Tuesday Ten With @TheBESociety #14 Blogging Likes & Dislikes


To Find out More about BE Society you can click the above text! We would love to have you join us! This weeks theme has to do with blogging! I just can't escape from it can I? :) Sometimes I honestly cannot believe that blogging has taken over my life like it has! I am not saying it is a bad thing, I am just saying all those years ago when I started out I never thought it would turn out the way it has! To me blogging is a love hate type of relationships and sometimes some of the things that you like blogging for are reasons that you dislike blogging for too! Blogging Likes & Dislikes- 1. Time consuming- goes both ways.. It helps pass time but it also can take up a lot of time! 2. Like-Awesome perks like reviews & sponsored stuff 3.Dislike-Rude PR people...I would seriously rather be told NO or just not be answered back. Snark doesn't bode well for brands! 4. Explaining to people I am a blogger. Sometimes it is fun.. and sometimes it is not 5. Dislike-Naming … [Read more...]

July Writing challenge with @thebesociety information & prompts #besociety #bejunechallenge


For the Official post about the writing challenge you can find it on the BE blog! We would love to have you stop by and visit! Just click the text above to stop by! We had great success with the blogging challenge we did for June, so we decided to give it a go again for July! I will be writing along with the SITS girls Writing challenge on Southern Belle as well as doing an instagram challenge (i think! lol). So it will for sure be a busy month when you tie it in with thedomestic goodness and other posts and things that will be going on. I wouldn't have it any other way though, becausewithout it I would be pretty bored! Anywho, here is more information about the challenge and how you can join up andparticipate with us! We would love to have you play along! As always if you would like to share a post similar to this about the blog challenge on your blog feel free to get in touch with us and we will provide you the html /linky code! How it works Bloggers please create a category … [Read more...]

Instagram Blog Hop


Hey Everyone!  As you know my newest obsession is instagram which couldn't have came at a better time since I just got  the awesome new phone with the best camera ever (Nokia Lumina 1020) Anyways I am always looking for new followers and interaction over there , so when I randomly found this blog hop just for instagram I was BEYOND excited, and I quickly contacted them to see if I could co host!  Also, I am TOTALLY jealous of these gals awesome pics they use for their bio pics on this hop! Looks like I need to spiff up and get a nicer pic to use lol. I like the one I use because of my headband and sunglasses <3 Rules: 1. Follow your hosts: Katelyn - Instagram: @learningcreatingliving Blog - Bloglovin - Facebook - Pinterest - Google+ Alyssa - Instagram: @alyssaleaneBlog - Bloglovin - Facebook - Pinterest Marisa - Instagram: @burlapandbananas Blog - Pinterest - Twitter - Google+ Madison - … [Read more...]

fast & furious weekend

Hey Everyone! Well, here it is Sunday and another weekend almost gone :( I am happy though that David will have Friday off because of the 4th!  At least this weekend hasn't been as slow and boring as last weekend was too.  Yesterday we went to H-Ville because David wanted to switch phones (I knew that freaking Samsung Note and him would not make it through the weekend!) And now .. of course he has found something else he wants to try, so we have to go back over there today)! Then we ate a late lunch came home for a bit and went and ate some frozen yogurt/went to walmart. Today we have already went up and visited where I used to live as a child (it is totally different let me just say) I will probably bring you some epic nostalgic post about it at some point... I took a few pics and I want to go back because daggone it there is a splash pad down by the lake now and I would so totally play in it lol. Heck, you all know how I am about swings and there were even swings! I am … [Read more...]

Friday Mix # 6 with Kinky-Cherries & BE-Society (@thebesociety)


  Hey Everyone! It is time for the Famous Friday Five with the BE Society! Except we added Google+ ..so now we are doing it as the Friday Mix which is really cool because we are starting it on week # 6 so .. Here is the Friday Mix # 6 :) And feel free to stop by BE and join us on our Facebook group too! Just click the button to stop by and visit :)   1. Follow host(s) Fee : -Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram 2. Link up to your profiles only – not certain posts, pins etc – those links will be removed. 3. As I see it being a relative small amount of people joining up to start with, please follow and like everyone in the section(s) you leave a link. (this will change if it gets popular) If you would like to help promote this and host the linky please get in touch :) Fee x … [Read more...]

Univhers: A new Social Media Network you should check out to share your content!


  We All know by now that I love social media. ..I don't just like it. I think we are in some sort of love affair by this point! Just don't tell David ? ;) Anyways, I love when a new social network comes along and when I had the chance to get to check out Univhers (How awesome is that name by the way?) I couldn't pass it up!  Add this in to all the instagramming and google plusing I have been trying to do lately.. I am on fire! I was MORE than happy to help them with writing up an honest review of their site! Univhers is an awesome new social media site where you can share content with others such as Recipes, Fashion tips, book reviews and more.  I know i have been torturing you all with tales of my THE SOUP for a long time and so I would have something to share...I shared it there!  I didn't have a picture of it so that sucked, but  here it is if you are interested: Nichole's THE SOUP  I have also never really wrote up a recipe before, and this is an recipe that I … [Read more...]