALLY REALLY bored and wanted to … [Read more...]

Mornings. We gotta stop meeting like this…

So I am up before 11. OMG this time ya'll. The past two nights it's like the most restless sleep ever. Then I dream about being restless...and it's like OMG did I dream that or did it happen ?? and it just makes me so wore out! Last night just as soon as I got to sleep I woke up with a horrible stomach ache! Then my foot is in the most horrible mood ever...It's coming up on the one month mark and it looks better, but looks can be deceiving for sure! As far as plans for this weekend I don't have a one. Just getting myself shaved, my hair fixed and going to the tanning bed. My skin is already looking better. :) (I don't need your snotty comments about tanning if you have them either..not gonna change my mind.) I had hoped to go to my grandma's this weekend but I don't see that happening unless I make a very mad dash through this house and get a ton of things go and try to go tomorrow. I am going to try to get over to my mom's this weekend.. I haven't been over there since the … [Read more...]

Google Plus…is making me negative…

So...I have had google plus since before it was publicly available. I usually get all over those little exclusive things.. I had livejournal when you had to have a code. I had facebook when it was only for .edu people. I had gmail when you had to be invited. However, I have NEVER been able to get on board with google plus. AT ALL. Lately I have heard that if you link everything up with your site it helps your page rank and such. well, I decided to perhaps try to work on that and oh holy wow it is giving me a headache. I thought it would also be fun to have an autumn-rain fan page over there because facebook is so anal about who sees your stuff and loves to just eat your followers. I still am not getting that going to awful well either. I am really trying to decide if it's worth the headache. I think the page thing has potential but as far as for me personally I still think i'm going to strictly use facebook. As far as pages I would try to use both?? I really am conflicted! … [Read more...]

I woke up. I felt like Death. It’s a great day!!

I woke up feeling like death this morning, and I have spent most of the day in bed. I was scared when I woke up because I was never awake when david was getting ready for work and that RARELY ever happens and for some reason it terrifies me because I am NOT a deep sleeper. That and the fact that I didn't wake up until 3 hours after he would have been gone! I wasn't even going to get out of the bed period but I can't sleep and I had a few emails and such that needed taken care of..and even though my phone is awesome I still prefer to get on the computer when I can... I have no idea what is for dinner. My steak peppers and rice I made the other night turned out well, so I thought about doing it with chicken? If not I might scream because I have no other ideas lol. I have been thinking about going to my grandmas this weekend instead of waiting until the end of the month/easter/her birthday. I think my mom and dad are going next weekend...I just like going there when there isn't … [Read more...]