Sam & Mamas Last day Alone…

Today since i Have been so slack this week - or maybe a week and a half or so lol, I am up doing all the things I can get done from the IPAD first then will work my way to getting up and doing things on the computer and in the house! Including reviews, dishes,laundry and straightening my hair. OY! I have to admit today is a sad day for me a little bit, because it is sam and my last day together just us! I know it sounds stupid but..he's been my fur baby for almost 4 years! I know most people say that he will get along with Marley (we are getting a dog tomorrow if anyone missed that announcement) or they will learn to ignore each other...but I Swear people that say that don't know sam! I HOPE it goes better than I think in my head. Sam has been outside with Marley before when she lived over here and he just smelled her and didn't make his usual freaky sounding hissing noise he makes. HE did bite her on the neck one time too though... Here is to hoping I guess! I just … [Read more...]

whirlwind day

Phew, Today was a whirlwind lol. I had planned on getting ALL THE THINGS done but I did go back to sleep of course lol. Then...I was talking to my mom and she needed to do something in town so I ended up having her to come get me so she could color my hair! It was WAY past due for a coloring. Now I can straighten it wahoo!! I will have to do it tomorrow though because I have had a little bit of a headache this evening :( I am planning to get my tush in bed early and drink some cider, and then watch some tv and get to sleep a bit early so I can try again tomorrow! HUGE list lol. I actually have lists wrote on my ipad, phone, pieces of paper and my marker board. I think I need to compile lol. I just wanted to get a quick little post up while I had a few minutes. I can't believe I actually got up 2 posts, a wordless wed, and now this...I guess I got more done than I thought huh? Catch ya'll tomorrow! … [Read more...]

The Elements of A Great Bridal Shower Party


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I made it back from court woot woot!

well I made it back from court! It was so stressful even though I had called my lawyer, because she didn't show up till 4 minutes before the Judge came! She never even called anyone into the hallway, she just stepped out there and was waiting I guess? I don't really know but we had been sitting there over an hour and my head was busting and David walked out there and then i finally did too! she said I have to come back on 12/19 UGH....she said that is the last court date this year, so apparently they were going to let it be longer but since they didnt have a calendar for next year, I guess that is why they did it. Believe me my lawyer does NOT volunteer anything that you dont stand there and directly ask her! I promise after today, I will quit writing about this mess at least till right before court again lol. also 12/19 is also davids work christmas party. at least I can celebrate afterwards no> lol Anyways apparently she is waiting on the right judge to have it threw out … [Read more...]

goodnight moon..;)

hi there ..2 updates in one day. be alarmed lol I am sitting here in bed, we came up here around 8. I should have taken a bubble bath and got some cider..if it wasnt already after 10 I would probably go and do it anyways! Meh! I am getting a horrible sore throat too ugh! I have calmed down quite a bit from earlier and I am just trying to remain positive that maybe on some miracle level it will get threw out after all tomorrow. Why not? I have a list of things a mile long to get done when I get back into the swing of things , which will hopefully be tomorrow. I dont know if David is going to go ahead and stay home or go back to work or what. I do want to get some emails sent and a post or 2 done. Honestly I probably dont have that much to do I just have to round up all my to do lists and see what I have. I really want to get a review up! we will see how it goes. I just wanted to write a few lines before I cuddle up for bed. … [Read more...]