where is the writing bug?

Hi There! Last night was awesome to get out of the house for a little while! I didn't get to go to goodwill like I wanted and we still need several things at walmart but still! I can't seem to get bit by the writing bug to get reviews and such done, so I decided to clean up my little pantry and my drawers in the kitchen. There is just so much JUNK that has accumulated in there, and I don't know the last time that I even cleaned them out so...I could probably do more than I have but I am trying to just keep it simple. I need to probably organize it better, but that can be some other day! I am going to try to get in the big pantry and see what I can get done in there, but I had to take a break. Sam has been into everything, but Marley has just been chilling with me! Sam was even down in a drawer while ago! he has really been into a lot of stuff lately.  I think he just wants to get attention, which is weird I pay him as much attention as I ever did, but he always has been an odd … [Read more...]

Sexy Gifts for your Husband!


This is a guest post The holidays are on the way. The turkey is halfway in the oven, you're scrambling to find the last minute decorative item that your house needs and you have mile long lists for your kids, the in-laws, your neighbors, your kids' teachers, the mail man, and the 7 gift exchange parties you're going to. So much to do, so much to buy and so little time, right? On top of all that, you also have to figure out what to buy your husband. Of course the standard socks and belt routine with a fancy electronic thrown in, but what if you did a little something extra this year? You're already doing it for everyone else, you so why not do it for the person that matters most? Give him a present that will be as good for him as it is for you. Give him a sexy Christmas present that the two of you will never forget. Here are some ideas to get you started: Lingerie: With the plethora of holiday-related lingerie out there, it's easy to find something that can put you … [Read more...]

getting out of the house! WHEE!

Hi Everyone! This is the first time all day I have had a BIT of energy :( It sucks because it is after 5, so David will be home soon, and I don't have a lot of time to really get anything done before he gets here! When he gets home we are planning to go eat, and I am sure we will go to walmart too. I also want to run in goodwill and take a quick look around because I need a nice shirt (pink/green) to wear for thanksgiving!  Right now I need to get sam some food and water , find a coat and put on some socks and shoes. I also need to at some point dig in my closet and find a better purse to carry because I totally hate the one I am carrying right now and most of my winter ones are in the depths of H**, AKA my closet. Meh. Maybe I can do some of that while David is off. I get inspired when I have someone to help me out! Honestly I haven't been out of the house very much since we got marley, so I am excited to get out even though I am wore out! I do not know why I am feeling so … [Read more...]

all the pain. all the things.

Hi! Well the weekend came, and even though I didn't get one thing done online, I didn't do anything offline either! I only briefly left the house one time and that was on saturday to go with David to pick up some lunch that we brought home and ate! It was so dreary out there just wasn't any inspiration to get anything done if you know what I mean? Friday David had to go to best buy to figure out what the hold up with our google box/blue ray thingy was. It had been gone over 3 weeks and was past due on coming back, and we were not getting any updates or info even when we called about it. Turns out they CLAIM it had lightening damage and I was like Um... doubtful .... The only reason we sent it back was because the BLUE RAY part quit working. We simply couldn't play any discs, everything else on it worked fine. Anyways, they tell david to pick out another player. Guess what they don't make anymore? anything that would be equivalent to this box we had that I personally spent a … [Read more...]

what were my plans again?

Hi Everyone! Today has turned into one of those days where I had stuff planned out to get done, but because some other stuff happened now I am totally threw off lol. I can't even remember what the heck I had planned to tell the truth lol. I blame that on this weird little cold and my female friend trying to visit! always a package those 2 things this time of year! I can't catch a break! I am trying to step it up a notch and drink a ton of coffee and not nap, which is always fun!  Marley is laying in her little bed up here on the couch and I have the windows open downstairs for sam and he is in one of them. I am also planning to see how well Marley can do with being in sams room while I work starting soon, because I do get so much more done when I work up there instead of on the couch with the tv on! I have gotten out of that habit, and it isn't a good thing at all!   Yesterday David had called me and said he had to work late and didn't know when he would be off...I was … [Read more...]

Campus Book Rentals: Have I mentioned I miss my college days?(lately?)

I know in the last few months I have wrote a couple of posts about how I miss my college days, and it is SO very true! I think I must be getting to be OLD and missing my youth or something lol. I don't know I am about to turn 30 and when I think about how it was January 2005 that means it is getting closer and closer to being 10 years since I was actually IN COLLEGE. Well, O.k.That isn't the truth, I did go to community college (again) when I came home, but to me the full college experience was when I was AWAY at school! I was always excited that while I was going to appalachian they actually include a rental fee for the MAJORITY of the books that you are required to have for you classes. I mean if it was a core book, not something supplemental. You paid about 40 bucks flat for whatever amount of classes you took! It was kind of nice! One thing that I wish I would have known about for the 2 years I went to community college before though, was RENTING text books in general! It … [Read more...]