back after the “blizzard” :)

Hi there everyone! I would have wrote sooner but we lost internet connection early tuesday morning...They were putting new siding on my apartment, and they took the line out. Well I BEGGED for them to come put the line back through and hook it back up but when they did it wouldn't work! We ended up having to get charter out here and you know what it was? When the line was pulled through, they got a piece of particle board stuck in between the line where it connects .. Yeah.. Something THAT SIMPLE .. Wish we would have known that to begin with because that would have been something we could have fixed ourselves and.. we wouldn't have had to go without tv/internet during the snow tuesday and part of the day Yesterday! David ended up not working because of the weather...I honestly don't think that he should have been out this morning either because it was 5 degrees (If you didn't know David works OUTSIDE and in WATER most of the time) If it doesn't get above 32 they can't even … [Read more...]

More “Just Blogging” Rambles

This morning I had a quick convo with david before work about blogging and BE society. I think we have well established that I am taking this blog back to being about ME and all my quirks and daily life and thoughts and things I have written and what not. I started this blog to be an archive of myself, and for the most part it has been but there are things that are lacking and I intend to remedy that! I am actually thinking about going back to LJ/Myspace/old sites and doing some copy/pasting and having those archives here. You wouldn't believe how different I am now from what I used to be. Though used to be I always had something going on with something and someone. I have to admit I am proud to just be boring plain ole me now though! I want to be able to have this blog as a reference to things from the past. Say I want to know what I was doing or what was going on on such and such date? I can come here and see that. That has always been my whole thing, I just got sidetracked along … [Read more...]

back to old school blogging!

I am having a BLAST not being tied the computer/internet lately! It is just such a peaceful thing :) this blog was originally created to be ABOUT ME.. not paid posts and reviews and la la la. I don't mind an occasional review but honestly that holiday gift guide wore me out! That and the fact that I have reviewed so many things in the last few years there isn't much left that I WANT to review! I am having a blast listening to music, watching tv,(PLL and SOA) playing games (hayday and solitaire/spider solitaire are my favorites) cleaning in the house, being domestic, spending time with the fur babes and david. my next thing is getting back into reading! I am going to have david pick up a few of my old books at my moms when he picks up his w2, and I am also looking for books to put on the kindle, and I plan to read the entire pll series straight through! I have only read the first few so I am really looking forward to that too! I am enjoying curling up in bed early at night with … [Read more...]

click the x and go away? whatever happened to that?

Hi Everyone! If you missed it check out my post below...the comments and see my little troll that decided to stop by and ridicule me because I am so lazy bitchy and pathetic! What ever happened to if you don't like a website/blog/blogger to clicking the "x" and going on your way? I am sorry I have depression, haven't slept since like 2003 and ...No I don't blog every day anymore ..that is my choice you know? but honestly I am NOT SORRY and that is who I am and if you don't like it oh darn well. And OMG you darn well know if someone is torturing my animal or eating all of my food like a pig I will darn well bitch! I hate running in circles with bitches..I don't know why it is but if you get someone you can't stand that you meet online they will turn up forever no matter where you go. If it is someone awesome they will probably disappear and you will spend forever wondering what ever happened to them. My # 1 goal this year is to take time for ME and to at the same point cut people … [Read more...]

my new year starts in feb.

Hi There Everyone! I think I have officially decided that my new year isn't going to start until Feb. at this point lol. I just can't seem to get things going just yet for some reason. It is all good though. Taking time off of the internet when you WANT to is not neccessarily a bad thing. one of my main goals for this year was kind of a two part thing: Take more time for myself, and to take this site back to being PERSONAL and FUN like blogging used to be, and so far it is working out. Thursday my mom came over and we went out and did some couponing :) I am loving that she is coming over more frequently like she used to. I don't know why but she used to be over here at least once every 2 weeks if not every week and then bam she didn't come over for several months! I know when we first got marley I wasn't really able to go anywhere until we got the kennel, but still she could have came over! Anyways, she brought a ton of stuff when she came over and then we went to walmart and … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed with the BE SOCIETY #27


I have been M.I.A on the Wordless Wed front for a few weeks so I thought I best remedy that! and feel free to link your post up with the BE Society Linky!   You can find the code and share out linky on your site by clicking here! … [Read more...]