Oh, I’m B-a-c-k from by b-r-e-a-k!

Howdy Howdy Hi! Well, I am trying to get back into blogging after my little break that took a little longer than I had thought it would! It is all good though, I feel more inspired and all of that good stuff. Let's see what has been going on that I can catch you up on Last weekend was pretty meh, as always ...David & I were going to go to my grandmas but since my parents were up there, I really didn't want to go. I want to go on a weekend when No one is there other than David & Me...That way we can get out and do things and stuff like that. We were going to go up on saturday originally, but I changed my mind Friday evening and had told my mom we would possibly come up on sunday instead. Then I had found out about the great smokey railroad having a $25 ticket sale (usually they are 50+ depending on what class you want to ride) David & I  were planning to try to go for our anniversary...but since they were having such a good deal... So in the end we decided to … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed:Me & David at GSMR


This is a picture of me & david at great smoky mountain railroad from the past weekend. I have several nice pics of us as well as scenery pics that I hope to share at some point! Also, I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging after my week of taking a break! sometimes you just have to step back! … [Read more...]

Today Didn’t feel like monday!

*waves* I wanted to write a few lines since I have been on my little internet break the past few days (week or so) I went to the Great smoky mountains railroad and went on a 44 mile (each way) trip! It was pretty fun...relaxing...etc I will post some pics up as soon as I get the chance to get some watermarks on them and such!  And of course I will write a few more details at that time (hopefully!) The rest of the weekend was pretty ..meh... I can't think of anything exciting and out of the ordinary... Right now I am getting ready to go to take a quick bath and a benadryl before going to bed...I gotta go to court tomorrow So.. yeah I am doing everything in my power to keep my mind off of it! I know it's gonna be o.k. but still... :( I know this was a very short post, but I wanted to at least let ya know i'm still kicking! <3 ya and catch ya later nichole … [Read more...]

Internet Burnout Prevention

Howdy! I am officially laying low online this week, but I did want to take a few minutes to check in with you all! There are a few different reasons i'm laying low this week online, but one of the major ones is because I am trying to NOT end up having internet burnout which I have been known to get several times in the past...and then the site flatlines and it takes me forever to build things back up. I really have put in too much work to have to worry about that happening again! I am getting ready to have david home for 5 days straight! Even better? I am looking forward to it! (Fri-Tuesday) His vacation starts over on June 3, and since I have court on tuesday (um...yeah) He's gonna go ahead and take his last vacation day on that day. Of course I always have him Fri-Sunday and then we have the memorial day on monday. I hope maybe we can get into something another exciting on at least one of those days. A trip to the mountains might be in order! I am potentially selling … [Read more...]

a gal of few words

I honestly have to say I really don't even have words to make a post right now...but i'm going to try since I haven't updated since wed. Thursday I spent the day at my moms getting my hair done...i'm a lot shorter and lighter now. Friday, I can't remember.. but that is nothing new. WE all know I never remember Fridays for some reason Saturday: Bloggy Bootcamp Yesterday...spent the day resting Today : I am not really in a good mood AT ALL. I am getting ready for a chat here in a few minutes, then i'll probably go back to bed for a while. I am going to make my basil chicken for dinner since it is easy and it has been a while since we have had it. Well.. like I say I really am not in a good mood and I just wanted to write a few lines..more later nichole … [Read more...]