The weekend is here…

Hi There Everyone! Well last night was another late one.. UGH we just cannot seem to get in bed at a decent hour lately!  We ended up going to H-Ville and then when we got back I called my grandma while he played a game. By the time I got off the phone and listened to some music on the new bluetooth wireless speaker we got it was late and I still watched part of an ep of little house and talked for a bit! Today is one of those days where I have one million things going at one time. ..and I am actually accomplishing things at the same time .Last Friday was like that as well, and I swear time is FLYING by. It is already 1:00 ! I know I need to get mysel off lie for at least a few minutes and wash my hair and shave and change sheets on my bed!  Then I need to figure out where to go from there. I was kind of hoping a review item would come today but unless it is coming fedex or ups I don't think I am! I know that every now and then we get what is called an Auxillary route with the … [Read more...]

30 Day Writing Challenge with @TheBeSociety Day 27- Favorite Body Part #besociety #Bejunechallenge


Well.. I don't think I have a favorite lol. I will say I am happy that now that I have gotten older I have gotten some Boobage! When I was younger (like before I got with David) I didn't have any to speak of and it sucked to be that little!  However now I have the thighs , the stomach and the butt to go with that! This just brings me to that realization I need to do a little better with getting myself into shape more than anything! ...and round is not a shape that I am interested in lol.  David is supposed to be getting me a wii fit u soon, and I am hoping I can use it and maybe do some walking around the apartment place(it's pretty darn hot though :() /use some of the fitness equipment in the club house (though it seems it is always closed...they have been remodeling here for a while so.. ugh lol) I have done well with giving up soda if I could just give up the beer and wine a little better than I have (which I have done REALLY well with btw). I guess though to pick an answer to … [Read more...]

Up too late for a weeknight and a new phone

Hey There Everyone! Well.. This morning isn't an easy morning to get up and going lol. David and I stayed up a little bit too late last night.. I got my new phone and he wanted to change from his phone to my old one so we had to go to AT&T to get it done and it took forever because the people ahead of us were adding lines and switching stuff and getting new phones of course! Then we ate some dinner at burger king and when we came home I went out and took pictures around the apt. place.  I didn't know that we had a community garden, and I had really never been anywhere except from the clubhouse-where our apt is so it was pretty neat to look around and explore a bit. I am going to make a couple of collages of the pics and make a post here too! I have been getting all kinds of awesome comments on them! I did get a Windows phone and I have heard so many complaints about them but I really don't see why! Granted I have only had mine a day, but... It has pretty much everything I … [Read more...]

June Writing Challenge with @TheBESociety Day 26-the world is wrong– #besociety #BeJuneChallenge


  Well.. I am not one that ever has a popular opinion, especially when it comes to most of the people that I am friends with online! I However have learned to just keep my mouth shut and just agree to disagree for the most part, because that is not the reason I am friends with these people-- we have other things that are in common, so why should I try to convince them they are wrong and all that kind of thing! I say this because I am a very conservative republican and most of my friends are liberal as can be democrats! It is fine and dandy, I actually side with the democrats on certain things, but for the most part.. I don't lol. I try to just embrace what everyone thinks because , if we were all the same and believed the same things it would be a pretty boring world! I also like to believe that Opposites attract too :) So ...I guess there are tons of popular issues I would be on the opposite side of my friends , but I am fine with it :) … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday with @thebesociety


WOWZERS have I Really had my MOA degree for 5 years now?  It doesn't seem like that long AT ALL... I would have guessed 4 at the most!  I just wish there was a job close by that I could use the thing for! The only interview I ever got the people didn't know the difference in MOA and person who does the more technical things like lab work and what not. In case you are wondering MOA stands for Medical office administration. I can't think of the name of the more upper degree but.. yeah lol.  At least I got a degree I guess. Just wish it was a teaching this point I don't see that ever happening though:( … [Read more...]

scheduling & I want appstate goodies!

Hi There Everyone! Well I am up bright and early again this morning, scheduling and writing and what not :) I am scheduling 3 more posts for the blog challenge and I will be totally done with it! While I am "caught up and ahead" for a brief time (until Monday I suppose) I will try to be playing around with sidebars and subpages on all the pages and seeing what I can do behind the scenes kinda stuff. Believe me there are lists lol. Fun times right? :) We went to bed pretty early for us last night (around 10 maybe) and I watched and episode of little house. ... If I could only remember where the heck my bonnet is, I would be one content gal! Anyways, about 3:00 David woke up yelling to me to get a towel fast so I half asleep run to the bathroom...Turns out Marley was heaving and about to throw up :( Then she took forever to stop heaving. We tried to get her to drink water but she didn' want any... poor bug! Then after that I had the most horrid tummy ache.which I still have! It is … [Read more...]