The weather helps the mood & spirit :)

Greetings All , on a very pretty day here in the south! The sky is a pretty blue with a few puffy clouds, we have a breeze blowing and I am seriously considering going out on the patio with Marley to blog or watch something on the Ipad here soon! This is the first day in nearly 2 weeks I have felt like "Me" and I am about sure it is because dreary weather really has a way of putting me in a funk (oh yeah I am REALLY looking forward to the winter lol).  This morning when David went to work I was in a major funk but apparently whatever was bugging me worked itsself out in my sleep and when I woke up I woke up in a really good mood and determined to shake off the blues! I am REALLY excited for David to get a day off of work on a week day next week- Monday is labor day :) We will probably have a cookout over at my parents but I have already asked him to help me FINALLY and HOPEFULLY get into my closet to do some clean out and organizing!  My closet .. I am sure I have said a million … [Read more...]

25/31 @thebesociety august writing challenge- looking back or looking ahead #besociety @beaugchallenge


Come check out BE Society and our writing prompts by clicking the banner above! We would love to have you stop by and visit! I would probably go back in the past.. I mean I seemingly am stuck there anyways lol.  There are lots of cute moments that I would like to go back and visit like when I first met Jason and David and I would love to be able to see my Granny again and things like that. I guess I already know what happened in the past for the most part and it wasn't that bad and I made it through.I guess I would really want to pick and choose which moments I went back and saw again though. There are a few that I could do without not ever seeing again, let alone thinking about again! I think being able to see the future would really be a curse because you wouldn't fully be able to live your life without anticipating when such and such event would take place. I think at that point you would have too much knowledge and insight and your life would be too predictable and therefore … [Read more...]

i’m still looking for my place :)

Greetings on a very dreary Sunday! I think that it has rained every saturday and sunday ever since I had my Chloe and Isabel party lol. It is all good though.. Yesterday we went to pick up Davids brother so he could go to church with us (meh, lol) and then we got to eat at popeyes so that was cool. Then we came home and hung out a little bit before church. We went to church, and it was pretty awesome of course. When we picked Marley up my mom told me that her internet was out and that she couldn't call charter and to let me know if mine was out when we got home. Of course Charter had a nationwide outage big time yesterday so it was. I did find a work around and I plan to write blog post about it tomorrow /this week. It did kind of suck though because by the time I found the work arond it was late and it wouldn't work out right with the ps4 and playon so we still didn't get to watch t.v! This morning David got up early because he was volunteering at church ... It is awesome for … [Read more...]

24/31 Aug Blog Challenge w/@thebesociety- cleaning #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come check out BE Society for more info about us and our writing prompts by clicking the image above! I am all for being clean and organized but I am also fine with a "lived in" look for the house at the same time!  I used to be CRAZY obsessed with making sure my bed was made first thing in the morning. I try to still do it at some point in the day because from our living room you can see into the bedroom..If I know my mom is coming over in the day I make it more of a priority of getting that done. Sure I could just shut the door but Sam spends a lot of time in there.. The only time we shut the door and lock it is when we have Davids family over and that is another story lol. For the most part things just have their place to go and I try to keep them in that place. I am most particular about any of my paper work for reviews and blogging! If I have it on my clipboard I don't want anyone to mess with it lol. David is a total obsessive compulsive cleaning person and it has really … [Read more...]

23/31 Aug @thebesociety blog writing challenge-blog title #besociety @beaugchallenge


Come Check out the BE Society and Our Writing Prompts by clicking the banner above! Picking Website Names is one of the most annoying things ever for me!I have had 4 domains now and numerous sites over the years and coming up with the name is right up there with coming up with a layout/theme for them!  For fun, I will try and give you a little history of all for of the domains names. - I like the Fall. The fall also reminds me of happy times when it comes to my past because of college and what not :) My original site tagline was "and we kissed while the autumn-rain fell" or something similar to that. I guess I just find the fall romantic and fall rains in Boone were always special to me.. because lord knows we didn't get that many of them before the snow started to fly :) Fall in the mountains in general is an awesome time with the crisp air and the leaves. *sigh* I don't think I can fully put into words what the site title really means to me. GRITS reviews. This … [Read more...]

Back to the happy go lucky gal :D

Hey Everyone! I actually made it staying up this morning wahoo! I actually just wanted to be nosey and see how many people didn't move their cars this morning by 8 a/m! Instead of painting the apartment facing /window frames around here they decided to re-surface a parking lot that in my opinion (for what it is worth) doesn't need it! Any who.. we have an empty parking lot and nothing going on out there besides someone walking around and here it is nearly noon! Go figure, these people must be paid by the hour lol. I have been watching a little t.v. hanging out on the BE group and doing a few things around the house! I am breaking back into blogging little by little ha ha. I Know it doesn't seem like I have been gone but to get to feel that way about September (Which is going to be busy) I need to start writing the BE society september prompts (getting them scheduled up). I have it well figured if I could write at least 3 a day I would be finished on September 1st :) Of course, I … [Read more...]