quick rambles. pumpkin pie. and homemade wine.

This week has been better than last for sure! I hope it continues that way! I have been enjoying sitting in the lazy boy recliner , watching tons of t.v(seriously what did i do before ? lol) and even playing on my DSI a little bit.  I don't know if I wrote it or not but last Saturday David upgraded my Ipod to a 32gb touch like I was wanting! I haven't managed to do much updating just yet, but I plan to maybe work on it some this weekend since it is David's volunteer week. Now that I wrote that I am pretty sure that I did write that this would be that project I had been trying to find lol. I think this might be David's last volunteer week. He was supposed to do it for 6 months .. but the guy that was over his weeks parking crew resigned and he has to deal with this other dude who drives him crazy so he is thinking about throwing in the towel too. Also, they were really ridiculous about what they were expecting through christmas with the volunteering. I know I probably won't make it … [Read more...]

night time patio blogging

Hey everyone! well this week really didn't get any better. I woke up to missed calls and texts from david about did i know why my dad left work around 10 a/m on Thursday morning.. I was like um no but I will find out lol. I called and find out my mom is at the DR office having one of these "spells" we call them that she has been having for a while. She has really bad nausea and dizziness among other things. We kind of had suspected that it was her gall bladder even though she had that checked before and that is how they found her thyroid problem I finally hear back a bit over an hour later and my dad says they think she is having what is known as a silent migraine(painless migraine). I was like what? lol. Apparently it is odd to have but you can have a migraine but not have the actual pain! She had 2 shots and they took several viles of blood. I ended up going over there and spending the rest of the day with her. She said she got scared because her vision basically totally went out … [Read more...]

Things get scary when you can’t breathe :(

Hey Everyone !! The last few days I have been having some major coughing fits but really hadn't thought much about them because I figure it was allergies/colds and I still know that is atleast part of the problem I got going on.. stick with me lol I don't know if you remember when David and I first moved I spent nearly 3 weeks or longer with these god awful hacking fits and not being able to get a deep breath. We chalked it up to the carpet ..maybe it had been treated with something before we moved in or whatever ...and thankfully I made it through.. lots of sitting on the patio/humidifier/etc. Sunday night i started having the feeling about not being able to get deep breaths but I just figured it was a quick passing thing and didn't really think more about it. We went to walmart and when I Came home i spent like an hour and a half on the phone with my grandma..started coughing some and still that lingering can't get a deep breath thing ..tried to take a shower but didn't … [Read more...]

Electronics Fever. I has it…

Hello Everyone! Well yesterday I managed to find my 32gb flashdrive that was missing so that was nice! I had been looking for it pretty much all week and I kept having this feeling it was in my "Junk" drawer and even though I had looked before, I had overlooked it because it was in a basket I had in there!  I also took time to clean out some old papers and such that were in there as well. David got me an older Nintendo DSI on Ebay and when it got here I was excited and set it up, but got busy doing other things like making the bed and putting away dishes from the dishwasher, and cleaning out a drawer.. and talking on the phone so I didn't really get the chance to mess with it right away. Anyways around 4 or so I was pretty much done with what I wanted to get done yesterday so I sat down to play a game and it wouldn't read the cartridge! I updated the firmware because I thought that might be an issue but it still wouldn't work. David later discovered that one of the pins that read … [Read more...]

Nichole’s 17 Herb Chicken is baking :)

I am making "Nicholes Famous 17 herb chicken" again. Of course i think it has more than 17 spices lol. Just in the italian spice I use the garlic and sea salt and pepper makes 8 .. and then I use MRS DASH original as well lol. It was kind of just a random number we came up with since I was raving about how good it was and that I had more herbs than KFC lol. This go around I am making it with Brocolli and Rice! Walmart didn't have my italian pasta salad that I usually buy so I had to improvise! I can smell it cooking right now and it is SO yummy smelling! David and I are truly trying to eat better and such.. I am hoping to make it to the store this week at some point but I am not sure how that is going to go unless I go early Saturday morning because it is Church Volunteer week for David again!  Shoot I didn't go to church last week or the week before and I won't be going this week either! Bad Me! lol. I didn't manage to get as much done today as I had hoped but I really did stay … [Read more...]