this dog is craycray

HI Everyone! I am up early early and oh yes early this morning thanks to the crazy dog! I do not know what in the world happened but After David left I was laying there in bed playing on my phone and she was beside me snoring, and sam was at the foot snoring and BAM all of a sudden she jets out of the bed. I tried to call her back and she wouldn't come, so I got up and she would come to the door and back away. I finally just picked her up and put her in the bed but she wouldn't quit sitting up and staring into space. Then she started shaking..I put the light on and everything because I thought maybe that she was seeing a shadow. It didn't help. I thought that maybe she was cold, because she has been known to shake for that reason before so I got really close to her and was totally cuddling her and she wouldn't stop! After like 45 minutes I just gave up and we came down here and got on the couch! I talked to my mom and she thinks maybe she was smelling or hearing something maybe … [Read more...]

the hits keep coming

Hi everyone! Don't get too excited with me updating 2 days in a row lol... I just had a few minutes and thought I would write a few lines. I had some sort of "breakdown" last night. It has been a looooong time since I did and I don't really know what triggered it but it wasn't related to anything that my normal breakdowns are related to. Some how another I got on a whole other track and was on to things that happened to me YEARS ago, and things that most people do not know!  It was rough and I felt horrible afterwards and I kept david up and yeah BLAH! Then in the midst of all of that  David forgot to turn on his alarm so he overslept by like 45 minutes this morning and I had to take marley out while I was half asleep! I think some of the problem might be that I haven't left the house in over a week too. David said he will take me out this evening so that makes me feel good.  I am hoping that it will start being warm in the evenings and maybe I can go walking on the … [Read more...]

I’m here ish

Hi Everyone! So I have been taking a longer blogging/internet hiatus than I originally planned.. with the original taking off from the holidays and then the site being down... go figure I get everything all squared away and then BAM! I can't formulate a blog post to save my life lol. Court went well last week even though my lawyer showed up WAY after court started and I was freaking out! I actually asked one of the cops who was there what do you do if your lawyer doesn't show up lol. He was really nice about it and said that she would be there she was just late. It just sucked though because generally I only have to stay until 10, right before the judge gets there and this time I had to sit through like a million cases. BLAH! But good news is she says she is getting it threw out on may 13! I hope to be jumping back into blogging and such soon!  Just got to find the mojo and go with it when it happens.  I have mostly been napping a lot, going to bed early, and watching lots of … [Read more...]


Hi everyone! So,here is what has been going on and why there is at this point NO Update since Dec 21! First of all there was a post "50 things about me" that was written on Dec 28th, and it will make a reappearance asap. I took a little bit of an internet hiatus that was supposed to be just up to the new year or so. but.... There was a server error that caused any posts on my site from the last 2-3 weeks to disappear. Thankfully I was on a "break" and knew the name of at least one of my 2 posts (honestly, I wasn't even sure if there is a 2nd post on this site, but i had thought I did a regular type update) Anyways, I found the 50 things post in google cache and I will get it restored soon. On my other site , I lost a theme, and 2 posts which I also recovered with google cache. I was pretty lucky I didn't loose more than I did, and from now on I will probably be writing my posts in word and backing them up just in case lol. However in all the years I have had a hosted … [Read more...]