Blogging…What Is that again?

Hi Everyone! Well, I have been honestly not around the last few days because of a few different reasons than the normal. :) First of all David got Friday off of work so we could go to see his grandpa at the nursing home- He fell in Walmart parking lot a couple weeks back and broke his hip, and then they found out he hadn't been taking all of his meds and he started having low blood sugar issues AND THEN he had a stroke too so they couldn't do any surgery for his hip! THEN to top it all off I believe David had mentioned something about bleeding in his brain? So, anywho.. that was the plan for Friday..I really didn't feel really comfy with going because I am not close with David's family at all plus neither is he really for reasons from a long time ago . So... can you guess that it never did pan out? His family kept being SO annoying ..I am talking like telling us what time to come (because it fit their schedules for various reason like, oh so we could go pick up his brother (20+ … [Read more...]

A happy and upbeat post

I was SO inspired to write a post yesterday, and of course server issues ...I never did get to ...LOL that is the way it always goes! I should have broke out the computer and wrote it in word and posted it today, but I didn't! Meh! Anyways my general thought for the post was to give you all some insight on some of my latest favorite ways to pass time. You know, since apparently It isn't blogging LOL. I am hoping I get back "into" it soonest. I just have to admit I have enjoyed doing some other things in the real world lol. Spring time is always a great motivation for me in terms of both worlds. I generally start getting up earlier and get tons done before I would normally get out of the bed So here is what I am doing when I am being a bad bad lazy blogger -Watching Ravenswood. I watched it twice. ALL THE WAY THROUGH! I was 2 eps in when I found out it was cancelled :( I was SO VERY Disappointed! as a side note, I found this awesome streaming site that will work not only on … [Read more...]

I thought I blogged…

Hi Everyone! I could have *swore* I had blogged within the last week! I must have just wrote up some drafts and not published them! It is o.k. though, there really hasn't been much going in my world worth taking the time to blog about! This is kind of one of those quick and simple "I am still kicking" posts... I don't have much going on and not much to say, but since it was over a week since I did an update, I wanted to do so. I did find out yesterday that from now-??? David will be working on Fridays, which is awesome because of overtime and what not but it does kind of suck for us to find out on short notice and that he won't have a day through the week off. We have had a bird insistent on pecking on our upstairs window for the past few days, and it is making it pretty much impossible to sleep after David leaves for work. It won't bother me so much when the time changes this weekend though, that is when I go on my extra special nutso sleeping schedule lol. I know we … [Read more...]