Happy Fall Ya’ll <3

Happy First Day Of Fall YA'LL!! I truly feel in my element today! It is cool and a smidge dreary and I have the patio door open (with the screen closed of course.. we don't want any escaped cat named sam lol). I got to sleep through the night as did david so.. good spirits all around. Yesterday my mom had went to goodwill and said she saw tons of appalachian shirts, but she didn't think they would fit so of course she didn't get them. When David got home from work we went to check it out. I only managed to find one..and it is a little tight because of it being one of those hanes shirts (for some reason I always find their shirts to be really tight no matter what size) However, I managed to find 3 T-Shirts that were from our church, 2 hollister shirts and a DG purse! There was another purse I had meant to look at again before we left but David was hurrying me along a bit because he was hungry so I didn't even get all the looking I wanted done lol. Funny thing from yesterday was … [Read more...]

this post took a turn ..but hai there!

Hey Everyone! Well between David having Nausea and Dry Heeves adjusting to this medicine, and still having a panic attack (this morning around 2 a/m) We did manage two or three nights where we pretty much both got to sleep through the night! However, neither one of us have managed to get what you would call "caught up" just yet. For me sleeping in the day is about nearly impossible since they have been painting and piddling on our building here for like 3+ weeks! I will get all caught up and back to whatever normal is sooner than later I hope. These meds he is taking for anxiety are supposed to take 2 weeks to start taking a minimal affect and then a month for the full thing... They did give him meds in case he has a major panic attack between now and then but they aren't something you really want to have to take unless you have to, especially with him having to work in Heavy Equipment. Today I have felt pretty alright and I have been trying to do some follow ups on different … [Read more...]

Bloggers Holiday Gift Guide -Accepting Sign Ups!

Blogger Ad- HHG- Final

This year I am jump starting my Holiday Gift Guide- Already started planning for it .. when last year when I did my first one I didn't start till a few weeks before christmas and wanted to tear my hair out for creating so much work for myself at an already busy time. So far I have 2-3 reviews already lined up! I plan to start in October this go around and space everything out appropriately! I thought this would be an awesome way to get exposure to my guide. I also have to take time to thank my Awesome bud Ashley from Parsimonious Pash for helping me with always formatting and setting my guide up for me! Bloggers 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sign Up Bloggers sign up Today to get listed on the "2014 Holiday Gift Guide" that will roll out full force Oct 25 thru Dec 25, 2014 . Many bloggers will be participating so its going to be huge ! Right now Sign up is Free and Limited ! ** Why Should you Sign Your Blog Up?**Most of the Business's that have listing on here … [Read more...]

I’m still here- back from TN and all that good stuff

Hey Everyone I just wanted to take a quick minute and write up a post ..I kind of got stuck after the BE writing challenge day 13 and didn't continue on (thought i would get around to it in time) and I haven't really had the urge to blog the last little bit even though I need to and I have tons of things that need to go up!I hope to back track and move forward with them if I get a minute to do so! TN was fun and I am planning to do a recap post and of course reviews for Sunoco, Dixie Stampede and Wilderness at the smokies! We ended up not getting to go to dollywood because David and I both were having some sort of tummy bug :( There have been some things going on in my personal life.davids personal life that I plan to write about in a PASSWORD type setting. I know every time I run my mouth about David's family someone gets a bug up the butt and tries to act like WE never do anything for his family which is TOTAL BS but I will get into that later on. Let me just say me … [Read more...]

12/31 @thebesociety Sept Challenge -what would help you right now #besociety #beseptchallenge


Well,what an open ended question this is! The best way I can think to format this is to make it like a list I suppose lol inspiration? more energy? a hobby other than blogging? lol more money/paid blogging work (I think this whole year I have done ONE paid post. ONE) and I spent all of my savings to help us during the move of course! ideas for meals for dinner? relaxation time time to be with extended family Those were just off the top of my head ... So I think I did pretty well. I guess you can always used something right?  I really wish I could find a hobby to occupy me other than blogging to help mix it up. Really the only thing I have that I used to do back in the day is reading- which is totally fine but I mean- something else to help mix up my life would be awesome. Might have to do that darn volunteering they keep nagging about at church lol   … [Read more...]

11/31 @thebesociety sept challenge-where were you? #besociety #beseptchallenge


Want daily inspiration for your blog? check out our monthly writing prompts at BE society! you don't have to be a member to link up! I was in 12th grade and as well as I can remember it started around the time we were at the end of first period switching classes to go to 2nd but some people were already talking about it depending on what class /who their teacher was because they had been watching T. V. in their class. I was in math so that def. wasn't us! I know we watched it on T.V. for the rest of the day but I don't know for sure that I saw anything "Live". With the way our class changes worked out, I am almost positive that I didn't!  We watched it pretty much all day on t.v at school and I don't really remember much else I know my mom was at the dentist when it happened, and I am almost positive that we got out of school a bit early that afternoon. I remember watching it all over the news pretty much 24/7 for weeks though.  I know that right around that time we had 2 deaths … [Read more...]