Marley-A heartwarming tale, and Court tomorrow…not so heartwarming!

So I Did end up taking the weekend off mostly, even though I didn't really plan it! Friday is a blur, ( Then on Saturday we went to the flea marker with my mom and dad. They tricked me though I swear! I thought we were going to the flea market in the mountains, and we ended up at the one a few minutes down the road and I was really disappointed. In 25 years of living here I have only got one thing at that flea market and that was Shadow, and I wasn't even there when David got him! Afterwards we went out to lunch at KFC and then when we got home I told David I was going to nap for a little while, since he was going to take his dad to the animal shelter to get a dog or whatever. I was drifting off when David called and told me that Marley was at the animal shelter. Our neighbors that had lived behind us forever, had a little black dog named marley, and she LOVED me and David. She spent most of the day over here laying in our doorway. She would go nuts anytime we … [Read more...]

It is time to burrow!

Howdy there! I went to bed REALLY early last night. I didnt get my bubble bath/massage but I did have some cider, a warm blanket i added to the bed, my fire place heater we brought out, and even reversed ceiling fan blades. I think David turned on the heater sometime another early this morning so it wouldn't be cold on me when he left to go to work It is almost 730 and I have no idea why I am still awake. I started piddling on working on a review and just a little bit of this and that. I would probably do best to stay up but it is 30 degrees and dark and I just want to burrow :) I have decided to not finish the rest of blogtober right now, I just need a break from that...It is making me feel too overwhelmed with everything going on right now. I am not saying I won't finish it at some point but right now it is on my back burner.Court is coming up tuesday and I can't say I am falling into a tiny little bit of depression/anxiety over it. .blah!! I still want to schedule up a … [Read more...]

If i get one more crazy email, I swear…

I went to bed EARLY last night in hopes of staying up this morning, and it didn't happen lol. I have so much to do. Basically I need a day to spend online, a day to spend doing domestic stuff, and a day just for me. With it being wed, and david is off on fridays I have ran out of days lol. Eh. I have been pitching for my upcoming holiday gift guide but have kind of hit a wall, but I keep trying! I hope to get it and a review up at least by the weekend. I have also decided that I am not going to take the entire weekend off anymore(Maybe) and just work on Sundays instead of being bored while David is watching football...I guess we will see how that goes! I am also SO sick of waking up to crazy PR emails about them wanting stuff changed after weeks, and sometimes months after things were done. I am sorry IT IS NOT HAPPENING. I swear you don't want to play snarky with me, because I am one of the most snarky people you will ever meet! I am not bucking the FTC PERIOD. UGH. It has been … [Read more...]