sometimes I hate titles

HI everyone! Well I am in rare form as, I think this is the first time I have been up early since.. oh..we got Marley? lol Which is about the time that the time changed and everything so yeah. I didn't quite stay up when David left ...I kinda laid here and cat napped till about 8 when My mom called. She wanted to come over and help me clean out my closet which is totally awesome but I told her I really wasnt feeling it...So she said she would just do stuff at home. I feel bad because she has not been over in quite a while and I turned her down last week when she wanted to come over too! I know BAD CHILD NICHOLE but it will be o.k! I am currently still burrowed in the bed using the ipad to try to get some stuff caught up. Sam is in the window and marley is burrowed up beside of me.I guess I am DETERMINED to get some content churning here and even on BE in the next few days. I know I am suffering from a bit of internet burnout and I really want a break and I know the only way to … [Read more...]

This week, I kind of look forward to!

Hey Everyone! Well unless I get a total wild hair (and I think it is possible) I won't be done with my reviews by my deadline of well..tonight/early tomorrow lol.  I really thought I would get more done on Thursday than I did...which read that as I didn't get a darn thing done on thursday! OMG everything was just a mess. My mom's facebook got hacked and then I was trying to help her with that, and it totally ate up my day..which pushed everything into the weekend, and well you know with me either I HAVE the SPIRIT or I Don't...MEH! I can honestly say that I am looking forward to this week because David will get paid and we should FINALLY be back on top again. With his check snafu and everything last go around we have been struggling to make ends meet and well it sucks! I do not know what it is with this time of the year but we are always having some kind of crazy something going on where we can literally only pay the rent and one other bill and then we are in a bind. Also … [Read more...]

Is it a late night post at 9 p/m?

Howdy there everyone! This is a "late night post" from Me..It is like 9 p.m almost.  I just finished watching sons of anarchy from last night. I will save any spoilers in case you haven't seen it yet, but I kinda saw the big part there at the end coming a mile away even though everyone was telling me no! I managed to get myself all cleaned and spiffed up today (Shaving/Hair) and even put clean sheets on the bed..because nothing beats shaved legs and clean sheets :) I also got some dishes washed, rug vacuumed, review finished, and another one started. WAHOO! I have had the extra special case of the cannot sleep right the last two nights is starting to give me a headache. Last night I even went to bed early and watched tv for a while which generally helps me but last night I was awake every 30 minutes I swear, then I kept hearing sirens half the night...and yeah it was not cool. Here is hoping tonight goes better for me! I took a couple nice sunset pics out when I was … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Terracycle Mailbag Ipad Case

TerraCycle Logo

A Little Background On Yours Truly (relevant to this review item!) One thing I have always been obsessed with long before I was a blogger is the MAIL. I don't know but ever since I was a young  child I anxiously awaited delivery of the mail when I was at home, and if not I wanted to be the one that picked it up out of the mailbox in the afternoon.  I also liked getting the occasional package from other methods of delivery, but they were far and few between, and the mail was 6 days a week! I guess I always liked the wonder of what I could get that day in the mail! I know I used to send away for freebies and stuff a lot as a child. Presenting TerraCycle Upcycled Items: I tell you that background, to tell you about the latest item that I got to review!  I recently discovered a site called Terracycle which has lots of awesome goodies that are made from everyday items that are harder to recycle such as chip bags and even billboards! Even cooler? They actually obtained permission from … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed (BE SOCIETY #22)


We have "missed" 3 wordless wed's since I started BE ..One totally and 2 because I got busy and didn't get the code up. Anyways, we are back at it as far as the linkys are concerned so stop by be society wordless wed 22 for more info on linking up with us and sharing our code! Also it has been a while since I participated so here is a picture from my new camera :) … [Read more...]

All the things update!

Hi there everyone! I decided to take a few days off from "regular" blogging because I didn't have much I wanted to write that wasn't the same ole same ole and I still haven't been able to find any writing challenges/prompts that I really like either. BOO! My newest goal is to have all 4 of my outstanding reviews done by Monday (well Actually by sunday because that is the 15th) and pretty much only doing a little bit of regular blogging here and there,updating subpages,media kit, be-society, etc from then until the new year. 3 of the 4 reviews I have only had for 2 weeks anyways so it isn't like I am behind, I just want a break and I can't take one in good faith until I am finished. No worries though because it won't be like I will be far from my computer/ipad/phone. Just won't feel so "stressed" for the holidays. I did get a little bit of news yesterday that kind of helped me feel a little bit better yesterday and that is that my court case got "continued in advance" so I don't … [Read more...]