Quick evening update!

Well today I have been on fire with ideas for BE Society, getting the wordless wed. up over there, and even centering all of my sidebar buttons over here! I have also been adding files to the be facebook group throwing up questions, ideas, talking to people in messages and more! Then there has been me running around with my planner and various pieces of paper writing down thoughts and ideas! Right now the main thing I want is a nicer badge for members, and a nice button to use for linking purposes. J I will probably be at my moms most of the day tomorrow, and even though I will have my phone and my ipad and even her computer with internet I never seem to get much done when I am over there. I might just stay up when David leaves and see what I can get done before she comes over! Hope we can do some couponing when she comes to get me. I need snack goodies! Right now we just had a tiny black kitty come to our door and start crying. Of course with my cat I can't have any others.. Sam … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed: Flood Edition 07/31/13


This is less than 5 minutes away from me, on Sunday! I know that everywhere literally, to the 4 corners of us is flooded, including over in our side yard. We are lucky we live on the hill! The water was almost over this bridge and almost up to the power lines! More rain coming in this evening I believe. They even have our high school in town set up as a shelter! This picture was taken by My Hubs! Don't you all love the RED NC CLAY? … [Read more...]

W.Wed Linky #3 (Be Society)

I  always share the wordless wed. linky that I do for BE Society here. Feel free to link up,and stop by and visit! The blog isn't too swinging yet, but our FB group is on FIRE!  I will be on later with a blog post and hopefully my own W.Wed pic with that nice watermark Jessica made me to match my theme :) … [Read more...]

Tuesday snooseday. oh well that is everyday lol

Howdy There! I ended up getting up at 8:30 so I could work on my bounce back post, and a few other random things.. Thanks to Rita for sharing her social media button code that she uses on my page and to randi lynn for making my sidebar wider and helping me make them work last night! If I can manage to fix the email ones code and get it right, I will be doing good :) I don't have a lot of plans for today. I am trying to catch up with some emailing and such that I should have done yesterday of course. I will probably take an early nap with sam at some point as well too. He has been laying on the kitchen table in front of the window for hours and I totally thought he was upstairs this whole time! I might try to work some on be-society today but I am not sure. Everytime I say I am going to I end up not!  I am so proud of my little 3 week (not quite yet) group! Best thing I have done in a long time. As far as how I am doing since I had my mini melt down a couple of weeks ago...I … [Read more...]

Shemar Moore & The Bounce Back Movie Campaign


I love when I get an unique opportunity to work on something. I have to say, sometimes being a blogger has it's perks! :) I know that many of you have saw bloggers writing about "The Bounce Back" movie campaign with Shemar Moore and I am happy to say that I am a part of these bloggers! This post is not sponsored and I have received no compensation whatsoever for it. First of all let me say I am happy to be a part of this campaign and the Entertainment New Media Network, because it truly shows the power that bloggers can have when working on a project, whether or not it be a group project or not. I know that a lot of people think just because I sit at home and click clack on a keyboard most of the day, they don't see really what it is that I DO and they don't see the worth in it. Like I say this project is not making me any money, but to me getting the word out that bloggers are important and bloggers can help is worth more than money to me! It opens the doors for so many other … [Read more...]

Well, then Monday comes back around

Well I totally have NO get up and go today, and I just now pulled out my computer and it is 4 p/m almost! I hate and detest mondays! I get used to David being home Friday-Sunday and then BAM I am hurled back into loneliness! Thursday I spent the day at my moms. I called her and had her pick me up a little after 11. I got my hair colored back Dark (WAHOO!) and It was really nice to get out of the house. She has been so busy with her garden and stuff she really hasn't been over as much as usual! The weekend was pretty meh, as usual. I know Friday I spent most of the day rearranging things on this site, and i'm still planning on doing a bit more...especially getting the buttons on the sidebar all centered because they are too close to the text on the blog posts! Saturday morning we had to go rescue my mom and Dad. They were about 10-15 minutes away from us/ and another 10-15 minutes from their house, and their truck had started overheating. We went and got them a … [Read more...]