Thanksgiving 2013, Sans Pictures. Pictures Possible Later.. ;)

So How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty alright! I got up early, got my hair straightened and managed find something to wear that actually didn't make me look like a total fat butt! I even managed to match up my sweater and headband wahoo!  Marley got to go too and stay in my moms laundry room I swear she is going soft lol. She never let my last dog do that!  EVER. Anyways we had a big meal with chicken and the works. I will try to dig up some pictures and share in another post after while :) We had invited David's dad and brother but his brother was OBSESSED with being back over here  at 3 to wait in line at walmart for a ps4, and I wasn't in the mood to be rushed. Go figure though, because we got back here right at 3 lol. I took a late evening nap, and then I found out that Walmart was going to have a couple of cameras that I wanted to check out so we dropped marley over at David's dads. It was a bust though because they had let people get into the stuff early … [Read more...]

Dead Battery

Hi everyone, How is it going tonight ya'll? This morning I woke up at 9, and it was as dark as it could be outside. I do not think I have ever saw it be that dark in the day time before. It was also about 35 degrees at the most! BLAH. Another one of those "suck the life out of you days"  I spent most of the day watching t.v. then I took a quick nap around 3 or so. I woke up to a delivery that I wasn't expecting for a future review coming up in the Holiday Gift Guide. I watched David play the Wii for a good while and then I finally decided to break down and get the computer out after I took a shower and tried to wake up a little bit. I finished a review too! wahoo! I am on a roll with that and am currently working on another! David went out to go get me a bottle of wine and the car battery was DEAD AGAIN. He couldn't get it charged enough to jump off so..we had to break down and buy a battery. BLAH!!! In other words I, the humble blogger gal shelled out my own money because … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Disney Classics CD Box Set


Who isn't a Disney fan? I think it kind of transcends through childhood into adult hood because I for one have always been a fan! I think because they have such a wide range of movies and tv shows and such through the years! I know that I grew up watching Disney!  What are all those movies though without all the awesome songs? I was ecstatic when I got the chance to receive the new Disney Classics CD box set to review. The set was just released on November 12th of this year. I think it would make an awesome addition to many peoples holiday gifts. :) This is a 4 CD box set of 94 Disney songs from over the years, and is broke down into these categories: – Disney Modern Classics, Disney Timeless Classics, Disney Theme Park Classics and Disney Television Classics. You can snag this set on Amazon currently for $32.12! I am familiar with the majority of the songs in the set, but there are some of them I didn't know the names of, but when I heard them playing I was like OH OK I DO THIS … [Read more...]

touching base on a monday

Hi Everyone! Well I took the weekend off from blogging, obviously! I didn't really get into too much...Friday we took Marley to get her a bath, so we got to get out of the house for a little while and that was nice! We got to go out to eat and all that good stuff. Saturday I do not remember at all and then yesterday we went to my moms and my mom actually let Marley stay in the house in the laundry room! I was actually happy that on Friday I got a review up :) That's for my haters that like to troll me and say I am "pathetic" because I seem to always be behind, and they have a blog with reviews, and they are apparently always on top of things. Yes, some twit actually left that comment on here!  I am sorry I have 2 blogs, a facebook group, depression, and a real life! I usually do not respond or bring up those kinds of comments, because I rarely get them, but that one just totally pissed me off! /end rant This morning we were going to go eat at the chinese buffet and we couldn't … [Read more...]

Zaycon Foods: Boneless Skinnless Chicken Breast Review


  You may or may not know that when it comes to me and eating, I am considered a picky eater. Which is totally WRONG I mean everyone has things they don't eat, and then to top it all of I have a slew of food allergies and then some items that I don't eat for religious reasons. As far as meat, I only eat Chicken and Beef, so when I got the chance to review 40lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast from Zaycon Foods, I was BEYOND excited! (I even wrote a pre-review post that you can find here"Upcoming Review: Zaycon Foods Chicken") I am all about eating meat as close to being natural as possible! My family has for years had their own beef that we have processed on our own, and my dad also is a deer hunter, so even though I will only eat it when he makes jerky out of it, I have in the past enjoyed that as well. I like knowing that the meat doesn't have a bunch of unnecessary junk in it! I also enjoy the more fresh flavor that you get as well. What you can expect from the … [Read more...]

I want a better camera. Like..NOW…

Hi everyone! Today is my last day home by myself for 10 days! I wish it was not a dreary day though, that way I could possibly get something accomplished! It is barely in the 40's and it just looks like it could rain at any moment *yawn* I think we are going to have hotdogs for dinner tonight, been a while since we had those, go figure! of course we like the fancy ones, the Nathans all beef :) I didn't manage to do a wordless wed. for the past 2 weeks and I apologize. I am totally upset with the way my phone pics and camera pics are turning out anymore. my phone ones look awesome on the phone, but when they upload they look horrible! As far as my camera, I really begin to wonder if I messed it up when I fell in the snow! I never had taken pics with it before, and now no matter what I do they look horrible. I am a pretty decent picture taker so something has got to be up! To top it all off sometimes there just isn't nothing to take a picture of lol. I really wish I could get a … [Read more...]