Friday Mix # 11 with @TheBESociety #besociety Come link up your Social Media Profiles :)

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31/31 July Writing Challenge with @theBEsociety- highs and lows #besociety #bejulychallenge


We are at the end of the July Challenge, but you can Visit us over at the BE blog and check out the August Challenge by Clicking the banner above! Honestly I am only writing this one to say that I completed the WHOLE thing lol. July has been a really awesome month and I got approved for lots of awesome Review opps and I accomplished lots of things on my TO DO list!  I can't really think of any "lows" which for me is a really good thing :) I know, I know I am too happy right? I hope it lasts though!  I have felt fairly productive lately and I can hope that will continue as well! I guess to pick something "Low" just for fun would be all the rainy weather lol. Not that I can do anything about that.. I actually every now and then enjoy a rainy day , just not a lot of them in a row! Well. .I'll see you with some more prompts starting tomorrow :) … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday with @theBEsociety # 17


To Find out More about ThrowBack Thursday & Be-Society you can check out the BE BLOG we would love to have you participate/join in! You don't have to be a "member" of our group to link up Either! Just click this text to visit! This is one of the first pictures of Sam I have.. Look how skinny he is! This was in 2010! I found a whole bunch of old pics that I never posted anywhere else that I had saved from the old website Dailybooth when it closed and this one was there! … [Read more...]

Review: Thundershirt – For Dog Anxiety


 A Little Bit of Relevant Marley History: David and I were happy to add Marley to our fur baby family last fall.. O.K. I will admit I was a little bit not so excited but it faded instantly after we went and picked her up at the animal hospital! As soon as they handed her to David I melted! Anyways, of course we already knew her since she had been our neighbors dog and everything and she had spent a lot of time with us, but I noticed when we first brought  her home she was a bit shaky. I chalked it up to where she had been in the pound for a couple of weeks (to this day I wish her previous owners would have just offered her to us. I can't believe that they put her in the pound and we just got lucky and found her!) and the fact that Sam was probably freaking her out a little bit too! I also kind of figured she might be cold where she had been shaved for having been fixed and mircrochipped and maybe it was even some side affects from the meds they had given her. Oh, and she was … [Read more...]

Phone calls. Nausea. Forgetting to eat. Feeling like a hot mess.

Hey Everyone! Yesterday evening I had a lovely phone chat with Miss Ashley from Parsimonious Pash while she was making a long trip! I had a blast talking to her and we def. got to do that again soon! I love when people feel comfortable enough with me from online to talk to me on the phone .. :) After I got off the phone with her I realized .. I hadn't ate dinner lol. David had been late getting home because he had went to walmart after work and he had mentioned grabbing something to eat earlier in the day. By the time he came home, showered and then went back out to walmart to get a shower head (seriously ours was 4 months old but was broke? go figure!) and some food for Marley because he had forgot (she had some wet food but no dry). I was talking to Ashley and I just forgot! He ended up getting me an Zen salad from Zaxbys. Other than than their chips and fried pickles I am not much for zaxbys(though I love the zax sauce) I know this salad is a promo thing and that it will go … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed #55 with @theBEsociety


To find out more about BE Society and Our Wordless Wed Linky, Click the above banner! We would love to have you participate, join us on our FB group, etc! I know you all wanted a pic of my red hair this week, but I should have taken it in advance.. I am feeling like DEATH this morning so I am totally not in a Selfie Place.. I will try to grant that request in the future though :) Minion Dav got me these yesterday :) Share a link to your wordless wednesday post below! You don't have to be a member of BE to link up! … [Read more...]