Throwback Thursday w/@TheBESociety # 7


  This is a picture of my cousin and I from summer of  2010 I believe it was at a 4th of July party. She had spent a few weeks with me that summer. This Reminds me of happy times. I wish that she was still at least part of the person she was in this picture. Not long after this she went to Texas and totally changed. (and as you know I don't generally smile in pics so get that out of your system if you are going to use that as a comment...;) ) Link Up! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed #45 @TheBESociety


Here is a little sneak peak pic of that picture and/or video post of the new apartment that I promise to do :) Give me the tiniest bit of credit it took me a week to move, then I tried to rest and ended up with a annoying house guest and then I have bee having these god awful hacking/not able to breath fits....All in good time and it gives people something to look forward to as well :) Link Up! … [Read more...]

Tuesday 10 With @TheBESociety # 8 : 10 Things to Do & See in your town

Alright Straight up I lived in this area that I just moved back to from 1999-2007 so let me tell you I pretty well can tell you there is NOTHING to do around here like in this town. I even lived up the road just a tiny bit from 1989-1999 so.. yeah lol. If you want to do anything "fun" you are going to have to head out a little ways and you still won't have much but I am trying to write this with the perspective of if someone came to visit me, things I think that would be fun to go do 1. Carowinds. It is a amusement park on the NC/SC boarder and it is about oh.. 45ish minutes from here. I haven't been there in FOREVER but I used to have a seasons pass and everything at one point. I also fell off a water slide there one time around 8th grade and almost drowned (ok not really) but I can't swim and it freaked me out lol) 2. Concord Mills Mall: Really big mall that everyone likes to go to when they are around here was too far away when David and I lived up the road but we used … [Read more...]

BE Society Wordless Wed #44 (Linky will post soon!)


Here is The Fur Babes being cuties from the past week. Sam's favorite place to lay and Marley after David Dropped Me Off At Jessica's last week saying "Oh no, where did mommy go?" Linky for BE-Society has not been put up just yet, but as soon as it is I will add it to this post … [Read more...]

It’s all over .. in a good way :)

Hi There Minions! I will probably do a more in depth post on this but... My "D R A M A " that has been going on for the last 2 years is now pretty much officially over and I will be able to pick up the pieces and get on with my life! Do you know what an awesome feeling that is? I mean everything went peachy and lovely and got dismissed! I am beyond happy!! I really do look at having this new apartment as a fresh start and so far it is living up  to that for me! We are supposed to find out today or tomorrow if Alex officially got the job at the quarry or not. He has something on his record so it was a bit sketchy when it got to some of the people that were higher up in the company but he has a few of the main people on his side. My dad has worked there for 26 years, and he said there probably isn't anything to worry about.  It has just been a little bit weird to have him here in the day. We decided last friday to have him come stay over so that way he can be close if they decide … [Read more...]