Nook Tablet or Ipad? I don’t know …and Happy 6 Years To MEEEEE

*Waves* well I disappeared over the weekend again huh? lol well... Thursday we got a very wicked storm around 430 ...right when david got off of work (they let him have some overtime woot woot) Well..When it was over we still had power...we went to eat and when we came back we had no power! It was HOT and least we live in town. We hardly ever loose power and when we do it generally doesn't stay off too horribly long. Friday is a usual ha ha.. do not know what it is bout me and fridays. I do know that it was the first day in my whole life I didn't talk to my mom! we kept missing eachother and playing phone tag. Kind of weird for me after 29 years ha ha. Saturday we hung around the house most of the day and then we went to eat at ruby tuesdays late in the evening. We ended up at target which sent me into a tailspin because. ..... They had the Nook... The $299 one on sale for $150... Totally threw me for a loop because I just had paid the $299 for my Ipad. As you … [Read more...]

Quick update from the iPad

Howdy Today I have been trying to be domestic because I had figured that david would most likely be getting off at 3 instead of 5 on Monday for playing ambulance driver. Apparently I am wrong because it is already 4 and he isn't here and I haven't heard anything from him yet I have managed to do a load of laundry change sheets on the bed shave clean sams box sweep vacuum and wash dishes wahoo! Right now the only things I need to finish around here are some more loads of clothes and my hair but those can be later this evening and tomorrow :) I am not really sure what we are going to get into this weekend because it is family reunion weekend and my and David's anniversary is Monday as well. As you well know I don't travel we'll Well I know this is a quick post but I am gonna run for a few. This is also the first update with the iPad :) Later gators … [Read more...]

Mama Kat Writing Prompt: 6 Facts about You and your Hubs(

I recently went in search of some INTERESTING writing prompts that I could use to spruce up the place and one of the places I found was Mama Kats I like the fact that there are prompts emailed out weekly/you can go to the site and generate a prompt at anytime. One of the topics for this week that was sent via email, was "List 6 Facts about you and your Husband" well Knowing me I won't be able to stop at 6 but here you go: 1.Met in January 2007 at the Salvation Army Family Store, Got Engaged that February and Married in June of the same year! 2. We will celebrate our 6 year anniversary on June 17 of this year 3. We are both cleaning freaks, but in opposite form of eachother. Like.. for ex He cleans the things I don't like to clean and doesn't mind. 4.Both thought we had met eachother/known eachother from somewhere before we started working together 5. We have been apart from each other less than 5x ever since we got together ...I mean like more than a few … [Read more...]

summertime & blogging for me don’t seem to mix

Howdy There Everyone! Well, It is starting to be that time of the year where I suck more so than usual with updating the site! I don't know why , I used to do really well with it in the summer time but seems like with the heat I just want to lounge and read a book or watch tv! I am going to try my hardest though not to get too awful slack! I have a couple of reviews that need to be written on both sites as well... Today has ended up being even extra special odd for a monday, and a day in general because  it is almost 7 p.m and I have NO IDEA when David will be getting home. Something about he had to take someone from work to the ER?? I am like um thats what 911 or someone else is for? He isn't even at the ER that is in this town, he's about 45 minutes away! UGH!! So goodness knows when he'll be able to get back to work, pick up the car and get home... BLAH! The past few days I have been obsessed with the Iphone/Ipad game called hay day.  You probably know I don't have the … [Read more...]

summer heat & migraines : tis the season

As I mentioned yesterday, I am having horrible writers block. I did find a few sites with some prompts, and I hope I can get into those and spruce the place up. I mean really my day to day life isn't really too exciting right now. I ain't complaining though :) We had thought about going to bike night tonight, but it got cancelled? I don't know why except it is a bit cloudy. I have been there in the rain before....Oh well!  It wasn't a band that we particularly care for, but I just wanted to get out of the house for a little while. My mom is selling coupon binder covers, and she has threw me for a loop. She is posting them with permission on various coupon groups, but she wants to get more "out there" and have a place for people to look other than her personal fb page. I thought about etsy, but honestly 20 cents to list and 3.5% of the sale price? not really what we wanted to get into. I am thinking maybe a facebook page and then going from there. I have had a migraine on and … [Read more...]