c’mon phone! 17 herb chicken ..and.. more!

Hey Everyone! This not having a phone thing is starting to get on my nerves lol. I wouldn't even mind if it was a basic phone because let me telling you depending on facebook and gmail for conversation bites!  My phone should be here at some point today. Of course the whole order is whacked up and they are sending 2 and with the tracking on them they were sent at the same time from the same place BUT.. they are in totally different places now! Go figure! They are both supposed to be delivered today so .. here is hoping. I can't get the sims card out of the tray so I will have to wait on David to get home *boo* He came home for lunch. See last night I made chicken with spices and herbs and covered it a little oil and baked it in aluminum foil. Then I made a italian pasta salad and some potatoes with parsley and butter. .. he came home to eat the leftovers :) We are calling it my 17 herb chicken (I don't know how many it really is) but it was yummy :) Tonight i am just making up … [Read more...]

Dead Phone? I am *not* amused .. but it’s good..

Well.. Goodness ME! I kind of knew today wasn't going to be all that fetching with David being gone most of the day to volunteer at church. There is more but i'll get there lol. I woke up at 6:30 to check my phone...and.. it wouldn't light up. wouldn't turn on. I wasn't too worried.. figured it was just dead and didn't get plugged in right or something of the sorts. WRONG It wouldn't budge. Then I remembered the other day... I can't remember if it was Monday or Tuesday but early last week there was an afternoon when I was going to nap and I was looking at something or another beforehand and my screen went whackers. I mean.. it was like little pixel dots or something like an old tv. I figured it was just a glitch but apparently it was a pre-cursor of things to come! The phone is just barely over 3 months old so..I knew it was covered just annoying you know? Anyways it took me a good 2 hours and 3 different reps on AT&T chat to get things squared. I thought we had things … [Read more...]

busy all day. here n there

Today has been a busy one! First of all David wanted my mom to cut his hair so we headed over there around 9 a/m. I was up at 6 sneezing and sniffling like crazy! I got up around 7:30 after getting Sam love n cuddles not once but twice... I had some coffee and was going to shower but never could get the water the right temp for some reason so I gave up lol. We had gravy, meat, biscuits , potatoes and eggs. We didn't stay very long afterwards , just got Davids hair cut  and left right after because David gets really itchy after a haircut! Then we came home and hung out for a little while and around 11:30 we sent some packages off at UPS and took Marley for a bath at 12! We ended up sitting on the patio for a little while and even let Sam come out and join! long story short we can't let sam out on the porch like we had hoped we would be able to let him do, unless you keep him away from the far end because there is a building that bumps up to our patio - well the roof. I will try … [Read more...]

all the random. thanks sleep!

Hey Everyone! Well oddly enough when David left I was pretty awake! Since Sunday we have managed to sleep through the night Monday, Wednesday and last night. ... I am hopeful that the trend continues!  His meds should be kicked in pretty decently by Monday of next week (and I am glad we found out you can NOT take these meds at night.. because we didn't know that). I am happy that things seem to be going better on that front for sure! I just have a few random things i'd like to get done today like cleaning out my deep freezer (my mom got me 40lbs of chicken from zaycon again + I am reviewing 10lbs of their chicken sausage patties)! I would like to maybe work on my holiday gift guide page, a summary of the TN trip and maybe one of the two reviews I am currently working on. I have a feeling it is gonna be one of those hodge podge days and I am o.k. with that especially with the way I have been lately! The weather is still cool and somewhat dreary. ...I don't mind cool and … [Read more...]

Nichole & David’s TN Adventure Fall 2014-Sunoco Sponser of My FUEL for the Road

When you are getting ready to go on a trip, there are a few things you have to square away before you go! It might be having someone take care of your fur babes, packing, finding a place to stay and things to do but ... there is one thing that you have to have before you go on ANY Sort of trip whether it be just to go to the grocery store or on a vacation and that is GAS (or whatever fuel your car runs on- I know my dads truck runs on diesel!). Without that you aren't going anywhere- or at least anywhere very far! I was happy as could be to be able to find someone to partner with me to sponsor my fuel for the road for David and My TN Adventure and that was the awesome folks at Sunoco! I have partnered with Sunoco a few times here on the blog and even have done a giveaway of a gift card in the past! So when it came time to find sponsors for my trip they were one of the first places that popped into my head! Sunoco is a Gas Station that I had heard of before I worked with them and … [Read more...]

I am *cold* what?

Don't ever tell any of the people I went to Appalachian with but OMG the past two days I have been freezing lol. I think it has been the 60's pretty much and a little dreary and breezy too! I have been wearing a hoodie and even had the fire place heater on few time! I have been working this week on tying up some loose ends with reviews and holiday gift guide and what not. Things are looking good and I am not quite as overwhlemed feeling as I was because now I can see what I need to get done right now, as well as what is in the futrue! I have a lead on an awesome sponsored post that I hope to get too! David had a panic attack right as I swollowed a benadryl last night...I fought the benadryl for a long time and he finally did go to sleep but...I think he may have been up later in the night ..I woke up and the kitchen light was on..but he might have had that on when we first went to bed..I just can't remember. I wish it would just be two weeks so this med would kick in I still … [Read more...]