Charlotte Beerfest – September 20 2014


This post was written in exchange for 2 Charlotte Beerfest 2014 VIP tickets. This is a pre event post, and all opinions thoughts and ideas are honest and my own! Check back after September 20th for a post highlighting my experience at the event! Me & My Previous Beerfest Experience I don't believe it is a secret that I LOVE Beer and Wine... or if it is.. well now you know! :)  I used to be one of those folks that wouldn't touch beer with a 10ft pole but I had a few cousins convince me to try it , ah peer pressure and I was like o.k. it wasn't as bad as I thought it was! So after that I kind of picked up drinking it regularly! In 2012 David and I went to a beer fest locally called Lake Norman Beer Fest. We didn't decide to go until last minute and we ended up taking his dad with us as well. None of us had ever been to a beer fest before so we didn't know what to expect!  I was at first like WHY are these people wearing pretzels on strings around their necks ? lol .. which I … [Read more...]

30/31 @TheBEsociety blogging Challenge July 2014- Best Book this month- #besociety #bejulychallenge


For More Info on BE Society and Our July Writing Prompts Click here :) I am pre-writing my posts and as of writing this post, I hate to admit but I haven't read anything this month! How Crazy random and sad is that? I am the gal with a million books Regular & E! I am however planning to do the Trial of the Amazon Kindle Library thingy that they just announced, so hopefully I will be able to change my tune when it comes to reading. Actually.. one of the reasons I am pre-writing these posts involves me having more time to read :) I will let you all know how it goes! I know that the Amazon thingy doesn't have a lot of the books I am looking for but hopefully they will expand and in the mean time it looks like there are lots of awesome choices to choose from. I know that I generally read the teen books and just in that category alone it is up in the thousands ..>will be nice to expand my horizons a little bit at the same time and read some new stuff :)  I have the gift or the … [Read more...]

the hodge podges

Hey There! Yesterday was a hodge podge day where I was into a million things but didn't really accomplish a whole lot! I also was a lazy bum and slept in! Today I am trying to make up for it!  I was trying to thwart my mother from visiting but I don't think I am going to be able to be successful lol. She only comes over when I am flat out up to my eyes in stuff to do.. If i was sitting here bored out of my mind she wouldn't come at all lol ... It is all good, I suppose I could use a bit of a break! I did of course get up when David left for work.. I have been cleaning out old lists and fine tuning them and writing a few posts and what not here an there and all that kind of thing!  I am def. fueled by coffee today lol. I have been working on pitches and BE group stuff and .. a review! The review is my main goal and I am hoping to have it up today or tomorrow because I have one right behind it that I need to get done as well. They aren't hard and I have done quite a bit on each of … [Read more...]

August Writing Challenge with @TheBESociety Prompts & Signup Info


We are doing another month long Writing Challenge at BE Society, and of course as the Owner I am going to play along too! If you want to find out all the particulars and join up with us you can head over there by clicking the image above for more in depth instructions and what not! July was really successful and I hope we go even bigger for August! Daily Prompts 1. If you could go back in time 10 years would you change anything/warn yourself of things to come? 2. What was your first website(what was it about, etc)? 3. What would you say to the first person who broke your heart 4. What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? 5. Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home. 6. What’s the one luxury you can’t live without? 7. When you first log onto the computer what do you normally do,sites you visit etc? 8. What inspired you to create your blog. what continues to inspire you? 9. How important are clothes … [Read more...]

Tuesday Ten # 18 with @thebesociety- August Goals


For More Information on BE you  can click the text above :) We would love to have you! This week our theme is "August Goals" Sadly enough I know if I go back and check the August goals I probably didn't do a great job with them lol. Then again I set like a million, and you know with me a million more ideas roll in everyday :) 1. Complete the BE 30 Day August Blog Challenge 2. Set up the BE Monday Linky 3. Get some Plugins and Subpages on Southern Belle :) 4.Update my subpages here.. esp fur babes and about me! 5. Continue getting up early when David leaves most days 6. Clean up the hodge podge random stuff that got stuck in random places when we moved.. ha ha yeah I still haven't done that! 7. Make my Video post for the Apartment Tour. I might be posting it on Southern Belle .. I already have one made but I want to try again with it! 8. Finish any Review that doesn't pertain to my TN trip.. (Spirit Lockets/Planner and anything else that might roll in..) 9. … [Read more...]

29/31 Writing Challenge with @thebesociety -Balance #besociety #bejulychallenge


For more info about BE, our Writing Challenge & more click here :) Well to me these things all kind of tie into each other!  One thing that I know that I do that helps is I try to not be blogging after David gets home from work! I might be online on BE facebook group or finishing something up randomly but as far as sitting and writing posts and really concentrating on online stuff... I try to NOT do it unless he is spending time with his brother or playing a game on his gaming system. I try to work out where evenings are for us to watch t.v and relax :) I say I am never far away from the computer so if I want to be on it is not an issue or anything I just try to be more available to him during those times .. or at least for a few hours after he first gets home or even by going to bed early and just working from the ipad. It not only helps me and him spend time together it helps me calm down and relax and stuff like that. I also tend to not do a lot of these things on … [Read more...]