oh just almost died on a sat morning in december

Hi Everyone! I woke up this morning around 6 a/m just to go to the bathroom and drink some water. At first I didn't notice anything "strange" because well, you know when you are like half awake and just planning to get right back in bed and go to sleep? yeah, that is where I was. Anyways other than being hot, I wasn't noticing anything. After I got out of the bathroom and drank some water is when it hit me. This HORRIBLE INTENSE SHARP pain in my stomach EVER. I have NEVER had such a feeling or such pain. I started freaking out because I have a really high threshold to pain, so you know it had to be horrible. I got scared and had to wake David up! I couldn't sit down in the bed because it was so painful, and when I finally manage to sit down, I could hardly get up. I was nauseous as well, but I wasn't so worried about that.. You know i am nauseous a lot and I was nauseous yesterday/last night. I just got scared it was my appendix but I also know my period is on the way..So when … [Read more...]

for we party tonight….

Hey Everyone! I have been ON FIRE with getting stuff in the house done this morning. I don't know what has gotten into me (other than coffee) but it can feel free to stick with me for a while. I have been sleeping decent and feeling pretty alright throughout the day for the past few days. I know that I have started to take my st. johns wort throughout the day instead of all at once before bed and I think that it might have something to do with it!  I am in a little better of spirits too it seems! I have done laundry (washed.dried.folded) Taken Marley out twice, fed Marley twice, cleaned sam's box, hung up christmas cards that I have so far, fixed the charms in my necklace from being totally whacked, vacuumed (though I have to do it all over again because this red rug attracts everything!) Washed dishes, cleaned up some junk on the coffee table, cleaned out some junk that was in the cabinet on our coffee table,put away towels, revived my hair,and..that is just what I can think of … [Read more...]

Housework Break

Hey Everyone I Swear today Is DRAGGING along! I think it feels like it should already be like 2 in the afternoon and it is barely after 12! I even got up at like 10:30 just like normal so I don't know lol. Yesterday I got so much random stuff done and the only thing I had left that I wanted to do was to wash another load of clothes and put some of my clothes away (which is what I will probably end up doing today) but when 6 p/m rolled around and I didn't have a phone call from David I was thinking he was just busy or had another phone call but when he called he said he would be late from work and I never even got a chance to get any words out of my mouth. I was already dressed up and ready to get out to the store and go eat! I finally got another call and he told me that he was still actually at work (I thought he was out and about somewhere for work) and that they had originally told him he would be there until 9 but he would probably be out of there by 7! He was after 8 … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Edible Arrangements Reindeer Sleigh Ride


Ahh the Holiday Season is definitely upon us! I know I started to feel it right around thanksgiving and then it will continue right into the new year. I know when it comes to the holiday the two things I think of are being around family and big meals. Presents are in there but in my world those are far and few between. I am usually lucky to get a trip to the store from my mom and a couple of boxes of random household stuff from my grandma, but I am totally fine with that, it shows that the gifts are something useful for me! About Edible Arrangements: So,When I recently had the chance to review for edible arrangements I was ecstatic! I had experienced them in the past I think it was for my and David's second anniversary, and I was really impressed and I had always hoped that I would get a chance to sample on of them again, but it just hadn't happened quite yet. In case you don't know Edible Arrangements is like the MOST AWESOME alternative to flowers, because well.. it is … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed: #BESociety # 23 Cute Kitteh Edition


This little cutie spent about 5 days living outside on my sidewalk/doorway. I even made him a little bed and everything. He was a total sweetheart but I Haven't saw him since last Tuesday :( I think the people that got evicted over here might have taken him or maybe he is lost or even at the pound :( I really hope he is o.k. This time around I wasn't even going to fight having a cat outside! I was already attached! Anyways, If you are looking for the Wordless Wed # 23 Linky Information for Be Society click this link! … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Infinity Headband by Ambrosia Designs


You all already know that I am a sucker for headbands, so I will spare you the whole back story. Just know it all started with Blair from gossip girl, and that I hated headbands as a child. I think one of the reasons I hated them as a child other than the fact that I always said they hurt my ears, was because they were not nearly as pretty as the ones that you see today. I was stoked when I got the chance to bring you all my most recent review, because Infinity headband from Ambrosia designs totally hooked me up with some goodies to review. More headband choices for this gal? I was all in! A Simple, Basic Concept With Lots of Possibility: Infinity headbands are different from any other headband that I have came across because they are totally customizable and you have so many options to choose from, because it is one headband that you can use to well, essentially have an infinite possibility of designs with! The basis of the headband is a clear plastic headband with Velcro … [Read more...]