Moving Started EARLY!!

So the last time I wrote, I told you all that David and I had decided to move to one of the two orignial places that we were interested in moving, close to my parents and his work! We weren't supposed to start moving until tomorrow, but when I started packing Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the kitchen we quickly ran out of tubs and boxes and more importantly: SPACE. I had to wait until 1:00 to call but I did manage to call and see if we could pay for we could move some things in early, and they agreed to let me do it! Thankfully! We took 2 car loads and one Truck load on Sunday(My dad has a dual extended cab long bed truck) Monday we took 1 truck and 1 car load, yesterday(tuesday) we took 2 truck loads, and today a car load. I know I am an only child hoarder but that is o.k. lol. We already have a few of our big items over there like the couch and coffee table, and pretty much all of my books clothes dvd's, kitchen items,etc. We are pretty much down to the big … [Read more...]

It’s pretty much official: Moving Starts in A Week!

Hi Everyone! My servers are seriously giving me a royal fit this week for some reason, so I decided to just use a proxy so I can get some work done until things get sorted out :) Yesterday I got up early because I was for once actually not really all that tired *shock* lol. Anyways, I thought I would get some work done on BE but due to aforementioned server issues I couldn't get that going and at that point using a proxy wasn't an idea in my head lol (of course, it was too simple lol). Anyways, I did stay up till about 8:30 and then I was like well, pfft I will lay back down for a while. I was just in and out of sleeping and around 10 my mom called and wanted to come visit and make me potato salad, chicken salad and pasta salad! She said she would come and make it at my house or did i want to come over and visit. My dad is having to work till 8 p/m yesterday and today so I knew she was lonely so I was like come on over and pick and miss M and we will hang out. David called … [Read more...]

Oh the laundry never ends!

Hello Minions & Loyal Readers I hope everyone is doing well :) Things around my world are going great. I have been busy being domestic and working BE society! I was going to do some updating on Monday & yesterday but my server was having some sort of hiccup (It was almost like my own IP address was blocked from my own sites, because I could access it on my phone internet!) Anyways, it all seems to be working fine now thankfully! Tonight starts bike night up at the bar and I don't know if we will go or not. It is a really nice evening and we won't do anything special if we don't go, it is just not a band that I care to really go listen to. They aren't that great and they are there like more than any other band (go figure lol) I would like some wings though, so I guess we will just see how it goes! I am pretty sure David's dad will go, so ..yeah lol. I have literally spent all day piddling in laundry and I am not even through yet , but I am giving up for today! I also … [Read more...]

Tuesday 10- Week of April 21 2014 Celebrity Crushes(with Linky)

I am partcipating in the Tuesday Ten again this week that Fiona from Kinky-Cherries is hosting. This weeks Theme is Celebrity Crushes.  It looks like we are supposed to pick 5 ladies and 5 guys. This will probably end up being a nightmare for me lol. I probably didn't spell most of them right either ;)Soe Ladies 1.Leighton Meister (blair, gossip girl) 2. Lucy Hale (Aria, Pretty Little Liars) 3. Troian Bellasario (Spencer, Pretty little liars) 4. 5.   Guys 1. Benjamin Mackenzie (Ryan , The OC) 2. Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl) 3.  Eric Martslof (Brady, Days of our lives) 3. James Scott (EJ Days of our lives 5.   See I told you I wouldn't be able to come up with 5 in each category lol … [Read more...]