ramblings from the weekend

*waves* So my monday has started off with me breaking the site (thankfully nicole got me up and running pretty fast) and breaking the stupid piece of plastic that covers my hinge to my netbooks screen...I managed to do all of this before 8 a/m! The computer probably can't be fixed , or let's just put it this way...I can't do it! Maybe David will have some luck!  At least I can still use it I suppose, so it could have been worse! Also, why is it always something PLASTIC breaking on my computers? Years ago my laptop x key came off and wouldn't go back on because of some stupid piece of plastic underneath. Plastic doesn't have any place on a computer! The weekend was pretty uneventful, as usual....It's so uneventful that the days blur together...or maybe thats from me staying up this morning and breaking things? Either way....Blah! Our weather is all gray and cloudy and it looks like it is going to be that way all week! Sure doesn't motivate me to get anything done! Like right now I … [Read more...]

Natures Notebook by Courtney Noelle Review

David and Karen Nichole 10x8 COL

David and I have ALMOST been married 6 years coming up on June 17 of this year. We didn’t ever get to go on a honeymoon, even though we have went on 2 trips to Tennessee. One place we probably won’t ever make it to is the beach! I don’t know why, but we just seem to flock to the mountains! I don’t think I have been to the beach myself since 9th grade (and yes that was a long time ago! Like 14 years!) However, I do think the beach is pretty and I do miss going. So when I got the chance to review something personalized that had to do with the beach I was pretty excited! I got a chance to review for Natures Notebook by Courtney Noelle! Courtney writes names & messages in the sand of the beaches of California. She has always been inspired write in the sand and by taking photographs it ties together her two passions. Also, it is a great way of capturing the moment forever. There are many options available, and honestly when you think about it, the possibilities are endless! You … [Read more...]

bike night take 2..hopefuly!

Well It's wed. and I really want to do a wordless wed...but I don't have any pic to use..and I can't think of one to take so.. I guess you will just get a long winded nichole blog? Or maybe short? I have to vacuum and do a few things before David gets home! I guess we'll see where I go with this thing! I was really excited about the video blog I did..and NO ONE commented? *sniff* I was a bit disappointed on that..kind of doesn't make me want to keep it up.. we'll see I guess... Tonight is bike night and even though i am disappointed that they raised the price of drinks, my favorite band is going to be there so I thought we'd go anyways. Maybe I can take a pic to post here later or tomorrow? :) Our weekend was pretty low key, we stayed close to home for the most part. David did sell his ps3 (again right?) on saturday and I wasn't too happy about it. We did however have that google tv box /blue ray player I paid a small fortune for that we couldn't use upstairs since my t.v. is … [Read more...]

The Blog Workshop: Online Blog Conference


Disclaimer:I was compensated with a full pass to The Blog Workshop Online Conference, in exchange for blogging about the Conference. However, all thoughts opinions and ideas pertaining to conference excitement ,etc are honest and my own! So I am becoming somewhat of a Blogging Conference Maven!  I attended my first online conference and real life conference last year! I have already attended 1 online conference this year and I have Bloggy bootcamp coming up next month. Imagine my surprise to find out there is yet ANOTHER online conference that is going on this year called The Blog Workshop! I REALLY REALLY like the idea of online blog conferences because you don't have to leave home! You can be as socially awkward as I am, and it doesn't matter because no one knows!  Also, you don't get wore out from session hoping and trying to be here there and everywhere at one time!  You save a lot of money from not having to travel and eat out and get hotel rooms and all that as well. I am … [Read more...]

Bike night was disappointing..


So Bike night was a HUGE disappointment last night! David dropped me off and went to get his dad and brother (his dad has the wheel chair, so there was no way we could all fit at one time) The first thing that happens is this gal gets an attitude with me about the beer is $2 A CAN! I am like excuse me? It was only 1.50 last year and It said on your FB page it would be 1.75? So anyways that just set it off for me. I don't know why I even bothered getting pretty: Needless to say I only bought one beer, and David only bought one. We ended up leaving pretty early and I went to the grocery store and bought an 18 pack for like 13 bucks! I had only took out 20 bucks, and I still had 3 bucks left over! We ended up going to subway and getting one of the bbq chicken subs to share (david and I ) because I was starved! We went and hung out at his dads for a little while, then came home. This morning david ended up oversleeping a little bit ...so that sucked. Right now it is so … [Read more...]