30/31-Aug blog challenge with @thebesociety-Freebie Day! #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come by and check out the wonderful folks at the BE community and join in with our writing prompts and more by clicking the image above This is one of those prompts that is just not "Very Nichole" to write about! I am one of those people that say if certain things and people didn't exist that things just would be all out of whack and not in the good way that you think! Things happen and exist for a reason even if you don't like them/don't understand them. To alter one tiny thing would alter the whole spectrum I guess you could say! Therefore , I am taking a freebie day on this one! I believe looking back I have only taken 2 or 3 this month so that isn't too horribly bad :) … [Read more...]

29/31- @thebesociety Aug blog writing challenge-when I grow up #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come by and join in with all the fun at the BE community! We have linkys, prompts and a really fun interactive facebook group! Click the banner for more! When I was little I wanted to be a teacher. I know that when we had career day at school in kindergarten.. or well dress up like what you want to be when you grow up I wanted to dress up like a teacher but apparently my mom wasn't creative enough to dress me up like one (which really how would you do that lol) so she made me wear a little nurses outfit lol. I was always obsessed (and still am if you know nothing about me) with little house and laura was a teacher and all of that too. When I finally went away to school I don't think there was ever a question of what I was going to BE when I grew up. I don't know WHY exactly that is what I wanted to do , but it was .. I think because I always really liked younger kids and I LOVED playing school/office and all of that kind of thing. I had teachers that would give me their old work … [Read more...]

Just another same ole same ole week :)

Hey Everyone I have dabbled with writing several posts this week but haven't managed to finish one! I guess online and especially writing just hasn't been where it is at for me this week. It happens sometimes- or well with me it happens a lot more than it probably should lol. David has a cold, and I have been fighting it tooth and nail myself! I am hoping it goes on away before it actually gets "bad" . So far it has just been the fever/chill thing and a bad sore throat and just that general funky cold feeling. I was actually hopeful at first it was allergies lol ...no such luck! My parents ended up going out of town this morning which kinda threw off my whole week lol... David and I had planned to go over there this evening to get his hair cut and to eat dinner but we ended up doing it yesterday instead. I didn't think they were leaving till Saturday.. Not a biggie but I had wanted to try to see what she could do with my hair because it is .. not happy hair! It already needs … [Read more...]

28/31 @thebesociety August Blog Challenge -Addiction #besociety @beaugchallenge


Come By and Check out the BE society and join in with our writing challenge and facebook community by clicking the banner above! Addiction? Really.. Ha HA ... I guess everyone is addicted to something to some sort of extent you know? Sometimes I think obsession and addiction can even blur together! I mean I am totally obsessed with panties and purses but I don't guess that I am ADDICTED to them lol but then there are cases of where girls can be obsessed with a guy or whatever and people say that they are "addicted" to that person, so I don't know if that came out right or not lol, but I was trying to say I think that people can maybe confuse the two, or blur them together. I don't think I am per se' addicted to anything. I have things that I really enjoy doing and I do them in large amounts but I don't think I do them in excessive amounts. I know that on things in the past that I thought I might have a addiction to /starting to have a problem with got cut back by far and I don't … [Read more...]

27/31@thebesociety august blog challenge -Wasting Time #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come by and check out BE Society ! We would love to have you visit and participate with us on our writing challenges &linkys and join our FB Group! Well We already wrote a post about procrastination which might tie into this quite nicely lol. I know that sometimes I think everything I do is a waste of time.. or I have had people tell me that blogging and social media is a waste of time, because they do not understand it at all!  To me getting reviews, meeting people, helping people, interacing with people and what not is NOT a waste of my time, and every minute that I spend on my blog(s) is an investment in my future so to speak and not a waste. There are some people though that you cannot convince or explain this to, and a lot of them happen to be in my family..my dads family especially. But I won't go on one of my rants about people not understanding that I am not just mooching off of David and what not lol. I guess to say wasting my time in my mind is when I do something like … [Read more...]

26/31 @thebesociety August Writing Challenge-Millionaire


Come and check BE society out by clicking the banner above. We are a fun group of bloggers with linkys, blog challenges and more! I would surely spend that right left and sideways, LOL. I would pay up all of our debt ( I might would have to make up a list of some sorts to figure that out lol). Then I would buy us lots of food and then some grocery store gift cards for in the future. I would pay up our rent and cell phone bills and even insurance for a good long time as well.I would get some new clothes and maybe a couple of new cars.. I would help my mom and dad finish paying off their truck and their house too :) Just anything I could do to help out my family would be a big priority for me! I don't even know if it would be possible with all the things in my vast head if it would even be possible to spend all that in a week but I would sure try! I know one thing it sure would be nice to just be working to have something to do (for David) and that way we would be pretty comfy! Heck … [Read more...]