#30Daysofme #besociety Day 27 — what are your views on love? do you think it’s real? do you think we only experience one love per lifetime?

My views on love are pretty straight forward. I believe that there are different types and degrees/levels of love if that makes sense! I know that the way that I love David is totally different that the love that I have felt before, and that doesn't mean anything bad, that is just the way that it is. It really isn't something that I can put in to words or really get into details about without coming off all wrong! I guess I don't believe that you only can love one person, or that you only fall in love once. It has different factors and depths! Sorry, I am being all SHORT with these posts but I need to catch up and sometimes I can't even put things into words! :) … [Read more...]

Google Reader being Replaced with RSS

I am an old school blogger, Which I know I mentioned before! I also have mentioned that I learn something new almost every day especially thanks to my girls at be-society! When I go around to visit a website, I pretty much just click a link in my favorites, or in my minions section or what not. Well, what I have learned is there is something called google reader (even though I am told that it is going away! It was similar to RSS which I have used before, but not very regularly! I know when it comes to google there are a million and one things that I am not familliar with and have never heard of! I am having to update my old school ways and learn about the new tricks of the trade so to speak. A friend of mine described google reader to me as Triberr, in the since that you have a feed to go to, but you can read everything right there all in one place. Also, it has been described to me as web based and now browsers have the capabilities to do the same thing. Kind of like you use … [Read more...]


Here I am early in the morning AGAIN...I know can you believe it? It is beginning to be a habit! This morning I am trying to get a million and one things going here and over at BE! Plus I want to get some things done in the house, and I need to shave and do my hair and stuff too! I will hopefully get in a decent nap after while ...yesterday I just driftd off on the couch watching gossip girl for maybe 30 minutes because I was waiting on UPS! I am mostly trying to catch up and DO ALL THE THINGS because it is first of all about to be the end of the month, but also because of the weekend (and a long one at that) I have been so slack on the weekends lately that It really is starting to make me be stressed through the week! We all know my magic time of year is football season, because my schedule becomes a bit more routine and I basically get an extra work day in my week! I want to get a few of the subpages here updated, and especially my about & media kit. I also want to some how … [Read more...]

It is getting time to think of Holiday Decorations!

Not only is it almost my favorite time of the year, the fall, but that means it is getting closer and closer to the winter Holiday's! In my case that means Christmas! I also didn't celebrate Christmas from the time I was 2 years old until I was in 6th grade (long story short= my religion was close to Jewish so we didn't do Christmas!) Anyways, Christmas has always enchanted me since even before I got to really celebrate it! I think that my favorite part of all isn't even the presents, but I think it would be a tossup between being with the family and of course the Holiday Decorations! There are so many different options! I know each year I try to go with different colors/themes. I know one year we went blue & silver and white (that was the first year we were married!) One year we did reds and greens, and My dream is to go with purple and pink and maybe a liter shade of blue one year! I love my tree because we got it the day I had one of my cervical cancer procedures. It is a … [Read more...]

September is on its way!

I am holed up in the extra bedroom to write a review, which has included me taking tons of pics, adding my watermark, etc and setting up a giveaway! I haven't finished quite yet, but I need a break for food and sanity sake! I also stayed up this morning when David left even though I got all the Wordless Wed stuff squared away and autoposted! So I am def. feeling like a nap was in order, esp. because last night was horribly hot and I was really restless! I really want a ceiling fan in our bedroom! I didn't quite realize that september starts this weekend. You probably already know that fall is my favorite time of year, and september is one of my absolute favorite months! I haven't made it to the mountains this year so hopefully soon! It also means I will have david home an extra day (Fri-Monday!) I think he s training someone at work today, and he forgot the cushion he got to put in the extra seat that he has to ride in, when he is in the equipment like that! It's alright though … [Read more...]