Wordless Wed : Hay Day Edition


So you all know, I am obsessed with my little Hay Day game that I play! I played it tons last summer and then quit for a while but I am back into it now! Since I did this screen grab late last night I have got almost 91,000 coins and over 45,000 on my level! :) This doesn't even show all my awesome little machines I have and what not but I always laugh because of my outhouse and the swimming pool :) Want to join in and link up? check out BE Society Wordless Wed ! … [Read more...]

A title would be good..Troll Fodder?

Hey Everyone! Well I sure was "Troll Fodder" yesterday wasn't I? Oh Well! Not everyone is gonna like everything or in some cases apparently they don't like ANYTHING I have to say, even though they don't know the details ..or they misinterpret them? Anyways, I will try to pick up the pieces and move on I guess lol. I decided to break my 18 hrs of sleep I get every day and blog! If you didn't get the sarcasm on that ... lol I would be lucky to get 8hrs of sleep pieced together in a days time let alone 18.. you can tell when people don't read .. how many times do you see me talk about insomnia? yah... Today I am straightening up around the house a little bit and trying to find a few things I have misplaced including my purse organizer that my mom made me a while back and my favorite bra! I am laughing so much about the Bra because I just wore it on Saturday when we went to target and there is only so many places that it could be and so far I haven't had any luck. Hopefully it will … [Read more...]

Some Big News…

I know that many of you know that the one thing I want most (other than moving and my court mess to be over with ) Is a baby... and so far I haven't had any luck! My mom was researching progesterone cream and apparently it is pretty good about helping you to be able to get preggers! after doing some research on it I have decided to give it a go!! My mom was nice enough to order me some of it yesterday when I was at her house, and it should be here with in a few days. I am pretty excited to say that I am OFFICIALLY trying to conceive :) and I hope it works out! I wasn't going to bring it up on here I was going to wait until I perhaps had the "Big News" but to me this is pretty awesome as well, so...here is hoping and wish me luck! I will of course keep you updated :) I guess I might have to start looking into some baby stuff and hoarding it up again. I know that my mom had a bunch of things for a baby before she had me and then they told her that she couldn't have kids and she got … [Read more...]

This that and a bag of.. chips. I mean cookies. ;)

I know I am all about the blogging today and I am loving it! I seriously have missed doing this on a normal capacity, and I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! I have a giveaway coming up that should be live today or tomorrow hopefully, and I am looking into finding some old message board topics I used to do and converting them into my own writing challenge :) I had to unfortunately forgo my project 365 because my memory card that I was using broke and I lost a ton of pics that hadn't been uploaded just yet. Some of them I know what they were and probably could retake them but.. not sure..I might just continue on and do it as my version ..as in how many pics I can get in, in the years time instead of one a day? I dare to be different ALWAYS :) I really am glad that winter is coming to an end and we will have some nice warm and sunny days , which are what I thrive on. My depression was really extra special yucky this winter, and it always is worse in … [Read more...]

BE Society Wordless Wed Linky March 25 2014

Hey Everyone As most of you know I have another site BE Society which is a blogger website (that needs some lovin ..:) of course I hibernate in the winter so..lol) and we have a facebook group of bloggers (which is a bit dead.. we didn't recover properly after the holidays, but I still have hope!) Anyways, we do Wordless Wed over every week and I am trying to help us get the good word out and get us a good number of linkups this week (and in the future) We don't do themes, and linkys are welcome to be linked up as well! Also you can grab our code and share the linky on your own site if you want! ALSO you have From TUESDAY Evenings at 8 p/m EST until FRIDAY's at 11 P/M EST so why would YOU *not* want to participate ? :) GRAB OUR CODE? get the InLinkz code … [Read more...]

More Closet Cleaning & Whatnot

Hey Everyone Well the weekend came and went rather fast! It seems to do that with David having to work on Fridays now, even though it is just until 3 p/m. I spent a little time messing around in the closets and cleaning out a few things, but nothing major. Then on Saturday we ended up going to target for a few things, but for some reason they were out of almost everything i went for , of course. Sunday we worked in David's closet on my over flow of stuff that has ended up in there , plus more in my closet. My closet is a huge walk in closet and I haven't really done a lot of cleaning out in many years so that is why it has taken so long to make some progress. I generally never clean out anything but the clothes so this time I have been concentrating on the "stuff" above all else and have managed to totally eliminate 3 tubs and got a total of 2 bags +4 tubs of stuff cleaned out so far :) This should really help if we get to move, and of course with the yardsale that I am trying to … [Read more...]