Monday & Allergies. … Welcome to my world!

Waves! How is it going on monday? here in my world it is cloudy and my allergies are insane! Especially my throat! I spent most of the afternoon in bed sleeping trying to make myself feel better. UGH! I am also out of kleenex until david can get home with some. Love using napkins and TP.. NOT! As far as the weekend went it was pretty chill. I busted into my "trouble" money on saturday for the simple fact we haven't been able to get out and do anything in so many weeks I thought we were going to go insane. Really all we did was go to eat and to a couple of random stores but it was nice to be able to go out and be able to get a few things. I ended up getting a Blogging for Dummies book for 6 bucks! Ha ha.  Who knows, I might learn something. David also got me an oscar the grouch necklace that was on clearance at walmart! I love oscar, and then with being a trash can blogger ..well it was too perfect! I didn't end up going to my mom and dads this weekend (2nd one in a row)  … [Read more...]

REVIEW:Groovebook App & Photobook


You know how I really like pictures, and I always say how I hate how people just hoard them up on Facebook/their phone/etc and they don’t seem to get printed and shared in quite the same way that pictures used to. Well, I have found a new way to fix at least one of those “issues”! I recently got the chance to review a app with a perk: a real photobook! Enter my new little friend, groovebook!  Groovebook is an app for android or iphone that allows you to get a 4x6 photobook of 100 pictures a month from your phone! You can find the app in the play store or app store, depending on which device you have. The book is only $2.99 which is basically the price of shipping! I don't know anywhere else to get  100 pics printed and shipped that cheap!The app is pretty self-explanatory to use, you just have to sign up for an account, and go from there. It will ask you for credit /debit card info but that is for later on . Basically If you decide you don’t want a book for a month it is a … [Read more...]

Goals for this site: Spring 2013 Edition!

Hey Everyone! I have been laying a bit low online...or at least site wise this week, especially yesterday! No real reason.. I have been helping out with Trash Can University..Monday/Tuesday we had a schedule change for yesterday and I was hoping to get my mom to come over but it didn't happen :( so I just basically watched tv and did a few things in the house. I have a few new goals for this site if anyone was curious! 1. more pictures 2. might go back to video blogging weekly(ish) 3.use google plus page/profile more 4. work on doing giveaways along with my reviews 5. work on getting my email newsletter out! (You can sign up at the BOTTOM under the site logo!) I also want to blog about a few different things as well... my cards from Reviewers retreat said deals & freebies & more. I want to work on show casing some of the things that my mom does with her coupons! However, you still get my randomness so if you don't like it wellllll So we'll see if I … [Read more...]

this cat is crazy

How is it going everyone? The weekend was a little meh, but that is most of my weekends lol. Friday I ended up cleaning out our freezers/pantry and fridge... Saturday and Sunday were just sleeping/tv/what not...nothing great and exciting by any means. I don't know if that is a bad thing or not though! Sunday night was a very restless night for me...I keep having this weird feeling that something bad is going to happen/or someone I know is just really having a rough time /something of those sorts. I have been having that feeling a lot lately. I just wish I knew why...I also had very crazy dreams when I did sleep so I was very restless and sucked .. I spent yesterday doing a few trash can university sessions and cleaning up some of the old JUNK on this site. I can't believe how much junky posts I had accumulated on here in almost 3 years. I am almost through though thankfully. I just hate to think about working on grits-reviews ugh! That site is always a hot mess.I … [Read more...]

Ultimate Blog Party 2013 #UBP13


I have been anxiously awaiting the start of The Ultimate Blog Party 2013! I first participated last year,and I really enjoyed it! In case you don't know the Ultimate blog party is a very awesome way to meet and interact with other bloggers and even win prizes! So if you are a blogger you should def. go by and check it out. About Me (this is different than my about page I promise! I am Nichole, and I am a Married (David- almost 6 years) southern gal with a cat (Sam, aka Evil in a Fur Coat even though he does hug sometimes!) I had HPV & the begining stages of cervical cancer right after I met my hubs. Thankfully it's all cleared up now though! Everyone always thinks it's crazy that I met my husband in January 2007 got engaged in February 2007 and we got Married in June of 2007 :) So internet is pretty much my life.I did go to Appalachian State University for Teaching but I didn't get to finish that, I did get a medical office admin degree though! I don't have a "real job" but … [Read more...]

Review: Label Daddy Labels!

Image via I didn't want my labels on here because they have my full name on them

  A little while back I got the chance to get a review from Label Daddy! I have seen several people in my network talk about them, but hadn’t gotten around to see what the fuss was all about. I was seriously in love from the first time I visited the page! I  was in shock of all of the different types and sizes of labels and even the variety of the images you could have put on your labels. I don’t know where my mind was, I guess I was thinking about labels I had when I was a little girl that were transparent and they had my name in Red or Black. I remember I had a very limited number of them, and I only could put them on special things! I was also happy to find out that Label Daddy is all made in the USA! I always get really excited when I find something that is made right here in the USA! So Label Daddy has a bazillion different options for you to choose from. I was hooked right away when I found Rapunzel labels (Tangled) because that is one of my favorite movies. … [Read more...]