New Theme!!

Hi Everyone! Doesn't this theme look AWESOME SAUCE?? Jessica made it up for me! She kept sending me previews and I was so excited I was like OMG OMG OMG lol. She also made me a watermark for my pictures to match that I will have to check out here in a few minutes as well :) I took some time to go back to one side bar for now and get rid of a few things that were not really neccessary. I will continue tweaking things but I was really ready to get this up! I also want to try to get my menu fixed where some of my pages that don't show up do!! My button matches.. AHHH this thing is awesome :) Anyways more in a bit (and ooh here's a signature too!) … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed Linky(Be Society) and a Quick update!

Yes, I am up EARLY but I am not sure how long it is going to last LOL. I was trying to get some work with an advertiser squared away and I think she is about 5 hours ahead and I wanted to get it done TODAY so I stayed up to email her back and forth after david left for work. Here is to hoping it works out, because ever since I had the misfortune to tangle up with dishonest people who ended up not paying me money they should have, My and David's "FUN FUND" has def. took a beating! I can't believe all the little extras that because of my money we are able to enjoy like eating out, and such! I just put up the Wordless Wed. Linky over on be-society and relized I don't have a wordless wed. pic for this week..yet! hopefully I will get one up soon.  I also decided to host the linky over here as well in the mean time :) Speaking of BE, to only be turning 2 weeks old tomorrow I am pretty happy with the way that things are going, especially on the facebook group :) Well, I am waiting on … [Read more...]

A more mellow gal right here!

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to take a few minutes and let everyone know that after thursdays little melt down, I am in fact doing a bit better! I started taking some st.johns wort, which is something that i had been considering for a while. So far I have not noticed a huge change but it does seem like my brain can turn off and not keep thinking at bed time...and I actually want to go to sleep at a normal time!! I am also drinking sleepy tea, and taking bubble baths before bed. Today I thought I was going to work on BE Society some, but now I am kind of just so mellow I don't really feel like getting into anything major! We will see how it goes. Things are actually coming together over there really well, especially on the facebook group! :) I just had our neighbor come over and ask to use our wifi... I was like...ummmm ummmm. lol I know that there have been times we wished someone would share with us, or even share with my bro in law ...and there have been times that we have … [Read more...]

A Dark cloud on a sunny day

I wasn't going to write this post and then I thought well why not. I woke up this morning and I just instantly started crying. I am talking just bawling and couldn't stop. I was seriously scared and had no clue why I was crying. I finally called my mom and got her to stay on the phone for a while and talk with me . She wanted to come and get me and have me go over to her house but she finally got me to calm down a little bit. I tried to message david and have him call at lunch but never had any luck. I don't know particularly WHY i started crying like that, and since then I have had about 4 more crying spells. I think it has a lot to do with my sleep issues and all the crazy dreams . I think it also has maybe something to do with how the last year just hasn't really been kind to me. So much underlying issues and things that might not exactly be on the front burner of my mind...I just hope that some how another I can figure it out and figure out how to deal because that was some … [Read more...]

What kind of dreams am I having? HORRIBLE SCARY ONES!

*waves* OMG I am having even more sleep issues than ever ya'll. Last night I woke up at like 1 a/m after a HORRIBLE dream that seemingly went on FOREVER. Then  I ended up having ANOTHER one afterwards. I have NO IDEA where my mind is coming up with these crazy ideas. It is almost like all the bad things that I can possibly think of on my own/that has happened recently and then all the tv shows I have been watching  has made some sort of in other words I couldn't go back to sleep after david's about 8:30 so I don't know if i should try to trudge along or go back to bed or what. I did forget to link to Be-Society on here yesterday even though I thought I did, so I went back and fixed it and you can go check it out! I am hosting a worldess wed. over there and I hope someone other than me puts up a link or I might cry lol. I don't have much to say because I am seriously so darn sleepy right now, I just wanted to get up a few words while I have the chance. Hopefully … [Read more...]